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A huge pack of over 1800 icons, Menu Icons for Windows 7 are designed to match the new graphic style introduced in Windows 7. The collection of Windows 7 icons addresses the broadest range of topics, and will fit into any project, software or online. The Menu Icons for Windows 7 set includes images covering most possible applications, and supplies a variety of generic and themed icons. This set is best suited for developing Windows software and mobile applications as well as designing Web sites, social networks, and educational portals.

Menu Icons for Windows 7 come with a wide range of variations boosting the total number of images to 9800. Three different states (Normal, Hot and Disabled) and two color options (semi-transparent True Color and 256-color images drawn on a transparent background) are included. All images come in four file formats (ICO, PNG, GIF, and BMP) and four sizes (48x48, 32x32, 24x24, and 16x16 pixels).

Image states: normal, hot, disabled
File formats: PNG, ICO
Image sizes: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 16x16
Background: transparent
Icon quantity: 1843
Image quantity: 7372
File quantity: 9215
Price: $99.00 / 79.00 EUR
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Windows 7 icons

Attention1 Icon Question Icon Index Icon Warning Icon Add1 Icon Yes Icon Remove1 Icon Delete1 Icon Red OK1 Icon Cancel Icon Close1 Icon No Icon OK4 Icon Play Icon Stop2 Icon Abort1 Icon Erase1 Icon Ignore Icon Next Icon Back1 Icon Forward3 Icon Down Icon Up Icon Go Back Icon Go Forward Icon Update Icon Tip Of The Day2 Icon Light Bulb Icon Help3 Icon Info1 Icon About1 Icon Hint2 Icon Questionnaire Icon Refresh1 Icon Undo3 Icon Redo Icon Pen Icon Brush Icon Address Book1 Icon E-Mail3 Icon Duplicate Frame1 Icon Data Transfer Icon Time4 Icon Alarm2 Icon Timer1 Icon Schedule1 Icon History4 Icon Recycling Icon People Contact Icon People Contacts1 Icon Key1 Icon Registration1 Icon Online Contacts Icon People Online1 Icon Internet Application1 Icon Phone Icon Red Phone Icon Telephone2 Icon Photo2 Icon Cut2 Icon Copy Icon Paste Icon Save File Icon Save All Icon Undo Icon Redo1 Icon Refresh3 Icon Folder2 Icon Recycle Bin Icon Full Recycle Bin Icon Search3 Icon Zoom1 Icon Zoom In Icon Zoom Out Icon Print Icon Computer1 Icon Calculator4 Icon Phone2 Icon About2 Icon Info Icon Question3 Icon Query Icon Warning2 Icon OK Icon Yes2 Icon Apply Icon Add Icon Delete Icon Erase Icon Remove2 Icon Disaster Icon Repair Icon Abort2 Icon Stop Icon Cancel2 Icon No1 Icon No Entry Icon Close Icon Turn Off4 Icon Back Icon Forward1 Icon Credit Cards2 Icon Dollar4 Icon Price-List Icon Lock1 Icon Unlock Icon Open Lock Icon Access Key Icon Keys Icon Handshake1 Icon Users Folders Icon New Document Icon Text Document Icon Binary Data Icon List2 Icon Report1 Icon Reports4 Icon Table Icon Notes Icon Properties3 Icon
Book1 Icon Help1 Icon Address Book4 Icon Mail1 Icon Write E-Mail Icon Message1 Icon Database1 Icon 3D Graph Icon 3D Bar Chart Icon Pie Chart1 Icon Delivery Icon Gear Icon Red Gear Icon Settings1 Icon Options4 Icon Shield Icon Tip Of The Day Icon Feather Icon Time2 Icon History1 Icon Schedule2 Icon Volume1 Icon Music Icon Energy2 Icon Web2 Icon Home Page1 Icon Logout Icon Home Icon Dollar Icon Money3 Icon Credit Card1 Icon Credit Cards Icon Coin1 Icon Coins2 Icon Cash Icon Exchange Icon Price List1 Icon Travel Industry Icon Tourist Industry Icon Tourist Business Icon Credit1 Icon Insurance2 Icon ATM1 Icon Empty ATM Icon ATM Loading Icon Low Cash ATM Icon Lost Communications Icon Casino Icon World Icon Earth Icon Globe Icon Web1 Icon Place Selection Icon Zoom Place Icon Zoom Icon Recycling3 Icon Compass Icon Compass Needle Icon Hotel Stars Icon Company Icon Bank1 Icon Hotel Icon Hotels Icon Industry Icon Home1 Icon Property1 Icon City Icon Road1 Icon Railway Icon Airport Icon Transport Icon Air Tickets Icon Liner Icon Flights Icon Add Flight Icon Plane Icon Airline1 Icon Airplane Icon Satellite Icon Helicopter Icon Rocket Icon Parachute Icon Ship Icon Boat Icon Yacht Icon Sail Icon Train Icon Tank Wagon Icon Freight Car Icon Freight Container Icon Subway Icon Bus Icon Red Bus Icon Cargo Icon Lorry Icon Panel Truck Icon Tow Truck Icon Crane Truck Icon Forklift Truck Icon Tank Truck Icon Wheeled Tractor Icon Catterpillar Tractor Icon Excavator Icon Motorcycle Icon Utility ATV Icon Ambulance Car1 Icon Taxi Icon Car1 Icon Cars Icon Jeep Icon Silver Car Icon Cabriolet Icon Pick-Up Icon Laden Pick-Up Icon Hummer Icon Police Car Icon Automobile Loan Icon Rent A Car Icon Car Guard Icon Car Buyer Icon
Automobile Loan Interest Payment Icon Car Repair Icon Find Car Icon Car Utilization Icon Auto Insurance Icon Car Key Icon Car Keys Icon Customers Icon Key3 Icon User4 Icon Woman Icon Users4 Icon User Group4 Icon Favourites3 Icon Clock2 Icon History3 Icon Schedule Icon Gauge Icon Time Management Icon Search Icon Search V2 Icon Find1 Icon Bulb Icon Switch Icon Turn Off Icon No3 Icon Turn Off Button Icon Hibernate Icon Restart Icon Load Data Icon Save Data Icon Gears Icon Gear2 Icon Red Gear1 Icon Options Icon Settings4 Icon Calendar3 Icon Newspaper1 Icon Address Book2 Icon Help Book1 Icon Brief Case1 Icon Database Icon Statistics Icon Card File2 Icon Case History Icon Reports Icon Notes3 Icon Properties1 Icon Signature Icon Desktop Icon Data Synchronization Icon Data Transmission Icon Printer Icon Cash Register1 Icon Check Out Cart Icon Shopping Cart Icon Hand Cart Icon Baby Carriage Icon Box1 Icon Laden Pallet Icon Empty Pallet Icon Loading Icon Unloading Icon Buyer Bag Icon Passport1 Icon Phone Support Icon Phone1 Icon Office Phone Icon Mobile Phone1 Icon VOIP Icon Shield1 Icon Medical Insurance1 Icon First Aid Icon Baggage Icon Food1 Icon Shoes Icon Furniture Icon Armchair Icon Musical Instruments Icon Equipment Icon Trip Icon Lobster Icon E-Mail1 Icon Question4 Icon Problem Icon Multiple Problems Icon Registered Problem Icon Out Of Service Icon Mail Icon Write E-Mail1 Icon Mail Delivery Icon Web Page Icon House Icon Home Page2 Icon Home Page V2 Icon Closed Door2 Icon Open Door1 Icon Exit Icon Logout3 Icon Product Basket Icon Full Basket Icon Red Basket Icon Full Red Basket Icon Hand Truck Icon Credit Card Icon Money2 Icon Currency Icon Bank Notes Icon Coin Icon Dollar Coin Icon Coins3 Icon Money Bag1 Icon Green Dollar Icon Gold Dollar Icon Green Euro Icon Gold Euro Icon Green Pound Sterling Icon Gold Pound Sterling Icon Green Yen Icon Gold Yen Icon
People Icon Family1 Icon Female1 Icon Customer Icon Customers1 Icon User1 Icon Users Icon User Group2 Icon Conference1 Icon Boss3 Icon Staff1 Icon Worker Icon Postman1 Icon Personal Loan1 Icon Marketer1 Icon Publicity Agent1 Icon Realtor Icon Secretary Icon King1 Icon Policeman Icon Army Icon Spy Icon Judge Icon Uncle Sam Icon Managers Icon Pirate Icon Security Icon Financier Icon Client Icon Client List1 Icon Prisoner Icon Bookkeeper Icon Chief Icon E-Mail Icon Question2 Icon Yellow Percent Icon Red Percent Icon Income1 Icon Tax Icon Hand1 Icon Earnings1 Icon Payment1 Icon Trade Icon Get Money Icon Send Money Icon Bank Account Icon Credit Icon Piggy-Bank Icon Financial Services Icon Safe Icon Insurance Icon Umbrella Icon Real Estate Icon Auction Icon Abacus Icon Passport Icon Forex Trading Icon Stock Market Icon Graph Icon Chart Icon Reports1 Icon Blue Chips Icon Blue Chip Icon Gift Icon Time3 Icon Cash Register Icon Calculator2 Icon Folder Icon Documents Icon Hot Documents Icon Notebook Icon Computer Icon Display Icon Web-Camera Icon Fate Icon Investigation Icon Lock Icon Artwork And Antiques Icon Arts Icon Vase Icon Movie Industry Icon Movie1 Icon Electronic Industry Icon Video Games Icon Internet Company Icon Cable TV Icon Satellite Radio Company Icon Telecommunications Icon Electricity Supply Network Icon Airline Icon Military-Industrial Establishment Icon Car Factory Icon Diamond Mining Icon Hammer Icon Diamond Icon Petroleum Industry Icon Steel Industry Icon Gold-Mine Icon Technology Icon News Icon Newspaper Icon Newspapers Icon Professional Sports Icon Custom House Icon Van Icon Agriculture Icon Health Protection Icon Restaurant Icon Textile Industry Icon Construction Firm Icon Building Crane Icon Building Icon Realty Icon Property Icon Folder XP Icon Open File Icon Up Folder Icon Save1 Icon Save All1 Icon Save As1 Icon
Floppy Disk1 Icon Magnifier Icon Zoom In V2 Icon Zoom Out V2 Icon Find Icon Find Previous Icon Find Next Icon Refresh2 Icon Replace Icon Eraser Icon Gray Eraser Icon Insert Icon Delete3 Icon Info3 Icon Support Icon Help Icon Boss Icon User3 Icon Users3 Icon User Group1 Icon Engineer Icon Staff Icon Customers2 Icon Policeman1 Icon Spy2 Icon Doctor Icon Conference Icon Party Icon Large Group1 Icon Fast Back Icon Play Back Icon Play Forward Icon Fast Forward Icon Fast Back V2 Icon Play Back V2 Icon Play Forward V2 Icon Fast Forward V2 Icon Red Pencil Icon Document Icon Edit Document Icon Close Document Icon Export Icon Import Icon Page Options Icon Objects V2 Icon Objects Icon Road Icon Data Transmission Icon Graph1 Icon Chart Xy Icon Filter1 Icon Filters Icon Red Pin Icon Purple Pin Icon Orange Pin Icon Pink Pin1 Icon Yellow Pin1 Icon Blue Pin Icon Green Pin Icon Pointer Icon Hand Icon Handshake Icon Bad Mark Icon Good Mark2 Icon OK2 Icon Palm1 Icon Fingers Icon Petition Icon Real Earth Icon Square Earth Icon Binoculars1 Icon Internet Icon Compass1 Icon Manage Views Icon Postage Stamp Icon Pie Chart Icon Bar Chart Icon Cylinder Chart Icon Demography1 Icon Crystal Sphere Icon Juce Icon Letter A Icon Letter Z Icon SQL Icon Data Container Icon No Data Icon Backup Archive Icon Camera2 Icon Webcam Icon LCD Monitor Icon TV Icon Volume Up Icon Volume Down Icon Register Icon Key Icon Lock3 Icon Unlock1 Icon Locked Users Icon Lock V2 Icon Unlock V2 Icon Lock V3 Icon Wedding Icon Money Icon Cardfile Icon Open Mail1 Icon Mail3 Icon Send Mail1 Icon Music1 Icon Multimedia Icon Juke Box Icon Calendar4 Icon Calendar Sh Icon Clock1 Icon Hourglass Icon History2 Icon Scheduled Icon Ammunition Icon Shell Icon Helmet Icon Red Button Icon
Trailer Icon Car Icon Books1 Icon Library1 Icon Red Book Icon Monitor Icon Registry Icon Wrench Icon Chip1 Icon Send To Phone Icon Cell Phone1 Icon Export From Phone Icon Calculator3 Icon Account ID Icon Income Icon Credit Cards1 Icon VISA Card Icon Upload1 Icon Download2 Icon Write E-Mail2 Icon Closed Door Icon No Exit Icon Open Door Icon Exit2 Icon Health Care Icon Health Care Shield Icon Shield2 Icon Insurance1 Icon Ambulance Car Icon Medical Bag Icon First-Aid Icon Medical Insurance Icon Boss2 Icon Head Physician Icon Physician Icon Doctor1 Icon Surgeon Icon Hospital Nurse Icon Appointment Icon Optometrist Icon Cardiologist1 Icon Urologist Icon Stomatologist1 Icon Veterinary Icon Psychoanalyst Icon Druggist Icon Search Nurse Icon Search Doctor Icon Doctor Info1 Icon Receptionist Icon Secretary2 Icon Hygienist Icon Scientist Icon Professor1 Icon Computer Doctor1 Icon Tooth Icon Bad Tooth Icon Check Tooth Icon Remove Tooth Icon Delete Tooth Icon Temporary Tooth Icon Tooth Status Icon Sound Tooth Icon Tooth-Brush Icon Tooth-Paste Icon Hollywood Smile Icon Mouth Icon Heart Icon Patient-Man Icon Patient-Woman Icon Pregnancy Icon Baby Boy Icon Baby Girl Icon Patient-Boy Icon Patient-Girl Icon Adult Patient-Boy Icon Adult Patient-Girl Icon Patients Icon Add Patient Icon Edit Patient Icon Check Patient Icon Remove Patient Icon Delete Patient Icon Patient Info Icon Search Patient Icon Patient Warning Icon Deseased Icon Angel Icon Anatomy1 Icon Thermometer Icon Syringe Icon Vaccination Icon Vaccinations Icon Ampoule Icon Ampoules Icon Test Tubes Icon Blood Test Icon Tablets Icon Pill Icon Pills Icon Drugs Icon Tablet Icon Viagra Icon Propecia Icon Drug Icon Natural Drug Icon Phial Icon Drug Basket Icon Empty Basket Icon Retort Icon Structure Icon Atom Icon DNA Icon Genetics Icon Spray Icon Microscope Icon Search2 Icon Balance Icon Stethoscope Icon Cut3 Icon
Documents2 Icon Case History1 Icon Books Icon Book Library Icon Mail2 Icon Address Book5 Icon Card File1 Icon Questionnaire1 Icon Calendar5 Icon Report2 Icon Reports5 Icon All Reports Icon Blanks Icon List1 Icon Medical Invoice Icon Medical Invoice Information Icon Medical Invoice Paid Icon Cheque Icon Bar-Code Icon Bar-Code Scanner Icon Account Icon Accounts Icon Sick-List Icon Certificate1 Icon Knowledge Icon Label Icon Cardiogram Icon Baby Carriage1 Icon Wheelchair1 Icon Medical Store Icon Store Icon Box Icon Brief Case Icon Tag Icon Call Bell Icon Emergency Icon Call1 Icon Dark Hand Icon OK3 Icon Good Mark Icon Bad Mark1 Icon Palm Icon Index1 Icon Ear1 Icon Brain Icon Brain Probe Icon Eye Icon View Icon Eye Chart Icon Spectacles Icon Genealogy Icon Demography Icon University Icon Hospital Icon Drugstore1 Icon Green Cross 3D Icon Green Cross Icon Red Cross Icon Red Cross And Crescent Icon Disaster1 Icon Bio Hasard Icon Radiation Icon X-Ray Icon Poison Icon Death Icon Skull Icon Coffin Icon Grave Icon Gift1 Icon Recycling1 Icon Food Icon Porridge Icon Apple Icon Four-Leafed Clover Icon Hemp Leaf Icon Tree Icon Relaxation Icon Flower Icon Bacteria Icon Rat Icon RatSH Icon Bug Icon Mosquito Icon Health Icon Pets Icon Blue Message Icon Yellow Message Icon Red Message Icon Messages Icon New Message Icon Edit Message Icon Delete Message Icon Delayed Message Icon Approve Message Icon Decline Message Icon Get Message Icon Send Message Icon Next Message Icon Previous Message Icon Import Message Icon Export Message Icon Html Message Icon Infected Message Icon Multimedia Message Icon Sound Message Icon Open Mail Icon Read Mail Icon Read Message Icon Receive Mail Icon Send Mail Icon Attach Icon Reports2 Icon Roll1 Icon Client List2 Icon Address Book Icon E-Mail Symbol Icon Certificate Icon Properties4 Icon Internet3 Icon Search Computer Icon
Visual Communication2 Icon Internet Access Icon Locked User Icon Add Users Icon Remove User Icon Check User Icon Key Keeper Icon Login1 Icon User Info Icon Logout1 Icon Search Contacts Icon Voice Chat Icon Online Icon Offline Icon Smile1 Icon Depression Icon Login Form Icon Options3 Icon Settings Icon Volume Icon Volume Down1 Icon Volume Up2 Icon No Sound Icon Mobile Sound Icon Spam Icon Globe1 Icon Web Icon Soldier1 Icon General Icon Medic Icon RPG Launcher Icon Anti-Rockets Icon Hammer Gun Carrier Icon Howitzer Icon Cannon Icon Old Cannon Icon Weapon Icon Rifle Icon Gun Icon Missile Icon Mortar Launcher Icon Atomic Bomb Icon Aerial Bomb Icon Tank Icon Gun Carriage Icon Aeroplane Icon Aircraft Icon Star Wars Icon Fire Icon Nuclear Explosion Icon Armor Icon Shield3 Icon Binoculars Icon Alert Icon Antenna Icon Radar Icon Aim Icon Lab Icon Medicine Icon Medal Icon Awards Icon Arrow Icon Arrows Icon Sword Icon War Icon Flags Icon Dragon Icon Maps Icon Inventory Icon Bullet Icon Map-Case Icon Copy2 Icon Copy V2 Icon Cut Icon Paste2 Icon Paste V2 Icon Preview1 Icon Print1 Icon Print Preview1 Icon Redo3 Icon Undo2 Icon Refresh5 Icon Save Icon Save V2 Icon Midi Icon Play2 Icon Playback Icon Stop3 Icon Pause Icon Record Icon Rewind Icon Forward Icon First Icon Last Icon Previous Icon Next1 Icon Eject Icon Play Music Icon Quotation Icon Hint1 Icon Mute Icon Sound1 Icon Notes2 Icon Head Phones Icon Bluetooth2 Icon Firewire Icon USB Icon Wi-Fi1 Icon Lock2 Icon Setup Icon Turn Off3 Icon Atomic Icon CD-Disk Icon Music Disk Icon Burn Cd1 Icon Disks Icon Speaker Icon Volume Up1 Icon Volume Down2 Icon Sound Level Icon
Get Sound Icon Send Sound Icon Sound Regulator Icon Equalizer Icon Sound Settings Icon Sound File Icon Mobile Phone2 Icon Computer Sound Icon Voice Chat1 Icon Somebody Icon Globe3 Icon Earth1 Icon Card File Icon Terminal Icon Visual Communication1 Icon Device Icon Oscilloscope Icon Gallery Icon Picture1 Icon Pictures Icon Add Pictures Icon Remove Pictures Icon Color Palette Icon Paint Icon Component Icon Filmclapper Icon Radio1 Icon Games Icon Gear1 Icon Settings2 Icon Color Balance Icon Options2 Icon Screwdriver Icon Star Icon Hit Parade Icon Gold Star Icon Performer Icon Movie Icon Music Note1 Icon Treble Clef Icon Synthesizer Icon Piano Icon Drum Icon Head-Phones1 Icon Microphone Icon Refresh Icon Revert Icon Go Back1 Icon Go Down Icon Go Forward2 Icon Go Up Icon Left Icon Up2 Icon Down1 Icon Right Icon Top Icon Light Button Icon Green Button Icon Blue Button Icon Smile Icon Time Icon Camera Icon Photo3 Icon Webcam1 Icon Power2 Icon Battery2 Icon Energy1 Icon Holiday Icon Forum Icon Ear Icon Red Flag Icon Christmas Icon New Year Icon New Year Tree Icon Santa Claus1 Icon Christmas Bell Icon Blue Christmas Bell Icon Favourites2 Icon Add To Favourites Icon Remove From Favourites Icon Camcorder Icon Camera V2 Icon Download Icon Upload Icon Film Icon Head Phones V2 Icon Loud Speaker Icon Increase Volume Icon Decrease Volume Icon No Sound V2 Icon Sound V2 Icon Music Notes V2 Icon Pinion1 Icon Web-Camera2 Icon Web3 Icon Bell1 Icon Holiday V2 Icon Music Document Icon Sound Document Icon Properties2 Icon Frame1 Icon Music Frame Icon Painter Icon Palette V2 Icon Burn CD V2 Icon CD-Disk V2 Icon CD-Disks V2 Icon Karaoke Icon Network Connection1 Icon Access Network Icon Network Key Icon Network Support Icon Network Tool Icon Network Tools Icon Network Computer Icon Network Group Icon Network Printer Icon Global Network Icon Network Files Icon Network Folder Icon
Connect Network Icon Disconnect Network Icon Network Data Icon Network ID Icon Network Certificate Icon Network Status Icon Network Server Icon Data Transfer2 Icon Traffic Icon Repair Connection Icon Network Connections1 Icon Local Area Connection Icon Cell Network Connection Icon Satellite Connection Icon Phone Connection Icon Lost Communications1 Icon Wireless Connection Icon Network Hub Icon Broken Connection Icon Disaster Warning Icon Network Problem Icon Sniffer Icon Secured Network Icon User2 Icon Users2 Icon User Group Icon Meeting Icon Agent1 Icon Admin1 Icon Network Administrator Icon Network Security Icon Police Officer Icon Network Engineer Icon Pirate1 Icon Spy1 Icon Hacker Icon Visual Communication Icon Sharing Icon Folder Sharing Icon File Sharing Icon Activity Reports Icon Remote Access Icon Intranet Icon Client Network Icon Home Network Icon Fire Wall Icon Chain Icon Chain Link Icon Broken Chain Icon Wireless Icon Wi-Fi2 Icon Radio Transmitter Icon Wireless Modem1 Icon Fast Internet Icon Modem Icon Network Controller Icon Network Card Icon Driver Installation Icon Uninstall1 Icon Keyboard Icon Server1 Icon Data Server Icon FTP Icon HTTP Server Icon DNS Icon MAIL Server Icon SMTP Server Icon POP Server Icon POP3 Server Icon IMAP Server Icon Login Icon Card Terminal Icon Access Denied Icon Protection Icon Cable Icon Data Icon Network Structure Icon Web-Camera1 Icon Download1 Icon Upload2 Icon PC-Web Synchronization Icon PC-PDA Synchronization Icon Refresh Information Icon Bluetooth Symbol Icon Bluetooth1 Icon USB Connection Icon Silver USB Connection Icon Phone4 Icon SQL Server Icon ID Icon Power Icon Battery Icon Energy Icon Linux Penguin Icon FreeBSD Icon Robot Icon Home Page Icon People1 Icon Chief1 Icon Party1 Icon Female Profile Icon Official Icon Captain Icon Army Officer Icon Soldier Icon Soldiers Icon Fireman Icon Judge1 Icon Themis Icon Hacker1 Icon Security1 Icon Editor Icon Copywriter Icon Detective Icon Einstein Icon Scientist1 Icon Professor Icon Historian Icon Lecturer Icon Teacher Icon
Student Icon Worker1 Icon Workers Icon Builder Icon Motor Mechanic Icon Cleaner Icon Driver Icon Pilot Icon Air Traffic Controller Icon Astronaut Icon Physician1 Icon Stomatologist Icon Dentist Icon Surgeon1 Icon Hospital Nurse1 Icon Optometrist1 Icon Immunologist Icon Cardiologist Icon Computer Doctor Icon Druggist1 Icon Search Nurse1 Icon Doctor Info Icon Doctor Appointment Icon Psychoanalyst Icon Psychologist Icon Receptionist1 Icon Waitress Icon Market Woman Icon Pizza Man Icon Japanese Cook Icon Chinese Cook Icon Barber Icon Geisha Icon Marketer Icon Appointment1 Icon Auditor Icon Publicity Agent Icon Car Salesman Icon Secretary1 Icon Accountant Icon Personal Loan Icon Financier1 Icon Businessman Icon Book-Keeper Icon Notary Icon Lawyer Icon Postman Icon Realtor1 Icon Mexican Salesman Icon Religious Figure Icon Global Manager Icon Cowboy Icon Hunter Icon Farmer Icon Electrician Icon Agronomist Icon Decorator Icon Singer Icon Web Designer Icon Graphic Designer Icon Admin Icon Programmer Icon Writer Icon Photographer Icon Painter1 Icon Sculptor Icon King Icon Queen Icon Fool Icon Wizard Icon Santa Claus Icon Footballer Icon Jockey Icon Retiree Icon Ninja Icon Unemployed Icon Thief Icon Hitman Icon Prisoner1 Icon Pirates Icon Woman1 Icon Women Icon Blonde Icon Female Icon Man Icon Men Icon Girl Icon Boy Icon Children Icon Family Icon Pregnancy1 Icon Green User Icon Baby Icon Tourist Icon Hiker1 Icon Coffee Break Icon Mexican Icon American Indian Icon Afro-American Icon Arab Icon Uncle Sam1 Icon Barbarian Icon Knight Icon Superman Icon Batman Icon Clever Monkey Icon Angel1 Icon Devil Icon Alien Icon Mummy Icon Orc Icon Playboy Icon Skull1 Icon Death1 Icon Anatomy Icon Sculpture Icon Call Icon Dial Icon Redial Icon Hangup Icon
Phone5 Icon Telephone Icon Phone Number Icon Desktop Apparatus Icon Cellphone Icon Mobile Phone3 Icon Upload To Phone Icon Send From Phone Icon Phone Music Icon Cellphone And Modem Icon Phones Icon Cell Phone Icon Cell Phones Icon Portable Radio Transmitter Icon Phone With Modem Icon Fax Icon Fax Configuration Icon Voice Mail Icon Telephone Receiver Icon Phone Receiver Icon Red Phone Receiver Icon Red Receiver With Cord Icon Phone Support1 Icon International Call Icon TAPI Icon Incoming Call Icon Busy Icon Call Waiting Icon Logged On Icon Logged Off Icon Call Up Icon Process Call Icon Processed Call Icon Wait Call Icon Call Off Icon Digital Dialer Icon Tone Dialing Icon PDA Icon Head-Phones Icon Phone Card Icon SIM-Card Icon Messages1 Icon Send SMS Icon Send MMS Icon Signal Icon Signal Strength 0 Icon Signal Strength 1 Icon Signal Strength 2 Icon Signal Strength 3 Icon Signal Strength 4 Icon Signal Strength 5 Icon Telephone Directory Icon Certificate2 Icon List Finder Icon Mobile Folder Icon Music Folder Icon Bell Icon Music Note Icon Music Notes Icon Ring Tone Icon Vibration Ring Tone Icon Vibration Ring Icon Silent Ring Icon Tape Cassette Icon Nippers Icon Configuration Icon Tools Icon Repair2 Icon Level Icon Electric Power Icon Power1 Icon Battery3 Icon Modem1 Icon Wireless Modem Icon Radio Transmitter1 Icon Dish Aerial Icon Radio Icon Bluetooth Adapter Icon Sinusoid Icon Chip Icon Sound Card Icon Sound Icon Sound On Icon Volume2 Icon Mute1 Icon Add Sound Icon Remove Sound Icon Phone Chat Icon Mobile Chat Icon Chat Icon Phone And Monitor Icon Network Connection Icon Internet Connection Icon Network Connections Icon No Connection Icon Calendar1 Icon Alarm Icon Repeat Icon Bluetooth Icon Wi-Fi Icon IRDA Icon GPS Icon 3G Icon GPRS Icon Misc Icon Flying Jawa Icon Search1 Icon Find2 Icon Search Icons Search Photo Icon Search People Icon Phone Lookup Icon Phone Search Icon Phone Directory Icon Search Address Icon Search E-Mail Icon IP Lookup Icon Reverse Lookup Icon Locate Icon Search Engine Icon
Finding Icon Finder Icon Lookup Icon Server Icon Internet2 Icon Air Tickets V2 Icon Travel Icon Air Forces Icon Yellow Submarine Icon Tank1 Icon Wheelchair Icon Bike Icon Cyclist Icon Coach Icon Fire Engine Icon Hiker Icon Tourist1 Icon Ring-Buoy Icon Tent Icon Knapsack Icon Peak Cap Icon Pinion Icon Female Screw Icon Real Earth1 Icon Square Earth1 Icon Map Icon Wind Rose Icon Wheel Icon Traffic Lights Icon Terrestrial Globe Icon USA Map Icon Internet Application Icon Internet1 Icon Internet Access1 Icon Wind Rose V2 Icon Church Icon Shield And Swords Icon Courier Icon Camcorder1 Icon Camera1 Icon Photo Icon Picture Icon Mountain Icon Pool Icon Skiing Icon Dollar2 Icon Sale Icon Rain Icon Temperature Icon Torch Icon Peak Cap V2 Icon Parrot Icon Coconut Tree Icon Egyptian Pyramids Icon Folder1 Icon Folder XP1 Icon Diskette Icon Save2 Icon Save All2 Icon Save As Icon Floppy Disk Icon Cut1 Icon Copy1 Icon Paste1 Icon Rename Icon Undo1 Icon Redo2 Icon Refresh4 Icon Undo V2 Icon Redo V2 Icon Refresh V2 Icon Zoom2 Icon Preview Icon Print Preview Icon Print2 Icon Full Dustbin Icon Empty Dustbin Icon Burn Dustbin Icon Install Icon Uninstall Icon Graphic Tools Icon Attention Icon Warning1 Icon Add2 Icon Yes1 Icon Remove Icon Delete2 Icon Check Mark Icon OK1 Icon Red OK Icon No2 Icon Cancel1 Icon Close2 Icon Erase2 Icon Problem1 Icon Disaster2 Icon Ignore1 Icon Play1 Icon Abort Icon Stop1 Icon Turn Off2 Icon Turn Off1 Icon Next2 Icon Back2 Icon Forward2 Icon Down2 Icon Up1 Icon Go Back2 Icon Go Forward1 Icon Update1 Icon Index2 Icon Tip Of The Day1 Icon Light Bulb1 Icon Help2 Icon Info2 Icon About Icon Hint Icon Question1 Icon Questionnaire Icon Pencil Icon
Pen1 Icon Brush1 Icon Notes1 Icon Table1 Icon Tables Icon Report Icon Frame Icon Duplicate Frame Icon Eraser1 Icon Address Book3 Icon E-Mail2 Icon Attach1 Icon Message Icon Mail4 Icon Envelope Icon Smile Image Icon New Document1 Icon Edit Document1 Icon Order Form Icon Form Icon List Icon Reports3 Icon Burn Document Icon Burn Sheet Icon Properties Icon Image Document Icon Download Image Icon Upload Image Icon Resize Image Icon Certification Icon Roll Icon Documents1 Icon Hot Documents1 Icon Temporary Folder Icon Knowledge1 Icon Calendar2 Icon Help Book Icon Book Icon Library Icon Brief Case2 Icon Card File4 Icon Desktop1 Icon Data Transfer1 Icon Login2 Icon Signature1 Icon Photo1 Icon Camcorder2 Icon Scanner Icon Mobile Phone Icon PDA1 Icon Calculator Icon Fax1 Icon Telephone1 Icon Phone3 Icon Red Phone1 Icon Movie2 Icon Workgroup Icon Computer Network1 Icon Mouse Icon Hard Drive Icon Removable Drive Icon Settings3 Icon Options1 Icon Tools1 Icon Configuration1 Icon Repair1 Icon Search4 Icon View1 Icon Hide Icon Entire Network Icon Earth2 Icon Internet Application2 Icon Recycling2 Icon People Contact1 Icon People Online2 Icon People Contacts Icon Online Contacts1 Icon Web Site Icon Tasks Icon Alarm1 Icon Alarm Clock Icon Timer Icon Clock Icon Time1 Icon History Icon Schedule3 Icon Clock Face Icon 3D Chart Icon Chart1 Icon Charts Icon 3D Graph1 Icon Pin Icon Blue Pin1 Icon Green Pin1 Icon Purple Pin1 Icon Pink Pin Icon Red Pin1 Icon Orange Pin1 Icon Yellow Pin Icon Key2 Icon Registration Icon Money1 Icon Coins Icon Dollar1 Icon Money Bag Icon Price List Icon Payment Icon Basket Icon Trailer1 Icon Beverage Icon Coffee Cup Icon Scales Icon Chair Icon Agent Icon Boss1 Icon User Icon Users1 Icon User Group3 Icon Conference2 Icon Large Group Icon
USA Flag Icon Britain Flag Icon European Flag Icon Microsoft Flag Icon Favourites1 Icon Game Icon Game Cards Icon Objects1 Icon Chess Icon Filter Icon Burn CD Icon Start Java Icon Battery1 Icon Company1 Icon Building1 Icon Buildings1 Icon Construction Icon Warehouse Icon Home3 Icon Homepage Icon Closed Door1 Icon Open Door3 Icon Exit1 Icon Logout2 Icon Business Icon Bank Service Icon Bank2 Icon ATM Icon Boss4 Icon Brief Case3 Icon Businessman1 Icon Calculator1 Icon Card File3 Icon Calendar Icon Cash Register2 Icon Credit2 Icon Company2 Icon Client List Icon Contact Icon Coins1 Icon Customers3 Icon Delivery1 Icon Dollar3 Icon Ecology Icon Earnings Icon Gear3 Icon Globe2 Icon Good Mark1 Icon Green RSS Reader Icon Orange RSS Reader Icon Follow Me Icon Twitter Bird Icon Orange Twitter Icon Blue Twitter Icon Duckling Icon RSS Icon Blog Icon Orange Forum Icon Online Cube Icon Forum1 Icon Online Writing Icon Facebook Icon Favourites Icon Digg Icon Delicious Icon Technorati Icon Flickr Icon Netvibes Icon Blinklist Icon MySpace Icon Youtube Icon Social Network Icon StumbleUpon Icon Reddit Icon Ice Icon Amethyst Icon Diamond1 Icon Crystal Sphere1 Icon Quartz Crystal Icon Glass Sphere Icon Gemstone Icon Snowflake Icon Ruby Icon Swarovski Crystal Icon Topaz Icon Aquamarine Icon Amber Icon Emerald Icon Salt Crystal Icon Sapphire Icon Garnet Icon Opal Icon Pearl Icon Peridot Icon Citrine Icon Zircon Icon Nephrite Pyramid Icon Jeweler Icon Gem Icon City1 Icon Bedroom Community Icon Crossroad Icon Crossroad X Icon Crossroad Plain Icon Road Up Icon Road Down Icon Road H Icon Road V Icon Road NE Icon Road SE Icon Brick House Icon Buildings Icon Cafe Icon Church1 Icon Cinema Icon Commercial Icon Drugstore Icon Factory Icon Hangar Icon Home2 Icon
Hospital1 Icon Municipal Hospital Icon House1 Icon School Icon Shop Icon Television Icon Theater Icon University1 Icon Warehouse1 Icon Window Icon Windows Icon Bank Icon Football Stadium Icon Zoo Icon Office Icon Law-Court Icon Post Office Icon Bridge Icon Toilet Icon Community Icon College Icon Farm Icon Tower Icon Garden Icon Billboard Icon Camping-Site Icon Justice Icon Condominium Icon Stadium Icon Police Station Icon Tumbledown Building Icon Coal Power Plant Icon Chemical Plant Icon Hotel1 Icon Property2 Icon Open Door2 Icon Company3 Icon Closed Door3 Icon Building Construction Icon Round Undo Icon People Online Icon Red Mouse Icon Computer Network Icon

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Windows 7 Menu Icons - Icon List

3d bar chart, 3d chart, 3d graph, 3d graph1, 3G, Abacus, Abort, Abort1, Abort2, About, About1, About2, Access denied, Access key, Access network, Account, Account ID, Accountant, Accounts, Activity reports, Add, Add flight, Add patient, Add pictures, Add sound, Add to favourites, Add users, Add1, Add2, Address book, Address book1, Address book2, Address book3, Address book4, Address book5, Admin, Admin1, Adult patient-boy, Adult patient-girl, Aerial bomb, Aeroplane, Afro-American, Agent, Agent1, Agriculture, Agronomist, Aim, Air forces, Air tickets, Air tickets v2, Air traffic controller, Aircraft, Airline, Airline1, Airplane, Airport, Alarm, Alarm clock, Alarm1, Alarm2, Alert, Alien, All reports, Amber, Ambulance car, Ambulance car1, American Indian, Amethyst, Ammunition, Ampoule, Ampoules, Anatomy, Anatomy1, Angel, Angel1, Antenna, Anti-rockets, Apple, Apply, Appointment, Appointment1, Approve message, Aquamarine, Arab, Armchair, Armor, Army, Army officer, Arrow, Arrows, Arts, Artwork and Antiques, Astronaut, ATM, ATM loading, ATM1, Atom, Atomic, Atomic bomb, Attach, Attach1, Attention, Attention1, Auction, Auditor, Auto insurance, Automobile loan, Automobile loan interest payment, Awards, Baby, Baby boy, Baby carriage, Baby carriage1, Baby girl, Back, Back1, Back2, Backup archive, Bacteria, Bad mark, Bad mark1, Bad tooth, Baggage, Balance, Bank, Bank account, Bank notes, Bank service, Bank1, Bank2, Bar chart, Barbarian, Barber, Bar-code, Bar-code scanner, Basket, Batman, Battery, Battery1, Battery2, Battery3, Bedroom community, Bell, Bell1, Beverage, Bike, Billboard, Binary data, Binoculars, Binoculars1, Bio hasard, Blanks, Blinklist, Blog, Blonde, Blood test, Blue button, Blue chip, Blue chips, Blue Christmas Bell, Blue message, Blue pin, Blue pin1, Blue twitter, Bluetooth, Bluetooth adapter, Bluetooth symbol, Bluetooth1, Bluetooth2, Boat, Book, Book library, Book1, Bookkeeper, Book-keeper, Books, Books1, Boss, Boss1, Boss2, Boss3, Boss4, Box, Box1, Boy, Brain, Brain probe, Brick house, Bridge, Brief case, Brief case1, Brief case2, Brief case3, Britain flag, Broken chain, Broken connection, Brush, Brush1, Bug, Builder, Building, Building construction, Building crane, Building1, Buildings, Buildings1, Bulb, Bullet, Burn CD, Burn CD v2, Burn cd1, Burn document, Burn dustbin, Burn sheet, Bus, Business, Businessman, Businessman1, Busy, Buyer bag, Cable, Cable TV, Cabriolet, Cafe, Calculator, Calculator1, Calculator2, Calculator3, Calculator4, Calendar, Calendar Sh, Calendar1, Calendar2, Calendar3, Calendar4, Calendar5, Call, Call bell, Call off, Call up, Call waiting, Call1, Camcorder, Camcorder1, Camcorder2, Camera, Camera v2, Camera1, Camera2, Camping-site, Cancel, Cancel1, Cancel2, Cannon, Captain, Car, Car buyer, Car factory, Car guard, Car key, Car keys, Car repair, Car salesman, Car utilization, Car1, Card file, Card file1, Card file2, Card file3, Card file4, Card terminal, Cardfile, Cardiogram, Cardiologist, Cardiologist1, Cargo, Cars, Case history, Case history1, Cash, Cash register, Cash register1, Cash register2, Casino, Catterpillar tractor, CD-disk, CD-disk v2, CD-disks v2, Cell network connection, Cell phone, Cell phone1, Cell phones, Cellphone, Cellphone and modem, Certificate, Certificate1, Certificate2, Certification, Chain, Chain link, Chair, Chart, Chart xy, Chart1, Charts, Chat, Check mark, Check out cart, Check patient, Check tooth, Check user, Chemical plant, Cheque, Chess, Chief, Chief1, Children, Chinese cook, Chip, Chip1, Christmas, Christmas Bell, Church, Church1, Cinema, Citrine, City, City1, Cleaner, Clever monkey, Client, Client list, Client list1, Client list2, Client network, Clock, Clock face, Clock1, Clock2, Close, Close document, Close1, Close2, Closed door, Closed door1, Closed door2, Closed door3, Coach, Coal power plant, Coconut tree, Coffee break, Coffee cup, Coffin, Coin, Coin1, Coins, Coins1, Coins2, Coins3, College, Color balance, Color palette, Commercial, Community, Company, Company1, Company2, Company3, Compass, Compass needle, Compass1, Component, Computer, Computer doctor, Computer doctor1, Computer network, Computer network1, Computer sound, Computer1, Condominium, Conference, Conference1, Conference2, Configuration, Configuration1, Connect network, Construction, Construction firm, Contact, Copy, Copy v2, Copy1, Copy2, Copywriter, Courier, Cowboy, Crane truck, Credit, Credit card, Credit card1, Credit cards, Credit cards1, Credit cards2, Credit1, Credit2, Crossroad, Crossroad plain, Crossroad X, Crystal sphere, Crystal sphere1, Currency, Custom house, Customer, Customers, Customers1, Customers2, Customers3, Cut, Cut1, Cut2, Cut3, Cyclist, Cylinder chart, Dark hand, Data, Data container, Data server, Data synchronization, Data transfer, Data transfer1, Data transfer2, Data transmission, Data transmission, Database, Database1, Death, Death1, Decline message, Decorator, Decrease volume, Delayed message, Delete, Delete message, Delete patient, Delete tooth, Delete1, Delete2, Delete3, Delicious, Delivery, Delivery1, Demography, Demography1, Dentist, Depression, Deseased, Desktop, Desktop apparatus, Desktop1, Detective, Device, Devil, Dial, Diamond, Diamond mining, Diamond1, Digg, Digital dialer, Disaster, Disaster warning, Disaster1, Disaster2, Disconnect network, Dish aerial, Diskette, Disks, Display, DNA, DNS, Doctor, Doctor appointment, Doctor info, Doctor info1, Doctor1, Document, Documents, Documents1, Documents2, Dollar, Dollar coin, Dollar1, Dollar2, Dollar3, Dollar4, Down, Down1, Down2, Download, Download image, Download1, Download2, Dragon, Driver, Driver installation, Drug, Drug basket, Druggist, Druggist1, Drugs, Drugstore, Drugstore1, Drum, Duckling, Duplicate frame, Duplicate frame1, Ear, Ear1, Earnings, Earnings1, Earth, Earth1, Earth2, Ecology, Edit document, Edit document1, Edit message, Edit patient, Editor, Egyptian Pyramids, Einstein, Eject, Electric power, Electrician, Electricity supply network, Electronic 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Make Icons - Enhancing Your Application Demand!

Here, you can find out tons of things for taking care of while making an icon or application and it is not least with the interface. While you are setting up your mind to make icons, then you need to consider on development process because these icons application can make or break your market goodwill. Make icons tricks is playing a vital process in the development of your application. So, you will consider about the interface because interface needs to be designed carefully so that the icon users can use these icons freely & comfortably. In this way the users can get the right software or application. At present, making icons is not a suitable task for all, because making icons files and icons for windows can play a critical role in preparing the interface of the application or can make the software user friendly. Making icons with icon tools, and icon software or application for Windows including Windows 7 will confirm useful icons further.

Thus, to increase attention of users you have to use appropriate icons efficiently. And this makes differences and brand attraction to products from companies. Similar thing is been applied while you are creating program and is website. In this case you have to use lots of icons to express various choices effectively. Thus, to make the new style you must have to use a few new design and attractive design in icons. And perfect icon is the most creative suppliers of icons in online.

Icon software site:

About Icons

We offer stock icons for desktop applications, web sites, mobile software, graphic design, business cards.

 Perfect Toolbar Icons

Perfect Toolbar Icons

 Small Toolbar Icons

toolbar icons

 Database Icon Set

database icons

 Audio Toolbar Icons

audio icons A great set of icons for sound-recording applications and audio catalogues. Wide range of sizes from 16x16 to 48x48 pixels is provided.

 Perfect CMS Icons

cms icons

A collection of bright and stylish icons that will instantly enhance any web page or portal. Available in all the typical toolbar sizes.

 Large Crystal Icons

Crystal Icons

Large Crystal Icons set holds a great variety of images in all the popular icon formats, including ICO, PNG, BMP and 3ds Max.

 Large Vector Icons

Vector Icons

Large Vector Icons represent everything a vector icon set can be. Smooth, easily readable, increadibly stylish - and the best thing is, they all work together as a matching set.