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Icon Design

Vista icons for a contemporary project.

Tonny McKathy

At present windows 7 is so popular worldwide. And there are also so many people who don't use window 7. But they want their windows like windows 7. So they want some themes and icons for their windows. So they collect windows 7 theme. This is about home user or non-professional but if I talk about the professional users so I can assure that they are very careful about their customer's demand.

vista icons

A great selection of Vista icons!

So software makers try to design their application like as windows 7 sometimes. Sometimes clients demand their application as nice as their friend or their partners. So the makers always try to fulfill the demand of their clients.

I have some customers also. I make application for my customers. I am to complete their site as their wish and demand. So I am to collect icons for my projects. I have collected icons from I have registered with them about 4 months ago. Their product and customer support is good and the price is also reasonable.

The icon editors are always concerned about their customers because their customers fulfill other people's demands. Without icons an application can't be completed.

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