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Simple Menu Icons offer about 260 unique images covering a range of topics such as basic navigation, Zodiac signs, multimedia controls, and a variety of buttons, signs and sport symbols. The collection includes icons drawn in several styles, including round buttons, rounded square signs, and images drawn on a transparent background.

The icon pack includes a number of variations that boost the total number of images to over 4200. All icons are supplied in PNG, GIF, BMP, and ICO formats for quick integration with all types of projects. Screen resolutions of 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, and 16x16 pixels are included. 32-bit versions are drawn in True Color and include a semi-transparent Alpha-channel layer, while 256-color versions are supplied on a transparent background. All icons from the Simple Menu Icons pack come in Normal, Hot and Disabled versions.

Image states: normal, hot, disabled
File formats: PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO
Image sizes: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, 16x16
Background: transparent
Icon quantity: 264
Image quantity: 2640
File quantity: 4224
Price: $49.00 / 39.00 EUR
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Simple Icons

Steering-Wheel Icon Navigator Icon Phone1 Icon Family Icon Hi-Fi Stereo1 Icon Time Icon Anchor Icon Right Button1 Icon Green Back Button Icon Green Forward Button Icon Left Button Icon Right Button Icon Up Button1 Icon Down Button1 Icon Play Button Icon Playback Button Icon Stop Button Icon Pause Button Icon Record Button Icon Rewind Button Icon Forward Button1 Icon First Button Icon Last Button Icon Previous Button Icon Next Button Icon Eject Button Icon Branch Icon Divide Icon Down Arrow Icon Up Arrow Icon Left Arrow Icon Right Arrow Icon In Icon Inout Icon Join Icon Merge Icon Out Icon Refresh Icon Small Refresh Icon Rotate ACW Icon Rotate CW Icon Switch Icon Turn Left Icon Turn Right Icon Rotate Left Icon Rotate Right Icon Flip Vertically Icon Flip Horizontally Icon Go Icon Back Icon Ahead Icon Go Back Icon Go Down Icon Go Forward Icon Go Up Icon Up Icon Down Icon Up-Down Icon Constraints Icon First Icon Previous Icon Next Icon Last Icon Bottom Icon Top Icon Pointer Icon Sync Icon Revert Icon Undo Icon Redo Icon Undo Operation Icon Redo Operation Icon Green Undo Button Icon Green Redo Button Icon Undo 3D Icon Redo 3D Icon Play Back 3D Icon Play Forward 3D Icon Forward 3D Icon Rewind 3D Icon Import Icon Export Icon Start Icon Stop1 Icon Abort Icon Ignore Icon Update Icon Upload Icon Download Icon Synchronize Icon Schedule Icon History Icon Recycling Icon Globe Icon Link Icon House Link Icon House Icon Leave House Icon Logout Icon Exit Icon Closed Door Icon Open Door Icon Home Icon Play Icon Playback Icon Stop Icon Pause Icon Record Icon Rewind Icon Forward Icon First1 Icon Last1 Icon Previous1 Icon Next1 Icon Eject Icon Undo Button1 Icon Redo Button Icon Back Button Icon Forward Button Icon Left Button1 Icon
Up Button Icon Down Button Icon Undo Button Icon Redo Button1 Icon Time1 Icon Schedule1 Icon History1 Icon Start1 Icon Play Music Icon Mute Icon Music Icon Notes Icon Headphones Icon Bluetooth Icon Firewire Icon Usb Icon Wifi Icon Lock2 Icon Setup Icon Off Icon Atomic Icon Gauge Icon Smile Icon AC1 Icon People X15 Icon People X3 Icon People X13 Icon People X12 Icon People X6 Icon People X7 Icon People X9 Icon Smoke Icon No Smoke Icon Pets1 Icon No Pets Icon No Dog Icon Disabled Person Icon Hi-Fi Stereo Icon VCR Icon DVD Icon CableTV Icon TV1 Icon PC1 Icon Internet Icon Phone Line1 Icon Fax1 Icon Elevator Icon Dryer1 Icon Washer Icon Dishwasher Icon Sauna1 Icon Swimming Pool1 Icon Bike Storage1 Icon People Icon Family1 Icon Lock1 Icon Key1 Icon Home1 Icon Hotel Icon Outdoor Pool Icon Indoor Pool1 Icon Sport Court Icon Microwave1 Icon Fitness Room Icon Oven1 Icon Sink1 Icon Free Breakfast Icon Breakfast1 Icon Full-Size Refrigerator Icon Mini Refrigerator1 Icon Whirlpool Tub Icon Restaurant Icon Business Center Icon Room Service Icon Daily Maid Service Icon Grocery Shopping Service Icon Evening Reception1 Icon Hi-Speed Internet1 Icon Free Internet1 Icon Queen Sized Sofa Bed Icon Tween Sofa Bed Icon King Sized Bed1 Icon Qween Sized Bed1 Icon Tween Bed1 Icon Hotel1 Icon Home2 Icon Cable TV Icon Sink Icon Restaurant1 Icon Mini Refrigerator Icon Full-Size Refrigerator1 Icon AC Icon Internet1 Icon Grocery Shopping Service1 Icon Fax Icon Lock Icon Bike Storage Icon Washer1 Icon Dryer Icon Dishwasher1 Icon Hi-Speed Internet Icon Free Internet Icon Business Center1 Icon Indoor Pool Icon Outdoor Pool1 Icon Phone Line Icon Daily Maid Service1 Icon Microwave Icon TV Icon PC Icon Phone Icon Sport Court1 Icon Whirlpool Bath Icon Swimming Pool Icon Sauna Icon Fitness Room1 Icon People X2 Icon People X14 Icon People X4 Icon People X5 Icon
People X11 Icon People X10 Icon People X8 Icon Room Service1 Icon People1 Icon Elevator1 Icon Disabled Icon Evening Reception Icon DVD1 Icon VCR1 Icon Free Breakfast1 Icon Breakfast Icon No Smoke1 Icon Smoke1 Icon Pets Icon No Pets1 Icon No Dogs Icon Key Icon Oven Icon Tween Bed Icon Qween Sized Bed Icon King Sized Bed Icon Tween Sofa  Bed Icon Qween Sized Sofa Bed Icon

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Simple Menu Icons - Icon List

Abort, AC, AC1, Ahead, Anchor, Atomic, Back, Back button, Bike storage, Bike storage1, Bluetooth, Bottom, Branch, Breakfast, Breakfast1, Business center, Business center1, Cable TV, CableTV, Closed door, Constraints, Daily maid service, Daily maid service1, Disabled, Disabled person, Dishwasher, Dishwasher1, Divide, Down, Down arrow, Down button, Down button1, Download, Dryer, Dryer1, DVD, DVD1, Eject, Eject button, Elevator, Elevator1, Evening reception, Evening reception1, Exit, Export, Family, Family1, Fax, Fax1, Firewire, First, First button, First1, Fitness room, Fitness room1, Flip horizontally, Flip vertically, Forward, Forward 3d, Forward button, Forward button1, Free breakfast, Free breakfast1, Free internet, Free internet1, Full-size refrigerator, Full-size refrigerator1, Gauge, Globe, Go, Go back, Go down, Go forward, Go up, Green back button, Green forward button, Green redo button, Green undo button, Grocery shopping service, Grocery shopping service1, Headphones, Hi-Fi stereo, Hi-Fi stereo1, Hi-speed internet, Hi-speed internet1, History, History1, Home, Home1, Home2, Hotel, Hotel1, House, House link, Ignore, Import, In, Indoor pool, Indoor pool1, Inout, Internet, Internet1, Join, Key, Key1, King sized bed, King sized bed1, Last, Last button, Last1, Leave house, Left arrow, Left button, Left button1, Link, Lock, Lock1, Lock2, Logout, Merge, Microwave, Microwave1, Mini refrigerator, Mini refrigerator1, Music, Mute, Navigator, Next, Next button, Next1, No dog, No dogs, No pets, No pets1, No smoke, No smoke1, Notes, Off, Open door, Out, Outdoor pool, Outdoor pool1, Oven, Oven1, Pause, Pause button, PC, PC1, People, People x10, People x11, People x12, People x13, People x14, People x15, People x2, People x3, People x4, People x5, People x6, People x7, People x8, People x9, People1, Pets, Pets1, Phone, Phone line, Phone line1, Phone1, Play, Play back 3d, Play button, Play forward 3d, Play music, Playback, Playback button, Pointer, Previous, Previous button, Previous1, Queen sized sofa bed, Qween sized bed, Qween sized bed1, Qween sized sofa bed, Record, Record button, Recycling, Redo, Redo 3d, Redo button, Redo button1, Redo operation, Refresh, Restaurant, Restaurant1, Revert, Rewind, Rewind 3d, Rewind button, Right arrow, Right button, Right button1, Room service, Room service1, Rotate ACW, Rotate CW, Rotate left, Rotate right, Sauna, Sauna1, Schedule, Schedule1, Setup, Sink, Sink1, Small refresh, Smile, Smoke, Smoke1, Sport court, Sport court1, Start, Start1, Steering-wheel, Stop, Stop button, Stop1, Swimming pool, Swimming pool1, Switch, Sync, Synchronize, Time, Time1, Top, Turn left, Turn right, TV, TV1, Tween bed, Tween bed1, Tween sofa bed, Tween sofa bed, Undo, Undo 3d, Undo button, Undo button1, Undo operation, Up, Up arrow, Up button, Up button1, Update, Up-down, Upload, Usb, VCR, VCR1, Washer, Washer1, Whirlpool bath, Whirlpool tub, Wifi. - Save Thousands on Designer Services with Stock Icon Packs!

Read about the newest trends in designing modern Windows Vista-style graphics for your Web and desktop projects.

Designers. Their artistic nature gives them the 'right', or 'authority', to give their 'works of art' in behind time, to improvise, designing stuff that's not really needed of them, and to fuss around when it comes to tastes. Artists seem to literally create pain in their boss's heads and empty their pockets by designing stuff that sometimes isn't really wanted. Farthermore, time is money, and time is what many artists seem to neglect! There are, certainly, excellent designers out there, but they are too expensive, especially when it comes to the task of making Vista style icons.

Icon packs are always needed. Icons have the power of representing something. We will always understand the little dog-eared paper on any toolbar meaning the 'New' button. We will always recognize the floppy disk image representing the 'Save' and 'Save As'. And every Internet PC user understands the blue MS Internet Explorer symbol. Icons are used in software, on PC desktops, on sites, on food packages, in books, in advert booklets, in website banners, everywhere!

Imagine if you could always have premade designs at hand - Vista icons, specialized icons, toolbar icons, etc. That would mean that you would be able to get what you want, and to get it in a few minutes! No need to wait weeks for a set of Vista style icons or a pack of stock icons to be used in your latest system utility program for Microsoft Windows Vista or any other system. No need to pay clumsy and messy designers for Vista style icons that aren't really Vista style icons, but are regular stock icon packs. is the absolute WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) application icon pack and program icon set source. holds Vista icons, stock icons, toolbar icons, and other web-development and software icon packs. has lots of icons available for corporate software companies, individual users and web developers. has an easy interface. The images are comfortably 'packed' and separated by category, and a powerful 'Search and Buy Icon' built-in feature lets you find any single icon or set of icons by simple keywords like 'Vista icons', 'office icons', 'transport icons', 'toolbar icons', etc.

After having viewed a preview of an icon and clicking the 'Purchase Icon' button you will get your icon (or set of icons) in no time! You can also press the 'Order Icon' button if the stock icons presented are not quite acceptable for you. is always ready to alter stock icons or create new images upon request for your application, webpage or personal PC interface.'s designers and modelers work around the clock to provide advanced and good looking, customized and original multi-purpose icon packs. The professional tools used in creating Vista style icons and stock icons help save your time in the first place. Save time, funds and nerves with Buy icons today and make your desktop, piece of software, webpage and anything else look great!

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We offer stock icons for desktop applications, web sites, mobile software, graphic design, business cards.

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