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In more than 350 unique images, the collection of Smooth Menu Icons mostly covers people, jobs, professions and hobbies. Smooth Menu Icons offers a set of basic networking and navigation icons as well as a few application icons used in social networking. The most part of the collection is comprised of the images of people, and includes people at work or at home, computer users, and user management icons such as add/remove user, lock/unlock etc. Smooth Menu Icons are drawn in gentle, smooth style with no hard edges, cartoon colors or high-contrast images.

Smooth Menu Icons come with a number of variations boosting the total number of images to just over 1900. There are four image sizes (48x48, 32x32, 24x24, and 16x16 pixels) and two color resolutions, 32-bit True Color and 256-color. True Color images blend seamlessly with any background thanks to the additional alpha-channel layer, while 256-color versions are drawn on a plain transparent background. All icons are supplied in three states: Normal, Hot and Disabled.

Image states: normal, hot, disabled
File formats: PNG, ICO
Image sizes: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 16x16
Background: transparent
Icon quantity: 384
Image quantity: 1536
File quantity: 1920
Price: $49.00 / 39.00 EUR
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Smooth Icons

RSS1 Icon Blog Icon Forum Icon Orange Forum Icon Favourites Icon Youtube Icon Delicious Icon Twitter1 Icon Blinklist Icon Digg Icon Facebook Icon Flickr Icon Myspace Icon Netvibes Icon Reddit Icon Stumbleupon Icon Stumbleupon Button Icon Technorati Icon Check Icon Remove1 Icon Close Icon Turn On Icon Turn Off Icon Plus Icon Minus Icon Road Sign Icon Problem Icon Error1 Icon Black List Icon Warning Icon Attention Icon OK1 Icon Cancel Icon Question Icon Info Icon About1 Icon Text Icon Dollar Icon Money Icon Cash Register Icon Back Icon Refresh1 Icon Sync Icon Undo Icon Redo Icon Chemistry Icon Atomic Icon Lightning Icon Water Icon Globe Icon Timer Icon Computer Icon Computers Icon 3D Chart Icon E-Mail Icon Phone Number Icon Address Book Icon Contacts Icon Accounts Icon Client List2 Icon Pencil Icon Folder1 Icon Find Icon Calendar1 Icon List1 Icon Edit List Icon Portfolio1 Icon Briefcase Icon Repair Icon Key Icon Pin Icon Photo Icon Diploma Icon Certificate Icon Download1 Icon Search Icon Favs Icon Awards Icon Gift Icon OK Smile Icon Good Mark Icon Portfolio2 Icon Image Portfolio Icon Photo Portfolio Icon Freelancer Portfolio Icon Artist Icon Graphic Designer1 Icon Freelancer Icon Decorator1 Icon Web Design Icon Icon Design Icon Paint Icon Painter Palette Icon Paint Tools Icon Gallery Icon Pictures Icon Graphic Tablet Icon Certification Icon Palette Icon 3D Design Icon Worker2 Icon Doctor Icon Boss1 Icon Clerk Icon Manager Icon Auditor1 Icon Mechanic Icon Supervisor1 Icon Tutor Icon Teacher Icon Student1 Icon Pupil Icon Physician Icon Graphic Designer2 Icon Freelancer1 Icon Decorator2 Icon Artist1 Icon Army Officer1 Icon Policeman1 Icon Detective Icon
Sportsman1 Icon Sportswoman1 Icon Couple Icon Family Icon Man1 Icon Men Icon Woman1 Icon Women Icon Guy1 Icon Lady1 Icon Youth Icon Boy Icon Girl Icon Children1 Icon Baby Icon Blond1 Icon Blonde1 Icon African Man1 Icon African Woman1 Icon Asian Man Icon Asian Woman Icon Arab Icon International Icon User2 Icon Users2 Icon User Group Icon Search User Icon Accept User Icon User Login Icon User Info1 Icon Add Users Icon Remove Users Icon Meeting Icon Conference Icon Large Group Icon Customers Icon Backward Icon Forward Icon Play Icon Apply Icon Ok Icon Cancel1 Icon Erase Icon Delete Icon New Icon Help Icon Info1 Icon Remove Icon Add Icon Refresh Icon Error Icon Warning1 Icon No Icon Abort Icon Save Icon Save As Icon Print Icon Preview Icon Options Icon Application Icon Exit Icon Boss Icon Worker Icon Woman2 Icon Female Icon People Icon User Icon Users1 Icon User Group1 Icon Customers1 Icon Family2 Icon Conference1 Icon Client Icon Einstein Icon Tasks Icon Task List Icon Reports Icon All Reports Icon List Icon Client List Icon Properties Icon Documents Icon Notes Icon Folder Icon Card File Icon Bookl Ibrary Icon Edit Icon 3D Bar Chart Icon Search1 Icon Find1 Icon Filter Icon Date And Time Icon Full Recycle Bin Icon Recycle Bin Icon Calendar Icon Clock Icon History Icon Schedule Icon Gauge Icon Hospital Icon Bank Icon Commercial Building Icon Home Icon Payment Icon Dollar1 Icon Signature Icon Full Basket Icon Box Icon Warehouse Icon Database Icon Server Icon Keyboard Icon Mobile Phone Icon Phone Icon Resources Icon Star Icon E-Mail1 Icon Mail Icon Bus Icon Ship Icon
Delivery Icon Road Icon Earth Icon Travel Icon Test Tubes Icon Drugs Icon Android Icon Blue Robot Icon Iron-Clad Robot Icon Flying Robot Icon Atomic Robot Icon Sad Robot Icon Paranoid Android Icon Happy Robot Icon Classic Robot Icon Armed Robot Icon Dancing Robot Icon Crawler Icon Little Robot Icon Military Robot Icon Industrial Robot Icon Dog Robot Icon Spider Robot Icon Android Head Icon Drill Icon Gear Icon Girl Android Icon Insect-Robot Icon Repair1 Icon Scorpio-Robot Icon Mail Spider Icon User1 Icon Users Icon User Group2 Icon Accept User1 Icon Check User Icon User Login1 Icon User Logout Icon User Info Icon Add User Icon Remove User Icon Delete User Icon Edit User Icon Search User1 Icon Locked User Icon User Warning Icon Black List1 Icon User Problem Icon User Folder Icon Client List1 Icon Users Folder Icon Add Users1 Icon Remove Users1 Icon Locked Users Icon Meeting1 Icon Conference2 Icon Large Group1 Icon Customers2 Icon Couple1 Icon Family1 Icon Man Icon Men1 Icon Woman Icon Women1 Icon Guy Icon Lady Icon Youth1 Icon Boy1 Icon Girl1 Icon Children Icon Baby1 Icon Blond Icon Blonde Icon African Man Icon African Woman Icon Asian Man1 Icon Asian Woman1 Icon Arab1 Icon International1 Icon Boss2 Icon Clerk1 Icon Manager1 Icon Worker1 Icon Mechanic1 Icon Supervisor Icon Tutor1 Icon Teacher1 Icon Student Icon Learner Icon Doctor1 Icon Physician1 Icon Policeman Icon Army Officer Icon Detective1 Icon Sportsman Icon Sportswoman Icon Accountant Icon Admin Icon Hacker Icon Appointment Icon Financier Icon Auditor Icon Global Manager Icon Btorrent Icon Copyleft Icon Copyright Icon Donkey Icon Download Icon Emule Icon Free1 Icon Linux Icon Open Torrent Folder Icon Peer To Peer Icon Pirate Icon Torrent Icon Torrent File Icon Torrent Folder Icon Utorrent Icon Virus Icon Pirate Bay Icon
Adult Content Icon Twitter Icon Super Twitter Icon Round Button Icon RSS Icon Tweet Icon Twt Icon Follow Me Icon Video Icon Audio Icon About Icon Twitter Button Icon Wedding Icon Smile Icon Rose Icon Kiss Icon Heart Icon Sex Icon Free Icon Web Designer Icon Portfolio Icon Camera Icon Graphic Designer Icon Decorator Icon

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Smooth Menu Icons - Icon List

3d bar chart, 3d chart, 3d design, Abort, About, About1, Accept user, Accept user1, Accountant, Accounts, Add, Add user, Add users, Add users1, Address book, Admin, Adult content, African man, African man1, African woman, African woman1, All reports, Android, Android head, Application, Apply, Appointment, Arab, Arab1, Armed robot, Army officer, Army officer1, Artist, Artist1, Asian man, Asian man1, Asian woman, Asian woman1, Atomic, Atomic robot, Attention, Audio, Auditor, Auditor1, Awards, Baby, Baby1, Back, Backward, Bank, Black list, Black list1, Blinklist, Blog, Blond, Blond1, Blonde, Blonde1, Blue robot, Bookl ibrary, Boss, Boss1, Boss2, Box, Boy, Boy1, Briefcase, Btorrent, Bus, Calendar, Calendar1, Camera, Cancel, Cancel1, Card file, Cash register, Certificate, Certification, Check, Check user, Chemistry, Children, Children1, Classic robot, Clerk, Clerk1, Client, Client list, Client list1, Client list2, Clock, Close, Commercial building, Computer, Computers, Conference, Conference1, Conference2, Contacts, Copyleft, Copyright, Couple, Couple1, Crawler, Customers, Customers1, Customers2, Dancing robot, Database, Date and time, Decorator, Decorator1, Decorator2, Delete, Delete user, Delicious, Delivery, Detective, Detective1, Digg, Diploma, Doctor, Doctor1, Documents, Dog robot, Dollar, Dollar1, Donkey, Download, Download1, Drill, Drugs, Earth, Edit, Edit list, Edit user, Einstein, E-mail, E-mail1, Emule, Erase, Error, Error1, Exit, Facebook, Family, Family1, Family2, Favourites, Favs, Female, Filter, Financier, Find, Find1, Flickr, Flying robot, Folder, Folder1, Follow me, Forum, Forward, Free, Free1, Freelancer, Freelancer portfolio, Freelancer1, Full basket, Full recycle bin, Gallery, Gauge, Gear, Gift, Girl, Girl android, Girl1, Global manager, Globe, Good mark, Graphic designer, Graphic designer1, Graphic designer2, Graphic tablet, Guy, Guy1, Hacker, Happy robot, Heart, Help, History, Home, Hospital, Icon design, Image portfolio, Industrial robot, Info, Info1, Insect-robot, International, International1, Iron-clad robot, Key, Keyboard, Kiss, Lady, Lady1, Large group, Large group1, Learner, Lightning, Linux, List, List1, Little robot, Locked user, Locked users, Mail, Mail spider, Man, Man1, Manager, Manager1, Mechanic, Mechanic1, Meeting, Meeting1, Men, Men1, Military robot, Minus, Mobile phone, Money, Myspace, Netvibes, New, No, Notes, Ok, OK smile, OK1, Open torrent folder, Options, Orange forum, Paint, Paint tools, Painter palette, Palette, Paranoid android, Payment, Peer to peer, Pencil, People, Phone, Phone number, Photo, Photo portfolio, Physician, Physician1, Pictures, Pin, Pirate, Pirate bay, Play, Plus, Policeman, Policeman1, Portfolio, Portfolio1, Portfolio2, Preview, Print, Problem, Properties, Pupil, Question, Recycle bin, Reddit, Redo, Refresh, Refresh1, Remove, Remove user, Remove users, Remove users1, Remove1, Repair, Repair1, Reports, Resources, Road, Road sign, Rose, Round button, RSS, RSS1, Sad robot, Save, Save as, Schedule, Scorpio-robot, Search, Search user, Search user1, Search1, Server, Sex, Ship, Signature, Smile, Spider robot, Sportsman, Sportsman1, Sportswoman, Sportswoman1, Star, Student, Student1, Stumbleupon, Stumbleupon button, Super Twitter, Supervisor, Supervisor1, Sync, Task list, Tasks, Teacher, Teacher1, Technorati, Test tubes, Text, Timer, Torrent, Torrent file, Torrent folder, Travel, Turn off, Turn on, Tutor, Tutor1, Tweet, Twitter, Twitter button, Twitter1, Twt, Undo, User, User folder, User group, User group1, User group2, User info, User info1, User login, User login1, User logout, User problem, User warning, User1, User2, Users, Users folder, Users1, Users2, Utorrent, Video, Virus, Warehouse, Warning, Warning1, Water, Web design, Web designer, Wedding, Woman, Woman1, Woman2, Women, Women1, Worker, Worker1, Worker2, Youth, Youth1, Youtube.

Ready-Made Application Icons Make Developing Software Cheaper

Perfect Toolbar Icons are available for $99.95, and contain 460 toolbar icons in a variety of variations, sizes, color depths, and image formats. At about 21 cents per image, the price/benefit ratio of this XP icon set is hard to beat!

Ready-made graphics are a modern standard for rapid application development. Offering significant savings over custom-made images or outsourced graphics, stock application icons not only make application development less expensive, but accelerate the delivery of the final application. With an estimated cost of around $20 to $100 per icon for custom-made graphics, ready-made graphics offer savings calculated in orders of magnitude with costs of under a hundred dollars for several hundred application icons.

Perfect Toolbar Icons designed by Aha-Soft are available for $99.95, and include 460 icons in a variety of versions, sizes, color depths, and file formats. At around 21 cents per icon, the price/benefit ratio of this XP icon set is hard to beat!

Perfect Toolbar Icons help application developers speed up the development and lower development costs significantly. Offered as a readily available icon set for XP, the Perfect Toolbar Icons set is royalty free and instantly available for preview and purchase.

Perfect Toolbar Icons have images to depict objects, symbols and actions commonly found in general Windows products. The XP icon set includes the following application icons among many others: Computer icon, Folder icons, Search icon, Add icons, Printer icon, User icons, Delete icons, Exit icon, Up And Down icons, Lock Windows icon, Up Folder icon, and Windows Book icon. Most graphics are designed in the new Windows Vista style, although a few XP-style graphics are also included: the XP Delete icon, XP Search icon, and XP Help icon.

The icon set for XP and Vista applications makes products developed for these operating systems look modern and consistent throughout. The entire set of XP icons is designed as a matching library sharing common style, gamma and colors among the three hundred graphics. Your order gets you images in all sizes, styles, and resolutions required for a modern application. True Color, alpha-channel and 256-color icons are included, and sizes of 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixels are included with every order. Application icons in all three states, normal, disabled, and highlighted, are included. To speed up integration with Web and Windows applications, each order providestoolbar icons in Windows icon (ICO), Bitmap (BMP), GIF, and PNG formats.

The entire XP icon set is available for instant preview at

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We offer stock icons for desktop applications, web sites, mobile software, graphic design, business cards.

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