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Software Icons. Soft Menu Icons.

Soft Menu Icons come with everything to get you started with a software development project. The collection of Soft Menu Icons includes more than 600 unique images commonly used in PC and Mac software, including file operation icons, browsing and navigation controls, common office icons, a variety of charts, graphs and currency symbols, security, Internet, people and social networking icons. These royalty-free software icons are sharply shaped and clearly defined, which makes them easily recognizable on any platform including mobile apps.

This versatile pack of ready-made icons comes in four file formats (ICO, PNG, GIF, and BMP) and includes dozens of variations, which bumps the total number of images to over 9800. Five sizes (48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, and 16x16 pixels) and two color resolutions (32-bit True Color with Alpha channel and 256-color transparent background) are included. All images come in three states: Normal, Hot, and Disabled.

Image states: normal, hot, disabled
File formats: PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO
Image sizes: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, 16x16
Background: transparent
Icon quantity: 613
Image quantity: 6130
File quantity: 9812
Price: $99.00 / 79.00 EUR
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Save File Button Save As Button Save Button Save All Button Save Picture Button Printer Button Print Button Print Preview Button Preview Button Refresh Document Button Info Button About Button Warning Button Error Button Problem Button Delete Button Add Button Install Button Uninstall Button Hourglass Button Stop Button Empty Dustbin Button Full Dustbin Button Burning Trash Can Button Clockwise Button Counter Clockwise Button Back Button Forward Button Down Button Left Button Right Button Up Button No Button Close Button Turn Off Button Tick Button Create V2 Button Good Mark Button Bad Mark Button Hand Button Blue Magnifier Button View Button Auto Zoom Button Find On Computer Button Find In Folder Button Search Text Button Find Button Search Button Search Previous Button Search Next Button Graphic Tools Button Edit Button Red Pencil Button Brush Button Clear Button Eraser Button Download Button Upload Button Update Button Eye Button Lookup Button Object Manager Button Work Area Button Graphic File Button Sound Document Button Midi Document Button Video File Button Multimedia File Button Film Button Secrecy Button Registration Button Keys Button Unlock Button Trinket Button USB Drive Button Flash Drive Button Compact Disk Button Mouse Button Computer Button Monitor Button Monitors Button Scanner Button Scan Button Camera Button Telephone Button Check Boxes Button Check Options Button Options Button Tools Button Gear Button Wrench Button Repair Button Repair Computer Button Units Button Measure Button Properties Button 3D Bar Chart Button 3D Graph Button Bar Graph Button Chart Button Graph Button Objects Button Component Button Filter Button ABC Button Text Replace Button Grid Button Screen Settings Button Rulers Button Horizontal Ruler Button Vertical Ruler Button Ruler Button Set Square Button Green Set Square Button Table Button Tables Button Datasheet Button Detasheets Button Music V2 Button Yellow Submarine Button
Help Button Anchor Button Pin Button Ring-Buoy Button Steering Wheel Button Sum Button Percent Button Dollar Button Money Button Visa Card Button Maestro Card Button Certificate Button Roll Button Card File Button List Button Lists Button Blanks Button Calendar Button Notepad Button Notes Button Newspaper Button Knowledge Button Mail Button Attach Button Book Button Books Button Book Library Button Umbrella Button Shield Button Voice Identification Button Firewall Button Internet Access Button Access Button Login Button Keyboard Button Signature Button Database Button Calculator Button Brief Case Button Green User Button Clients Button Timer Button Clock Button History Button Schedule Button Coffee Button Dumb-Bells Button Tree Button Weather Button Genealogy Button Flow Block Button Bluetooth Button Wireless Button Cable Button RSS Button Bug Button Heart Button Star Button Red Star Button Wizard V2 Button Dice Button Construction Button Red House Button Microsoft Flag Button Exit Button Open Door Button Closed Door Button People Button Boy Button Girl Button Boss V2 Button Engineer Button Manager V2 Button Chief Button Staff Button Worker Button Workers Button Builder Button Driver Button Pilot Button Astronaut Button Air Traffic Controller Button Courier Button Motor Mechanic Button Farmer Button Doctor Button Physician Button Surgeon Button Stomatologist Button Dentist Button Hospital Nurse Button Optometrist Button Cardiologist Button Computer Doctor Button Doctor Info Button Search Nurse Button Druggist Button Immunologist Button Doctor Appointment Button Psychoanalyst Button Psychologist Button Painter Button Hacker Button Pirate Button Security Button Receptionist Button Scientist Button Professor Button Historian Button Lecturer Button Editor Button Copywriter Button Einstein Button Teacher Button Student Button Judge Button Themis Button Cleaner Button King Button Captain Button
Official Button Fireman Button Policeman Button Detective Button Army Officer Button Soldier Button Soldiers Button Unknown Person Button User V2 Button User Group V2 Button Add User Button Remove User Button Add Users Button Check User Button User Info Button User Comment Button User Contact Button Users Folder Button User List Button User Data Button Authorize Button Boss Button Female Boss Button Asian Boss Button Asian Female Boss Button Arab Boss Button African Boss Button Indian Boss Button Turkish Boss Button Indian Chief Button Barbarian Chief Button Mexican Boss Button Old Boss Button Businessman Button Supervisor Button Head Physician Button General Button Army Officer V2 Button Police Officer Button Admiral Button Captain V2 Button Professor V2 Button Security Guard Button President Button King V2 Button Queen Button Emperor Button Sheikh Button Global Manager Button Uncle Sam Button Pope Button Buddha Button Cardinal Button Devil Button Angel Button Santa Claus Button Caesar Button Knight Button Winner Button Lawyer Button Pirate V2 Button Wizard Button Person Details Button Buddy Button User Profile Button Conference Button Globe Button Site Map Button Web Page Button Edit Page Button Check Page Button Add Page Button Remove Page Button Restricted Page Button Lock Page Button Home Page Button Read Mail Button Comment Button Edit Comment Button Add Comment Button Remove Comment Button Sound Button No Sound Button Sound Volume Button Music Button Download Music Button Download Data Button Add Folder Button Delete Folder Button Hierarchy Button User Button User Group Button Logout Button Credit Card Button Credit Cards Button Buyer Bag Button Buy Item Button Delete Item Button Shopping Cart Button Check Out Cart Button Check Out Bag Button Check Out Bag V2 Button Check Out Bag V3 Button Check Out Item Button Pie Chart Button Bar Chart Button House Button Remove Button Apply Button Lock Button Delivery Button No Entry Button Forbidden Button Cancel Button E-Mail Button Question Button Compass Button Postman V2 Button Contacts Button Envelope Button
Message Button Messages Button New Message Button Edit Message Button Delete Message Button Mark Message Button Open Message Button Read Message Button Send Message Button Get Massege Button Reply Button Reply To All Button Forward Message Button Redirect Button Previous Message Button Next Message Button Search Message Button Secured Message Button Attachment Button HTML Message Button Send Mail Button Get Mail Button Write E-Mail Button Mail Box Button Postage Stamp Button Stamp Button Landscape Button Portrait Button Clipboard Button Feather Button Pen Button Undo Button Redo Button Synchronize Button Erase Button OK Button Yes Button Start Button Empty Trash Can Button Full Trash Can Button Sorting A-Z Button Sorting Z-A Button Sorting 1-9 Button Sorting 9-1 Button Spell Checking Button Attach V2 Button Import Text Button Export Text Button Help Book Button How To Button Find V2 Button Find Next Button Find Previous Button Search V2 Button Search Letter Button Spam Filter Button Spam Filters Button Filter V2 Button Spam Scales Button Settings V2 Button Users Button Online Button Web Button Locked Internet Button Shield And Swords Button Umbrella V2 Button Cut V2 Button Copy V2 Button Paste V2 Button Refresh V2 Button Folder Button Zoom V2 Button Zoom In V2 Button Zoom Out V2 Button Phone Button Query Button Disaster Button Abort Button Forward V3 Button Price List Button Open Lock Button Handshake Button New File Button Text Document Button Binary Data Button Text Button Report Button Reports Button Address Book Button Message V2 Button Red Gear Button Recycling Button Tip Of The Day Button Energy Button Time Button Volume Button Business Button Basket Button Full Basket Button Add To Basket Button Remove From Basket Button Payment Button Exchange Button Euro Button Pound Button Yen Button Rouble Button Baht Button Shekel Button Yuan Button Currency Button Currency Exchange Button Sale Button Insurance Button Credit Button Date Button Clock V2 Button Alarm Button Free Button Safe Button
Wallet Button Handbag Button Piggy Button Piggy Bank Button Coin Button Coins Button Gift Button Cash Register Button Accounting Button Price Button Economics Button Best Button Phone Number Button Call Button Hangup Button Mobile Phone Button Fax Button Billboard Button Diploma Button Inventory Button Letter Button Folder V2 Button Open File V2 Button Documents Button Documents V2 Button Friends Button Smile Button Sad Button Funny Button Happy Button Dog Button Cat Button Pets Button Pencil Button Desktop Button Control Panel Button Numbered List Button Unordered List Button Task List Button Todo List Button Scroll List Button Application Form Button Open Book Button Software Button Comments Button Bubble Button Accept Button Create Button Hard Disk Button Microsoft Button Resources Button Game Controller Button Connect Button Disconnect Button Rain Button Peace Button New Button Exit Button Company Button Industry Button Hotel Button Hotel Stars Button Advertisement Button Goods Button Navigator Button Wheight Button Global Business Button Pills Button Airplane Button Taxi Button Forklift Truck Button Food Button Arrow Button Mouse Pointer Button Move Left Button Move Right Button Move Down Button Move Up Button Up-Down Button Left-Right Button Up-Left Button Down-Right Button Up-Right Button Down-Left Button Move Diagonally Button Move Button Move Ul-Dr Button Move Ur-Dl Button Prior Button Next Button Down V2 Button Up V2 Button Bottom Button Top Button Play Button Play Animation Button Playback Button Play Button Record Button Stop V2 Button Pause Button First Record Button Previous Track Button Next Track Button Last Record Button Rewind Button Forward V2 Button Eject Button Undo V2 Button Redo V2 Button Undo Black Button Redo Black Button Revert Button Rotate Left Button Rotate Right Button Rotate 180 Button Rotation 90 Button Rotation 180 Button Rotation 270 Button Rotation Button
3D Rotation Button Rotate CW Button Rotate CCW Button Flip Horizontally Button Flip Vertically Button Go Back Button Go Forward Button Go Down Button Go Up Button Go Back Button Go Forward Button Go Down Button Go Up  Button Wind Rose Button

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Soft Menu Icons - Icon List

3d bar chart, 3d graph, 3d rotation, ABC, Abort, About, Accept, Access, Accounting, Add, Add comment, Add folder, Add page, Add to basket, Add user, Add users, Address book, Admiral, Advertisement, African boss, Air traffic controller, Airplane, Alarm, Anchor, Angel, Application form, Apply, Arab boss, Army officer, Army officer v2, Arrow, Asian boss, Asian female boss, Astronaut, Attach, Attach v2, Attachment, Authorize, Auto zoom, Back, Bad mark, Baht, Bar chart, Bar graph, Barbarian chief, Basket, Best, Billboard, Binary data, Blanks, Blue magnifier, Bluetooth, Book, Book library, Books, Boss, Boss v2, Bottom, Boy, Brief case, Brush, Bubble, Buddha, Buddy, Bug, Builder, Burning trash can, Business, Businessman, Buy item, Buyer bag, Cable, Caesar, Calculator, Calendar, Call, Camera, Cancel, Captain, Captain v2, Card file, Cardinal, Cardiologist, Cash register, Cat, Certificate, Chart, Check boxes, Check options, Check out bag, Check out bag v2, Check out bag v3, Check out cart, Check out item, Check page, Check user, Chief, Cleaner, Clear, Clients, Clipboard, Clock, Clock v2, Clockwise, Close, Closed door, Coffee, Coin, Coins, Comment, Comments, Compact disk, Company, Compass, Component, Computer, Computer doctor, Conference, Connect, Construction, Contacts, Control panel, Copy, Copywriter, Counter clockwise, Courier, Create, Create v2, Credit, Credit card, Credit cards, Currency, Currency exchange, Cut, Database, Datasheet, Date, Delete, Delete folder, Delete item, Delete message, Delivery, Dentist, Desktop, Detasheets, Detective, Devil, Dice, Diploma, Disaster, Disconnect, Doctor, Doctor appointment, Doctor info, Documents, Documents v2, Dog, Dollar, Down, Down v2, Down-left, Download, Download data, Download music, Down-right, Driver, Druggist, Dumb-bells, Economics, Edit, Edit comment, Edit message, Edit page, Editor, Einstein, Eject, E-mail, Emperor, Empty dustbin, Empty trash can, Energy, Engineer, Envelope, Erase, Eraser, Error, Euro, Exchange, Exit, Exit button, Export text, Eye, Farmer, Fax, Feather, Female boss, Film, Filter, Filter v2, Find, Find in folder, Find next, Find on computer, Find previous, Find v2, Fireman, Firewall, First record, Flash drive, Flip horizontally, Flip vertically, Flow block, Folder, Folder v2, Food, Forbidden, Forklift truck, Forward, Forward message, Forward v2, Forward v3, Free, Friends, Full basket, Full dustbin, Full trash can, Funny, Game controller, Gear, Genealogy, General, Get mail, Get massege, Gift, Girl, Global business, Global Manager, Globe, Go back, Go back button, Go down, Go down button, Go forward, Go forward button, Go up, Go up button, Good mark, Goods, Graph, Graphic file, Graphic tools, Green set square, Green user, Grid, Hacker, Hand, Handbag, Handshake, Hangup, Happy, Hard disk, Head physician, Heart, Help, Help book, Hierarchy, Historian, History, Home page, Horizontal ruler, Hospital nurse, Hotel, Hotel stars, Hourglass, House, How to, HTML message, Immunologist, Import text, Indian boss, Indian chief, Industry, Info, Install, Insurance, Internet access, Inventory, Judge, Keyboard, Keys, King, King v2, Knight, Knowledge, Landscape, Last record, Lawyer, Lecturer, Left, Left-right, Letter, List, Lists, Lock, Lock page, Locked Internet, Login, Logout, Lookup, Maestro card, Mail, Mail box, Manager, Mark message, Measure, Message, Message v2, Messages, Mexican boss, Microsoft, Microsoft flag, Midi document, Mobile phone, Money, Monitor, Monitors, Motor mechanic, Mouse, Mouse pointer, Move, Move diagonally, Move down, Move left, Move right, Move ul-dr, Move up, Move ur-dl, Multimedia file, Music, Music v2, Navigator, New, New file, New message, Newspaper, Next, Next message, Next track, No, No entry, No sound, Notepad, Notes, Numbered list, Object manager, Objects, Official, OK, Old boss, Online, Open book, Open door, Open file, Open lock, Open message, Options, Optometrist, Painter, Paste, Pause, Payment, Peace, Pen, Pencil, People, Percent, Person details, Pets, Phone, Phone number, Physician, Pie chart, Piggy, Piggy bank, Pills, Pilot, Pin, Pirate, Pirate v2, Play, Play animation, Play button, Playback, Police officer, Policeman, Pope, Portrait, Postage stamp, Postman, Pound, President, Preview, Previous message, Previous track, Price, Price list, Print, Print preview, Printer, Prior, Problem, Professor, Professor v2, Properties, Psychoanalyst, Psychologist, Queen, Query, Question, Rain, Read mail, Read message, Receptionist, Record, Recycling, Red gear, Red house, Red pencil, Red star, Redirect, Redo, Redo black, Redo v2, Refresh document, Refresh, Registration, Remove, Remove comment, Remove from basket, Remove page, Remove user, Repair, Repair computer, Reply, Reply to all, Report, Reports, Resources, Restricted page, Revert, Rewind, Right, Ring-buoy, Roll, Rotate 180, Rotate CCW, Rotate CW, Rotate left, Rotate right, Rotation, Rotation 180, Rotation 270, Rotation 90, Rouble, RSS, Ruler, Rulers, Sad, Safe, Sale, Santa Claus, Save, Save all, Save as, Save file, Save picture, Scan, Scanner, Schedule, Scientist, Screen settings, Scroll list, Search, Search letter, Search message, Search next, Search nurse, Search previous, Search text, Search v2, Secrecy, Secured message, Security, Security guard, Send mail, Send message, Set square, Settings, Sheikh, Shekel, Shield, Shield and swords, Shopping cart, Signature, Site map, Smile, Software, Soldier, Soldiers, Sorting 1-9, Sorting 9-1, Sorting A-Z, Sorting Z-A, Sound, Sound document, Sound volume, Spam filter, Spam filters, Spam scales, Spell checking, Staff, Stamp, Star, Start, Steering wheel, Stomatologist, Stop, Stop v2, Student, Sum, Supervisor, Surgeon, Synchronize, Table, Tables, Task list, Taxi, Teacher, Telephone, Text, Text document, Text replace, Themis, Tick, Time, Timer, Tip of the day, Todo list, Tools, Top, Tree, Trinket, Turkish boss, Turn off, Umbrella, Uncle Sam, Undo, Undo black, Undo v2, Uninstall, Units, Unknown person, Unlock, Unordered list, Up, Up v2, Update, Up-down, Up-left, Upload, Up-right, USB drive, User, User comment, User contact, User data, User group, User group v2, User info, User list, User profile, User v2, Users, Users folder, Vertical ruler, Video file, View, Visa card, Voice identification, Volume, Wallet, Warning, Weather, Web, Web page, Wheight, Wind rose, Winner, Wireless, Wizard, Wizard v2, Work area, Worker, Workers, Wrench, Write e-mail, Yellow submarine, Yen, Yes, Yuan, Zoom in, Zoom out, Zoom.

Small Icons - Specify Your Icon Requirement!

You can find out numbers of small icons, which are so beautiful with meaning designs. You can download or buy these small software icons from these collections as per your requirements. These small icons have been designed by the software developers so that you can contact to these software developers through their business details. After that, you can make the real utilization of these small icons on your application. These small icons are enhancing the application demand in software market. If you want to download or buy these small icons, then you need to click the requirement icons. After that, you will receive a download link from the software developer through your E- mail.

When you are clicking on download link, initially you will receive the web icon page and after that you can download these web and software icons as per your necessity. For that initially you need to pay with your credit card, or electronic payment system. Icons are used widely and famous terminology in computer related glossary that indicates pictogram, which we use now and then to express meaning of different items and options in computer. Use of the icons in current times are expended so much there are the icons that are used in everywhere in virtual world. Common example of icons are pictograms in toolbars of various programs, files & folders icon, web icons, network icons, hardware icons on body of various hardware, mobile icons, office icons and so on.

Small Icons site:

About Icons

We offer stock icons for desktop applications, web sites, mobile software, graphic design, business cards.

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