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Windows XP Menu Icons

This collection of XP-styled icons includes more than 1100 unique images drawn to match the new graphic style of Windows XP as well as the design of certain Linux shells and Android themes. XP Menu Icons offer application and online developers a versatile collection of images covering a broad range of topics. There are a number of financial and people icons as well as all the generic symbols used in common applications for navigation and file operations. The XP style in which the images are drawn makes the collection blend easily on many platforms.

Windows XP Menu Icons offer the broadest range of variations, boosting the total number of images to more than 15,000. All XP Menu Icons are available in Normal, Hot and Disabled states. Four resolutions (48x48, 32x32, 24x24, and 16x16 pixels) and two color depths (True Color with Alpha channel and 256-color images with transparent background) are included. All icons are supplied as ICO, PNG, GIF, and BMP files for easy integration with any operating system and development environment.

Image states: normal, hot, disabled
File formats: PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO
Image sizes: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 16x16
Background: transparent
Icon quantity: 1176
Image quantity: 9408
File quantity: 15288
Price: $99.00 / 79.00 EUR
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XP Icons

Dollar1 Icon Euro Icon Pound Sterling Icon Yen Icon Percent Icon Sum1 Icon Sum V2 Icon Conversion Of Currency Icon Exchange Icon Coin Icon Coins Icon Fengshui Coin Icon Money Icon Money V2 Icon Money V3 Icon Money Bag Icon Money Bag V2 Icon Money Bag V3 Icon Income Icon Banknote Icon Bundle Icon Collection Of A Check Icon Finances Icon Percent1 Icon Conversion Of Currency1 Icon Capital Gains Icon Credit Icon Pay Icon Purchase Icon Payment Icon Earnings Icon Trade Icon Insurance Icon Medical Insurance Icon Fire Damage Icon Burn Money Icon Automobile Loan1 Icon Personal Loan Icon Mortgage Loan Icon Repair Costs Icon Fuel Expenses1 Icon Transportation Costs1 Icon Tourist Industry1 Icon Tourist Business1 Icon Automobile Loan Interest Payment Icon Mortgage Loan Interest Payment Icon Tax Icon Price List Icon Hand Cart Icon Cash Register Icon Cashier Icon Card Terminal1 Icon Barcode Scanner Icon Barcode Icon Calculator Icon Calc Icon Brief Case Icon Accountant1 Icon Financier1 Icon Marketer Icon Bookkeeper Icon Security Guard1 Icon Police Officer Icon Thief1 Icon Handcuffs1 Icon Bank Icon ATM Icon Safe Icon Piggy Bank Icon Purse1 Icon Bankruptcy Icon Internet Payment Icon Trading Icon Cheque Icon Bookkeeping Icon VISA Card Icon Credit Cards1 Icon Diamond Icon Gift Icon Key Icon Keys Icon Security Icon Lock Icon Open Lock Icon Money Folder Icon Savings Folder Icon Income Folder Icon Account Books Icon Property1 Icon Auction Icon OK Icon Key And Lock Icon Safecrack Icon Purse Icon Umbrella Icon Automobile Loan Icon Transportation Costs Icon Repair Costs1 Icon Automobile Loan Interest Payment1 Icon Earnings1 Icon Advertisement Icon Hand Cart1 Icon Card Terminal Icon Bar-Code Scanner Icon Accountant Icon Financier Icon Marketer1 Icon Realtor Icon Notary Icon Book-Keeper Icon Police-Officer Icon Security Guard Icon Thief Icon Publicity Agent Icon Engineer Icon Managers Icon Market Woman Icon Unemployed Icon Customers Icon Meeting Icon
Themis Icon Handcuffs Icon Handshake Icon Good Mark Icon Bad Mark Icon Login Icon Signature Icon Stamp1 Icon Rectangular Stamp Icon Baby Carriage Icon Wheelchair Icon Car Keys Icon Car Icon Cars Icon Jeep Icon Hummer Icon Cabriolet Icon Pick-Up Icon Laden Pick-Up Icon Bus Icon Red Bus Icon Panel Truck Icon Trailer Icon Lorry Icon Ambulance Car Icon Excavator Icon Bulldozer Icon Wheeled Tractor Icon Train Icon Tank Truck Icon Fork-Lift Truck Icon Motorcycle Icon Courier Icon Air-Freighter Icon Airplane Icon Helicopter Icon Satellite Icon Ship Icon Yacht Icon Air-Tickets Icon Railway Icon Freight Car Icon Freight Container Icon Tank-Wagon Icon Metal Barrel Icon Pipe Line Icon Road Icon Handbag Icon Baggage Icon Coconut Tree1 Icon Tourist Industry Icon Tourist Business Icon Hotel Icon Compass Icon Earth1 Icon Globe Icon Recycling Icon Ring-Buoy Icon Goods Icon Box Icon Pallet Icon Store Icon Medical Store Icon Pill Icon E-Books Icon Database Icon 3D Bar Chart1 Icon Pie Chart Icon Bar Graph Icon Chart Icon Balance1 Icon Blanks Icon List Icon List V2 Icon Properties1 Icon Table Icon Tables Icon Table V2 Icon Table V3 Icon Documents Icon Book Of Record Icon Report Icon Reports Icon Certificate Icon Case History Icon Card File Icon Notepad1 Icon Notes Icon Calendar Icon Book Icon Help Icon Newspaper Icon Server Icon Computer1 Icon Notebook Icon Visual Communication Icon Printer Icon Scanner Icon Phone Icon Telephone Icon Telephone Receiver Icon Phone Support Icon Voice Identification Icon Fax Icon Cellphone Icon Portable Radio Transmitter Icon PDA Icon Palm2 Icon Camcorder Icon Camera Icon Mouse Icon Gamepad Icon Web-Camera1 Icon USB-Drive Icon Flash Drive Icon TV Icon Clock1 Icon Clock V2 Icon Timer Icon PC-Web Synchronization Icon
PC-PDA Synchronization Icon Internet Payment1 Icon Radio Transmitter V3 Icon Message Icon E-Mail Icon Music1 Icon Question1 Icon Pen Icon Pencil Icon Green Pencil Icon Writing Pencil Icon Units Icon Scales Icon Wrench Icon Options Icon Settings Icon Shield Icon Swords Icon Search1 Icon Binoculars1 Icon Flower Icon Tree Icon Genealogy Icon First-Aid Icon No Smoking Icon Death Icon Grave Icon Playing Cards Icon Bug Icon Bee1 Icon Bear1 Icon Bull Icon Apple Icon Coffee Icon Favorites Icon Luck Icon Disaster Icon Property Icon Construction Icon Building Construction Icon Red House Icon Home Icon American Car Icon German Car Icon Japanese Car Icon Taxi Icon Police Car Icon Tram Icon Trolley Bus Icon Wheeled Tractor1 Icon Panel Truck1 Icon Van Icon Taxi-Lorry Icon Crane Truck1 Icon Fire-Engine Icon Motorcyclist Icon Red Car Icon Black Car Icon Silver Car Icon Add Car Icon Delete Car Icon Remove Car Icon Approved Car Icon Car Status Icon Car Sale Icon Car Market Icon Car Buyer Icon Car Buyers Icon New Car Owner Icon Car Salesman Icon Ferryman Icon Car Driver Icon Auto-Business Icon Car Credit Icon Car Sale Contract Icon Car Database Icon Car Painting Icon Car Testing Icon Car Utilization Icon Car Alarm Icon Car News Icon Car Catalogue Icon Race Icon Car Repair Icon Car Damage Icon Car Blow Icon Car Crash Icon Car Guard Icon Car Expenses Icon Gas Icon Oil Icon Oil Pack Icon Traffic Lights Icon Wheel Icon Car Key Icon Driver Icon Motor Mechanic Icon Postman Icon Mail Icon Messages Icon New Message Icon Edit Message Icon Delete Message Icon Mark Message Icon Open Message Icon Read Message Icon Send Message Icon Reply Icon Reply To All Icon Forward Icon Redirect Icon Previous Message Icon Next Message Icon Search Message Icon Secured Message Icon Attachment Icon HTML Message Icon Send Mail Icon Get Mail Icon Synchronize Icon
Spam-Filter Icon Postage Stamp Icon Stamp Icon Mail Box Icon Open File Icon Open Icon Save File Icon Save As Icon Save All Icon Preview Icon Landscape1 Icon Portrait1 Icon Copy Icon Paste Icon Cut Icon Undo Icon Redo Icon Refresh Icon Refresh Document Icon Erase Icon Delete V2 Icon Pin Icon Empty Trash Can Icon Full Trash Can Icon Spell Checking Icon Spell Checking V2 Icon Sorting A-Z Icon Sorting Z-A Icon Sorting 1-9 Icon Sorting 9-1 Icon Attach Icon Rulers Icon Import Text Icon Export Text Icon Download Icon Upload Icon Hourglass1 Icon Start Icon Stop Icon How To Icon Anchor Icon Shield1 Icon Shield And Sword Icon Firewall Icon Firewall V2 Icon Search V9 Icon Yellow Magnifier Icon Search V7 Icon Search Next Icon Search Previous Icon Search Text Icon Yes V2 Icon Yes V3 Icon No Icon Filter Icon Spam Filter Icon Spam Filters Icon Check Boxes Icon Check Options Icon Green User Icon User Profile Icon Detective Icon Internet Access Icon Locked Internet Icon Database V2 Icon Database V3 Icon Blue Cube Icon Add Record Icon Delete Record Icon Edit Record Icon Apply Icon Next Record Icon Previous Record Icon First Record Icon Last Record Icon Go Back Icon Go Forward Icon Fast Back Icon Fast Forward Icon Copy Record Icon New Database Icon Copy Database Icon Destroy Database Icon Backup Data Icon Restore Data Icon Edit Data Icon Undo Changes Icon Redo Changes Icon Search Data Icon Remote Database Icon Security1 Icon Link Icon Relations Icon Flow Block Icon Database Access Icon Connect Database Icon Disconnect Database Icon Critical Error Icon Bookmark Icon Settings1 Icon Locked Database Icon Unlocked Database Icon Snapshot Icon Script Icon SQL Icon SQL Navigator Icon New Icon Document Icon Clear Document Icon Text File Icon Graphic File Icon Graph Icon Admin Icon Key Keeper Icon Locked User Icon Locked Users Icon User Icon User Group Icon Access Icon Back Icon
Back V2 Icon Close Icon Close-Light Icon Close-Dark Icon Close-Red Icon Add V2 Icon Remove Icon No Entry1 Icon Cancel1 Icon Support Icon Info Icon Hint Icon Dollar Icon Money1 Icon Data Transmission Icon Internet Application Icon Update Icon Lookup Icon Object Manager Icon Event Manager Icon Form Editor Icon Voice Identification1 Icon Tools Icon Repair Icon Disconnect DB Icon Network Connection Icon Datasheet Icon Datasheets Icon CD-Disk Icon CD Icon DVD Icon Burn CD Icon Folder Icon Open Folder Icon Find In Folder Icon Search Icon FAQ Icon Music Icon Users Icon Shared Folder Icon Favourites Icon Books Icon No Entry Icon Photos Icon Mail1 Icon CD1 Icon Images Icon Internet Icon LCD Icon Open Files Icon Locked Icon Football Icon Palm1 Icon Clock Icon Floppy Icon Films Icon Fonts Icon Bomb Icon Hot Files Icon Games Icon Weather1 Icon Folder V5 Icon Search V2 Icon Shared V2 Icon Money V4 Icon Music V2 Icon Users V2 Icon Locked V2 Icon Question V2 Icon Internet V2 Icon Favorites V2 Icon Fonts V2 Icon Films V2 Icon Books V2 Icon Lists V2 Icon Mail V2 Icon Death V2 Icon Mp3 V2 Icon Folder V3 Icon Open Folder V3 Icon Open Files V3 Icon Search V3 Icon Video V3 Icon Users V3 Icon Binoculars V3 Icon Fonts V3 Icon User Allert V3 Icon Folder V4 Icon Search V4 Icon Shared V4 Icon Books V4 Icon Favorites V4 Icon Users V4 Icon Images V4 Icon Music V4 Icon Locked V4 Icon Question V4 Icon Painter Icon Decorator Icon Web Designer Icon Graphic Designer Icon Graphic Tools Icon Save Picture Icon Knife Icon Axe Icon Empty Dustbin Icon Full Dustbin Icon Printer V2 Icon Print Preview Icon Landscape Icon Portrait Icon Find On Computer Icon Blue Magnifier Icon Zoom In Icon Zoom Out Icon Auto Zoom Icon Clear Icon Wide Brush Icon Red Pencil Icon Brush Icon
Pencil V2 Icon Brush V2 Icon Dropper Icon Spray Icon Flood Fill Icon Paint Roller Icon Eraser1 Icon Eraser V2 Icon Eraser V3 Icon Pixel Editor Icon Text Icon Compasses Icon Manage Views Icon Image Icon Empty Document Icon Image Document Icon Text And Image Icon Video File Icon Multimedia File Icon Film Icon Frame Icon Frames Icon Add Frame Icon Delete Frame Icon Remove Frame Icon Import Image Icon Export Image Icon Hourglass Icon Color Mouse Icon Scan Icon Options1 Icon Settings2 Icon Color Icon Color Profile Icon Color Balance Icon Color Palette Icon Text Color Icon Color Filter Icon Objects2 Icon Palette Icon Cone Icon Sphere Icon Ellipsoid Icon Egg Icon Torus Icon Cylinder Icon Cube Icon Polyhedron Icon Rulers V2 Icon Rulers V3 Icon Ruler Vert Icon Ruler Hor Icon Ruler Icon Ruler V2 Icon Ruler V3 Icon Set Square Icon Set Square V2 Icon Green Set Square Icon Screen Settings Icon Check Points Icon Align Tops Icon Align Bottoms Icon Align Left Icon Align Right1 Icon Align Horizontal Centers Icon Align Vertical Centers Icon Front Side Icon Back Side Icon Top Side Icon Left Side Icon Bottom Side Icon Right Side Icon Hand Icon Dark Hand Icon Pointer Icon Grid Icon Grid V2 Icon Color Layers Icon Eye Icon View Icon Red Eye Icon Red Eye Removing Icon Web-Camera Icon Web-Camera V2 Icon Info1 Icon Warning Icon Install Icon Uninstall Icon Drop Icon Wizard Icon Star Icon Spectacles Icon Butterfly Icon Exit Icon Health Care Icon Health Care V2 Icon Snake Cup Icon Red Cross And Crescent Icon Medical Bag Icon Casualty Helicopter Icon Green Cross 3D Icon Hospital Icon Chief Medical Officer Icon Doctor Icon Physician Icon Oculist Icon Surgeon Icon Anaesthetist Icon Stomatologist Icon Cardiologist Icon Immunologist Icon Veterinary Icon Hospital Nurse Icon Druggist Icon Optometrist Icon Receptionist Icon Sanitarian Icon Appointment Icon Doctor Info Icon Search Doctor Icon
Patient-Man Icon Patient-Woman Icon Patient-Boy Icon Patient-Girl Icon Baby-Boy Icon Baby-Girl Icon Pregnancy Icon Baby Icon Search Patient-Man Icon Add Patient-Man Icon Remove Patient-Man Icon Delete Patient-Man Icon Edit Patient-Man Icon Patient-Man Info Icon Check Patient-Man Icon Patient-Man Warning Icon Search Patient-Woman Icon Add Patient-Woman Icon Remove Patient-Woman Icon Delete Patient-Woman Icon Edit Patient-Woman Icon Patient-Woman Info Icon Check Patient-Woman Icon Patient-Woman Warning Icon Deseased Icon Basket Icon Drug Icon Pills Icon Tablet Icon Viagra Icon Viagra ST Icon Sama Icon Xanax Icon Cialis Icon Cialis ST Icon Propecia Icon Ativan Icon Valium Icon Ambien Icon Phentermine Icon Nexium Icon Meridia Icon Tablets Icon Ampoules Icon Phial Icon Natural Drug Icon Natural Drug V2 Icon Plant Reference Book Icon Stethoscope Icon Pacifier Icon Baby Bottle Icon Tooth-Paste Icon Tooth Icon Bad Tooth Icon Tooth Status Icon Check Tooth Icon Delete Tooth Icon Remove Tooth Icon Temporary Tooth Icon Sound Tooth Icon Tooth-Brush Icon Crutches Icon Retort Icon Retort V2 Icon Test-Tube Icon Test Tubes Icon Blood Test Icon Measuring Glass Icon Spirit-Lamp Icon Thermometer Icon Syringe Icon Disinfection Icon Sun Glasses Icon Eye-Chart Icon Microscope1 Icon Balance Icon Insurance1 Icon Medical Invoice Icon Paid Medical Invoice Icon Medical Invoice Info Icon Cardiogram Icon Label Icon Knowledge Icon Respirator Icon Poison Icon Bones Icon Coffin Icon Gloved Hand Icon Palm Icon Ear Icon False Tooth Icon Teeth Icon Brain Icon Brain Probe Icon Tomography Icon Heart Icon Anatomy Icon Bell-Push Icon Emergency On Icon Emergency Off Icon X-Ray Picture Icon Radiation Icon Radiation 3D Icon No Smoking 3D Icon Insecticide Icon Mosquito Spray Icon Bio Hazard Icon Tick Icon Fly Icon Dead Fly Icon African Cockroach Icon Cockroach Icon Mosquito Icon Virus Icon Bacteria Icon DNA Icon Genetics Icon Water Molecule Icon NH3 Molecule Icon Hierarchy Icon
Clover Leaf Icon Four-Leafed Clover1 Icon Hemp Leaf Icon Pets1 Icon Health Icon Dumb-Bells Icon Horseshoe Magnet Icon Atomic Nucleus Icon A-Particle Icon Atom Icon Scientist1 Icon Academician Icon Einstein1 Icon Student Icon Astronaut1 Icon Alien Icon Clever Monkey Icon Space Shuttle Icon First Satellite Icon Space Station Icon UFO Icon Moon-Buggy Icon Ballon Icon Airship Icon Radio Telescope Icon Meteorite Icon Radio Transmitter1 Icon Earth V3 Icon Real Earth Icon Square Earth Icon Egypt Pyramids1 Icon Earth Photo Icon Clockwise Triangle Icon Counter-Clockwise Triangle Icon Pie Chart1 Icon 3D Bar Chart2 Icon Sinusoid Icon Restart Icon Stop1 Icon Formula Icon Infinity Icon Book Library Icon Microprocessor Icon Hardware Selection Icon Binoculars Icon Telescope Icon Compass V2 Icon Gear Icon Spring Icon Device Configuration Icon Industry Icon Rubik Cube Icon Objects1 Icon Roll Icon Light Icon Ant Icon Spider Icon Horse Icon Camel Icon Cat Icon Pets Icon Dog Icon Dinosaur Icon Four-Leafed Clover Icon Lawyer Icon Businessman Icon Bureaucrat Icon Secretary Icon Editor Icon Writer Icon Electrician Icon Builder Icon Cleaner Icon Farmer Icon Army Officer Icon Soldier Icon Captain Icon Fireman Icon Pilot Icon Air Traffic Controller Icon Geisha Icon Housewife Icon Stewardess Icon Barber Icon Waitress Icon Interpreter Icon Chinese Cook Icon Spy Icon Prisoner Icon Pressman Icon Photographer Icon Band-Master Icon Singer Icon Musician Icon Drummer Icon Computer Doctor Icon Network Administrator Icon Programmer Icon Hacker Icon Pirate Icon King Icon Fool Icon Monk Icon Death1 Icon Hiker Icon Tourist Icon Footballer Icon Retiree Icon Psychoanalyst Icon Agent Icon Agents Icon Agent Group Icon Keyboard Icon Handshake1 Icon Secrecy Icon Access Key Icon Key1 Icon Open Key Icon Save Key Icon Modify Key Icon
Add Key Icon Remove Key Icon Refresh Key Icon Wrong Key Icon Valid Key Icon No Key Icon Key Status Icon Delete Key Icon Apply Key Icon Temporary Key Icon Export Key Icon Import Key Icon Key Copy Icon Lock V2 Icon Open Lock V2 Icon Lock V3 Icon PGP Protection Icon Encryption Icon Decryption Icon Overlay Lock Icon Local Security Policy Icon Locked Notebook Icon Locked Computer Icon Locked Printer Icon Locked Keyboard Icon Locked CD Icon Locked Floppy Icon Locked Hard Disk Icon Locked USB-Drive Icon Locked PCMCIA Device Icon Locked Telephone Icon Locked Smartcard Icon Locked Device Icon Locked Sim-Card Icon Locked EEPROM-Chip Icon Secured Document Icon Trinket Icon Overlay Key Icon Secure Printer Icon Secure PCMCIA Device Icon Secure Device Icon Secure Smartcard Icon Secure Sim-Card Icon Secure EEPROM-Chip Icon Shield V2 Icon Shield V3 Icon Shredder Icon VISA Card1 Icon Credit Cards Icon Personal Smartcard Icon Smartcard Icon Sim-Card Icon EEPROM-Chip Icon Notebook1 Icon Portable Radio Transmitter1 Icon Cell Phones Icon Monitor And Phone Icon Finger-Print Icon Finger-Print Scanning Icon Finger-Print Scanner Icon PCMCIA Device Icon Writing Pencil Icon Clear1 Icon Properties Icon Yes Icon Add Icon Delete Icon Cancel Icon Turn Off Icon User Folder V2 Icon Tank Icon Cable Icon Wireless Icon Data Destruction Icon Destruction Of Documents Icon Burning Trash Can Icon Radio Bug Icon Head-Phones Icon Open Door Icon Closed Door Icon Open Barrier Icon Barrier Icon Shared Folder V2 Icon Locked Folder V2 Icon Folder1 Icon Undo V2 Icon Redo V2 Icon About Icon Warning V2 Icon Install V2 Icon Install V3 Icon Stop V2 Icon Close V2 Icon OK V2 Icon Search Previous1 Icon Search Next1 Icon Search V5 Icon Work Area Icon Sound Document Icon Midi Document Icon USB-Drive V2 Icon Monitors Icon Repair Computer Icon History Icon Measure Icon 3D Bar Chart Icon Objects Icon Music Notes Icon Yellow Submarine Icon Steering-Wheel Icon Notes1 Icon Newspaper1 Icon Time Icon Weather Icon Bluetooth Icon RSS Icon Red Star Icon Folder V2 Icon Microsoft Flag Icon Cabriolet1 Icon
Police Car V2 Icon Fire-Engine V2 Icon Ambulance Car V2 Icon Cow Wagon Icon Mail Delivery Icon Catterpillar Tractor Icon Road Roller Icon Crane Truck Icon Tow Truck Icon Coach Icon Utility ATV Icon Bicycle Icon Bike Icon Subway Icon Yacht1 Icon Sailing Ship Icon Rocket Icon Plane Icon Liner Icon Air Forces Icon Horse1 Icon Camel2 Icon Horses Icon Camels Icon Pack Animals Icon Fuel Expenses Icon Journey Icon NATO Icon Wind Rose Icon Bike Wheel Icon Oil Tank Icon Monkey Wrench Icon Screwdriver Icon Courier1 Icon Peak-Cap Icon Route ID Icon Waypoint Icon Straight Road Icon Homepage Icon Open Folder1 Icon Up Folder Icon Eraser Icon Grey Eraser Icon Search Next V2 Icon Search Previous V2 Icon Search V6 Icon Align Left1 Icon Align Right Icon Align Center Icon Justify Icon Move Row Icon Replace Icon List V3 Icon List V4 Icon Bold Icon Italic Icon Underlined Icon Special Symbols Icon Enlarge Size Icon Reduce Size Icon Superscript Icon Subscript Icon Pixel Editor1 Icon Ruler V4 Icon Rulers V4 Icon Rulers V5 Icon Microscope Icon Water Drop Icon Scientist Icon Academician1 Icon Einstein Icon Student1 Icon Astronaut Icon Radio Transmitter Icon Radio Transmitter V2 Icon Earth Icon Earth V2 Icon Egypt Pyramids Icon Earth Photo1 Icon Genealogy1 Icon 3D Bar Chart3 Icon Sum Icon Question Icon Notepad Icon Computer Icon Binoculars2 Icon Search V8 Icon Timer1 Icon Gear1 Icon Bug1 Icon Bee Icon Bear Icon Camel1 Icon Flower1 Icon Tree1 Icon Coconut Tree Icon

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XP Menu Icons - Icon List

3d bar chart, 3d bar chart1, 3d bar chart2, 3d bar chart3, About, Academician, Academician1, Access, Access key, Account books, Accountant, Accountant1, Add, Add car, Add frame, Add key, Add patient-man, Add patient-woman, Add record, Add v2, Admin, Advertisement, African cockroach, Agent, Agent group, Agents, Air forces, Air traffic controller, Air-freighter, Airplane, Airship, Air-tickets, Alien, Align bottoms, Align center, Align horizontal centers, Align left, Align left1, Align right, Align right1, Align tops, Align vertical centers, Ambien, Ambulance car, Ambulance car v2, American car, Ampoules, Anaesthetist, Anatomy, Anchor, Ant, A-particle, Apple, Apply, Apply key, Appointment, Approved car, Army officer, Astronaut, Astronaut1, Ativan, ATM, Atom, Atomic nucleus, Attach, Attachment, Auction, Auto zoom, Auto-business, Automobile loan, Automobile loan interest payment, Automobile loan interest payment1, Automobile loan1, Axe, Baby, Baby bottle, Baby carriage, Baby-boy, Baby-girl, Back, Back side, Back v2, Backup data, Bacteria, Bad mark, Bad tooth, Baggage, Balance, Balance1, Ballon, Band-master, Bank, Banknote, Bankruptcy, Bar graph, Barber, Barcode, Barcode scanner, Bar-code scanner, Barrier, Basket, Bear, Bear1, Bee, Bee1, Bell-push, Bicycle, Bike, Bike wheel, Binoculars, Binoculars v3, Binoculars1, Binoculars2, Bio hazard, Black car, Blanks, Blood test, Blue Cube, Blue magnifier, Bluetooth, Bold, Bomb, Bones, Book, Book library, Book of record, Bookkeeper, Book-keeper, Bookkeeping, Bookmark, Books, Books v2, Books v4, Bottom side, Box, Brain, Brain probe, Brief case, Brush, Brush v2, Bug, Bug1, Builder, Building construction, Bull, Bulldozer, Bundle, Bureaucrat, Burn CD, Burn money, Burning trash can, Bus, Businessman, Butterfly, Cable, Cabriolet, Cabriolet1, Calc, Calculator, Calendar, Camcorder, Camel, Camel1, Camel2, Camels, Camera, Cancel, Cancel1, Capital gains, Captain, Car, Car alarm, Car blow, Car buyer, Car buyers, Car catalogue, Car crash, Car credit, Car damage, Car database, Car driver, Car expenses, Car guard, Car key, Car keys, Car market, Car news, Car painting, Car repair, Car sale, Car sale contract, Car salesman, Car status, Car testing, Car utilization, Card file, Card terminal, Card terminal1, Cardiogram, Cardiologist, Cars, Case history, Cash register, Cashier, Casualty helicopter, Cat, Catterpillar tractor, CD, CD1, CD-disk, Cell phones, Cellphone, Certificate, Chart, Check boxes, Check options, Check patient-man, Check patient-woman, Check points, Check tooth, Cheque, Chief medical officer, Chinese cook, Cialis, Cialis ST, Cleaner, Clear, Clear document, Clear1, Clever monkey, Clock, Clock v2, Clock1, Clockwise triangle, Close, Close v2, Closed door, Close-dark, Close-light, Close-red, Clover leaf, Coach, Cockroach, Coconut tree, Coconut tree1, Coffee, Coffin, Coin, Coins, Collection of a check, Color, Color balance, Color filter, Color layers, Color mouse, Color palette, Color profile, Compass, Compass v2, Compasses, Computer, Computer doctor, Computer1, Cone, Connect database, Construction, Conversion of currency, Conversion of currency1, Copy, Copy Database, Copy record, Counter-clockwise triangle, Courier, Courier1, Cow wagon, Crane truck, Crane truck1, Credit, Credit cards, Credit cards1, Critical error, Crutches, Cube, Customers, Cut, Cylinder, Dark hand, Data destruction, Data transmission, Database, Database access, Database v2, Database v3, Datasheet, Datasheets, Dead fly, Death, Death v2, Death1, Decorator, Decryption, Delete, Delete car, Delete frame, Delete key, Delete message, Delete patient-man, Delete patient-woman, Delete record, Delete tooth, Delete v2, Deseased, Destroy database, Destruction of documents, Detective, Device configuration, Diamond, Dinosaur, Disaster, Disconnect database, Disconnect DB, Disinfection, DNA, Doctor, Doctor info, Document, Documents, Dog, Dollar, Dollar1, Download, Driver, Drop, Dropper, Drug, Druggist, Drummer, Dumb-bells, DVD, Ear, Earnings, Earnings1, Earth, Earth photo, Earth photo1, Earth v2, Earth v3, Earth1, E-books, Edit data, Edit message, Edit patient-man, Edit patient-woman, Edit record, Editor, EEPROM-chip, Egg, Egypt Pyramids, Egypt Pyramids1, Einstein, Einstein1, Electrician, Ellipsoid, E-mail, Emergency off, Emergency on, Empty document, Empty dustbin, Empty trash can, Encryption, Engineer, Enlarge size, Erase, Eraser, Eraser v2, Eraser v3, Eraser1, Euro, Event manager, Excavator, Exchange, Exit, Export image, Export key, Export text, Eye, Eye-chart, False tooth, FAQ, Farmer, Fast back, Fast forward, Favorites, Favorites v2, Favorites v4, Favourites, Fax, Fengshui coin, Ferryman, Film, Films, Films v2, Filter, Finances, Financier, Financier1, Find in folder, Find on computer, Finger-print, Finger-print scanner, Finger-print scanning, Fire damage, Fire-engine, Fire-engine v2, Fireman, Firewall, Firewall v2, First record, First satellite, First-aid, Flash drive, Flood fill, Floppy, Flow block, Flower, Flower1, Fly, Folder, Folder v2, Folder v3, Folder v4, Folder v5, Folder1, Fonts, Fonts v2, Fonts v3, Fool, Football, Footballer, Fork-lift truck, Form editor, Formula, Forward, Four-leafed clover, Four-leafed clover1, Frame, Frames, Freight car, Freight container, Front side, Fuel expenses, Fuel expenses1, Full dustbin, Full trash can, Gamepad, Games, Gas, Gear, Gear1, Geisha, Genealogy, Genealogy1, Genetics, German car, Get mail, Gift, Globe, Gloved hand, Go back, Go forward, Good mark, Goods, Graph, Graphic designer, Graphic file, Graphic tools, Grave, Green cross 3d, Green pencil, Green set square, Green user, Grey eraser, Grid, Grid v2, Hacker, Hand, Hand cart, Hand cart1, Handbag, Handcuffs, Handcuffs1, Handshake, Handshake1, Hardware selection, Head-phones, Health, Health care, Health care v2, Heart, Helicopter, Help, Hemp leaf, Hierarchy, Hiker, Hint, History, Home, Homepage, Horse, Horse1, Horses, Horseshoe magnet, Hospital, Hospital nurse, Hot files, Hotel, Hourglass, Hourglass1, Housewife, How to, HTML message, Hummer, Image, Image document, Images, Images v4, Immunologist, Import image, Import key, Import text, Income, Income folder, Industry, Infinity, Info, Info1, Insecticide, Install, Install v2, Install v3, Insurance, Insurance1, Internet, Internet access, Internet application, Internet payment, Internet payment1, Internet v2, Interpreter, Italic, Japanese car, Jeep, Journey, Justify, Key, Key and lock, Key copy, Key keeper, Key status, Key1, Keyboard, Keys, King, Knife, Knowledge, Label, Laden pick-up, Landscape, Landscape1, Last record, Lawyer, LCD, Left side, Light, Liner, Link, List, List v2, List v3, List v4, Lists v2, Local security policy, Lock, Lock v2, Lock v3, Locked, Locked CD, Locked computer, Locked database, Locked device, Locked EEPROM-chip, Locked floppy, Locked folder v2, Locked hard disk, Locked Internet, Locked keyboard, Locked notebook, Locked PCMCIA device, Locked printer, Locked sim-card, Locked smartcard, Locked telephone, Locked USB-drive, Locked user, Locked users, Locked v2, Locked v4, Login, Lookup, Lorry, Luck, Mail, Mail box, Mail delivery, Mail v2, Mail1, Manage views, Managers, Mark message, Market woman, Marketer, Marketer1, Measure, Measuring glass, Medical bag, Medical insurance, Medical invoice, Medical invoice info, Medical store, Meeting, Meridia, Message, Messages, Metal barrel, Meteorite, Microprocessor, Microscope, Microscope1, Microsoft flag, Midi document, Modify key, Money, Money bag, Money bag v2, Money bag v3, Money folder, Money v2, Money v3, Money v4, Money1, Monitor and phone, Monitors, Monk, Monkey wrench, Moon-buggy, Mortgage loan, Mortgage loan interest payment, Mosquito, Mosquito spray, Motor mechanic, Motorcycle, Motorcyclist, Mouse, Move row, Mp3 v2, Multimedia file, Music, Music notes, Music v2, Music v4, Music1, Musician, NATO, Natural drug, Natural drug v2, Network administrator, Network connection, New, New car owner, New database, New message, Newspaper, Newspaper1, Nexium, Next message, Next record, NH3 molecule, No, No entry, No entry1, No key, No smoking, No smoking 3d, Notary, Notebook, Notebook1, Notepad, Notepad1, Notes, Notes1, Object manager, Objects, Objects1, Objects2, Oculist, Oil, Oil pack, Oil tank, OK, OK v2, Open, Open barrier, Open door, Open file, Open files, Open files v3, Open folder, Open folder v3, Open folder1, Open key, Open lock, Open lock v2, Open message, Options, Options1, Optometrist, Overlay key, Overlay lock, Pacifier, Pack animals, Paid medical invoice, Paint roller, Painter, Palette, Pallet, Palm, Palm1, Palm2, Panel truck, Panel truck1, Paste, Patient-boy, Patient-girl, Patient-man, Patient-man info, Patient-man warning, Patient-woman, Patient-woman info, Patient-woman warning, Pay, Payment, PCMCIA device, PC-PDA synchronization, PC-Web synchronization, PDA, Peak-cap, Pen, Pencil, Pencil v2, Percent, Percent1, Personal loan, Personal smartcard, Pets, Pets1, PGP protection, Phentermine, Phial, Phone, Phone support, Photographer, Photos, Physician, Pick-up, Pie chart, Pie chart1, Piggy bank, Pill, Pills, Pilot, Pin, Pipe line, Pirate, Pixel editor, Pixel editor1, Plane, Plant reference book, Playing cards, Pointer, Poison, Police car, Police car v2, Police officer, Police-officer, Polyhedron, Portable radio transmitter, Portable radio transmitter1, Portrait, Portrait1, Postage stamp, Postman, Pound sterling, Pregnancy, Pressman, Preview, Previous message, Previous record, Price list, Print preview, Printer, Printer v2, Prisoner, Programmer, Propecia, Properties, Properties1, Property, Property1, Psychoanalyst, Publicity agent, Purchase, Purse, Purse1, Question, Question v2, Question v4, Question1, Race, Radiation, Radiation 3d, Radio bug, Radio telescope, Radio transmitter, Radio transmitter v2, Radio transmitter v3, Radio transmitter1, Railway, Read message, Real Earth, Realtor, Receptionist, Rectangular stamp, Recycling, Red bus, Red car, Red Cross and Crescent, Red eye, Red eye removing, Red house, Red pencil, Red star, Redirect, Redo, Redo changes, Redo v2, Reduce size, Refresh, Refresh document, Refresh key, Relations, Remote database, Remove, Remove car, Remove frame, Remove key, Remove patient-man, Remove patient-woman, Remove tooth, Repair, Repair computer, Repair costs, Repair costs1, Replace, Reply, Reply to all, Report, Reports, Respirator, Restart, Restore data, Retiree, Retort, Retort v2, Right side, Ring-buoy, Road, Road roller, Rocket, Roll, Route ID, RSS, Rubik cube, Ruler, Ruler hor, Ruler v2, Ruler v3, Ruler v4, Ruler vert, Rulers, Rulers v2, Rulers v3, Rulers v4, Rulers v5, Safe, Safecrack, Sailing ship, Sama, Sanitarian, Satellite, Save all, Save as, Save file, Save key, Save picture, Savings folder, Scales, Scan, Scanner, Scientist, Scientist1, Screen settings, Screwdriver, Script, Search, Search data, Search doctor, Search message, Search next, Search next v2, Search next1, Search patient-man, Search patient-woman, Search previous, Search previous v2, Search previous1, Search text, Search v2, Search v3, Search v4, Search v5, Search v6, Search v7, Search v8, Search v9, Search1, Secrecy, Secretary, Secure device, Secure EEPROM-chip, Secure PCMCIA device, Secure printer, Secure sim-card, Secure smartcard, Secured document, Secured message, Security, Security guard, Security guard1, Security1, Send mail, Send message, Server, Set square, Set square v2, Settings, Settings1, Settings2, Shared folder, Shared folder v2, Shared v2, Shared v4, Shield, Shield and sword, Shield v2, Shield v3, Shield1, Ship, Shredder, Signature, Silver car, Sim-card, Singer, Sinusoid, Smartcard, Snake cup, Snapshot, Soldier, Sorting 1-9, Sorting 9-1, Sorting A-Z, Sorting Z-A, Sound document, Sound tooth, Space shuttle, Space station, Spam filter, Spam filters, Spam-filter, Special symbols, Spectacles, Spell checking, Spell checking v2, Sphere, Spider, Spirit-lamp, Spray, Spring, Spy, SQL, SQL navigator, Square Earth, Stamp, Stamp1, Star, Start, Steering-wheel, 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Icon Files - Get Help From the Online World!

There are so many designers in this world who are determined enough to add the most sophisticated looking icons for their website design. Three are so many icon files available for you to download icon files online. There are so many designers in this world who want to make their application and website design perfect enough. But these people are never finding the right way to make these elements perfect. Windows XP icons do not satisfy Web 2.0 applications and vice versa. However, now it's the internet that is all set to allow you to download these icons for free and you can make your applications looking more fabulous and more accessible by nature. Well, now you can download these icons files for free and that seems to be the most amazing an aspect for your professional career.

If you have ever wanted to generate the best look and an easy to use interface for your website design as well as for application making task, then its time to move for the online world and get these icons downloaded for free. The website icons are great method to get rid of mess in the cluttered designs & they are very simple to add to web design. Every icon design is accessible in JPG, GIF and PNG files, Favicon that is been stored all alongside website while you mark that as one of favorites comes as typical ICO file. To develop concept for the icon itself is very cumbersome task and after which you may need to work in the Photoshop to put in practice.

Icon files page:

Shade the User Interfaces With the New Windows Icons

GUIs engage in a notable function in enhancing the functionality plus overall look. Proceed a pace more with the aid of the most up-to-date designs offered right here making your own applications entertaining to make use of and straightforward to browse through, by having the assistance of a couple of intelligently made images available through this website.

A specific MR. Fred R Barnard in a journal in 1921 claimed a number of words, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, actually he could not have discovered the particular importance of the phrases at that time, or maybe the guy did, as even more than 90 years just after making this particular announcement we attempt to seek out a growing number of ways to use it. Barnard could have said it though referring to the actual possibilities of pictorial commercials, but a handful of decade’s back the idea located the way into the concept of computer programming while using the advent of Graphic screens the moment visuals as well as designs swapped out crafting intricate command-line arguments.

Applying simple, clear and understandable icons may go far straight into making the life of the end user less difficult. By getting a majority of these symbols you don't only help to make it simpler for you to find their way, it genuinely makes the screen more attractive.

You may get your own hands on in excess of seven hundred these kinds of designs over here, them all at a price of 99 $ $ $ $. The image comes in a measurement equal to a sq . of 48 pixels which have a see-thorugh background and a photo of 26 by twenty six pixels in its centre. these artwork works with all of your Windows 8 and even MS Windows phone software packages come in the PNG data format and are avalable in any of fourteen diverse colours ranging from the typical blue, red and additionally green up to the more exceptional navy and also light-red, and might be used with or without the surrounding circles. Customize each individual web page on your hard drive by making use of these appropriately designed designs and then go ahead and take computer emploi to some totally new levels; you can change symbols for the typical features similar to redo, undo, back, refresh etcetera. together with these aesthetically attractive visuals. Combined with regular kinds, you get to choose through lots of off uniquely fashioned images which you’ll have fun assigning characteristics to, there is a cardiologist image, the motor man icon, a private eye image, the auditor symbol and in all probability the best of them angel symbol.

All of these icons, as I have already mentioned, can be found in an entirely deployable kind, you obtain your hands on them as early as you make your deposit and you have the freedom to work with them in all of the likely approaches. An attractive gui tends to make hrs of labor seem way easier along with helps you save from becoming weary psychologically by probing those in depth compilation of instructions. Straightforward navigation, desirable user interface along with sensible performance lay in the centre of each and every app, by making use of this particular bunch you have the user interface and the routing portion protected, now the only affair which is preventing you from building a cutting edge software package is you. Acquire a majority of these symbols at this point and revitalise the whole coding practical experience.

About Icons

We offer stock icons for desktop applications, web sites, mobile software, graphic design, business cards.

 Perfect Toolbar Icons

Perfect Toolbar Icons

 Small Toolbar Icons

toolbar icons

 Database Icon Set

database icons

 Audio Toolbar Icons

audio icons A great set of icons for sound-recording applications and audio catalogues. Wide range of sizes from 16x16 to 48x48 pixels is provided.

 Perfect CMS Icons

cms icons

A collection of bright and stylish icons that will instantly enhance any web page or portal. Available in all the typical toolbar sizes.

 Large Crystal Icons

Crystal Icons

Large Crystal Icons set holds a great variety of images in all the popular icon formats, including ICO, PNG, BMP and 3ds Max.

 Large Vector Icons

Vector Icons

Large Vector Icons represent everything a vector icon set can be. Smooth, easily readable, increadibly stylish - and the best thing is, they all work together as a matching set.