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Chou Wong

People like beautifulness of everything. So if your site doesn't look beautiful to them so they will not visit you a lot although you have enough facilities for them. So as a developer or programmer you have increase the beautifulness of your site. Icon plays a vital role to beautify a site or software. So it is mandatory for a software maker to use icons to their site.

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A perfect website to get your program icons

I am also a developer. I am working in a private software firm. Always I need icons for my site or software. So I collect them from internet. You can get icon from internet freely. But as a professional you have to concern about the quality of your program or site. So you have to collect some really good icons. So you have to collect them from a professional site.

I am using www.perfecticon.com for my works. They are good at this. They have verities of icons. You can collect them from their site as you need. I am using their service for last 6 months. Their customer service is good. At the first time when I bought their package I faced a problem about my password. Suddenly I contacted with them and they solved my problem less than an hour.

At present icon is a great part of a site or software. Without icons you site will not be completed. You can express many meaning by icons. Suppose you can use toolbar icons to toolbar to express the title or work of those icons.

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