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Free Icon Editor Review

Dmitry Cachovsky

There are several ways to get icon images done for Web sites and software applications. Enterprises with deep pockets employ artists and designers crafting them unique icons for salary. Smaller companies outsource their images to third-party design studios, getting their images for hefty fees. Organizations that are even smaller contract small design studios, saving some money at the risk of not getting any graphics at all, getting something not drawn to specs, or receiving the order too late.

icon editor

Icon Editor

If you are looking for icons for your software or application so you can easily find all kinds of icons here at http://www.free-icon-editor.com. Here you can fine ready icon, toolbar icon, business icon, icon packs, windows icon, basic icons, and medical icons etc. You can get those easily at any size and any resolution as you want.

Your purchase gets you all sizes of 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 40x40, and 48x48 pixels in both 256 colors and the semi-transparent True Color format. Each icon comes in three distinctive states: normal, disabled, and highlighted. You will get the icons in all of the following formats: ICO (Windows Icon), BMP (Bitmap), GIF and PNG.

I am working in a private software firm and I am taking their help about icons so that I can tell about them confidently. They are very helpful to application makers. Every application makers will like them indeed.

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