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Icon Library: Shiny Menu Icons

The collection of Shiny Menu Icons includes over a thousand images you're likely to find in common applications. This versatile pack covers the broadest range of topics, making the collection usable in many types of software products, mobile apps and online projects. Shiny Menu Icons are drawn in glossy, "metallic" style with sharp reflections. The highlighted "hot" versions will "pop" by shining even more, casting a sharper reflection than the "normal" versions.

There are 1073 unique images in this icon library, while numerous variations boost this number to over 54,000 files. Each icon from the Shiny Menu Icons set comes in Normal, Hot (highlighted) and Disabled states. All images come in sizes of 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, and 16x16 pixels. Two color resolutions are included: semi-transparent True Color with Alpha channel and 256-color images drawn on transparent background. All icons are provided in ICO, PNG, GIF, and BMP formats.

Image states: normal, hot, disabled
File formats: PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO
Image sizes: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, 16x16
Background: transparent
Icon quantity: 1073
Image quantity: 10730
File quantity: 51504
Price: $99.00 / 79.00 EUR
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Shiny Icons

Wink Icon Heart Icon Database Access Icon Green Dollar Icon Dollar Icon Euro Icon Pound Icon Yen Icon Coin Icon Dollar Coin Icon Euro Coin Icon Pound Coin Icon Yen Coin Icon Coins Icon Dollar Coins Icon Euro Coins Icon Pound Coins Icon Yen Coins Icon Coin Column Icon Coin Columns Icon Money Icon Money Bag Icon Dollar Banknote Icon Dollars Icon Banknotes Icon Dollar Bundle Icon Credit Icon Capital Gains Icon Insurance Icon Piggy Bank Icon Empty Piggy Bank Icon Pricelist Icon VISA Card Icon Credit Cards Icon Cheque Icon Diamond Icon Goods Icon Economics Icon Price Icon Finance Icon Refund Icon Math Icon Purse Icon Sum Icon Question Icon E-Mail Symbol Icon Percent Icon Calculator Icon Calc Icon Barcode Icon Sale Icon Auction Icon Stock Market Icon Raise Icon Fall Icon Growth Icon Recession Icon Go Back Icon Go Forward Icon Award Icon About Icon Admin Icon Back Icon Next Icon Up Icon Down Icon Bank V2 Icon Book-Keeper Icon Accounting Icon Boss Icon Businessman Icon Car Key Icon Card Index Icon Chart XY Icon Confirmation Icon Cycle Icon Error Symbol Icon Financier Icon Games Icon Cards Icon Information Icon Inquiry Icon Key Copy Icon Key Icon Keys Icon Location Icon Lawyer Icon User Login Icon User Logout Icon User Login V2 Icon Logout Icon Earnings Icon Money Turnover Icon Notary Icon Open Card Index Icon People Icon Personal Loan Icon Pick Icon Put Away Icon Transfer Icon Realtor Icon Safe Icon Staff Icon User Group Icon Users Icon Conference Icon Login Icon Police Officer Icon User Icon Bank Icon Align Left Icon Align Center Icon Align Right Icon Valign Top Icon Valign Center Icon Valign Bottom Icon Book-Keeping Icon Briefcase Icon Break Safe Icon New Icon
Paste Icon Save Icon Find On Computer Icon Document Wizard Icon Copy Icon Text File Icon New File Icon Undo Icon Redo Icon What Is It Icon Print Icon Paste - Blue Icon Keyboard Icon Item Icon Help Book Icon Empty Card Index Icon Cut Icon Chemical Calculations Icon Chemical Analisys Icon Binoculars Icon Refresh Icon View Icon Downward Pointer Icon Check Options Icon Undo Changes Icon Search Data Icon Restore Database Icon Remote Database Icon Redo Changes Icon New Database Icon Edit Data Icon Disconnect Database Icon Destroy Database Icon Connect Database Icon Backup Database Icon Add Database Icon Delete Database Icon Critical Error Icon Index V2 Icon Key Keeper Icon Flow Block V2 Icon Voice Identification Icon Link Data Icon Support Icon Object Manager Icon Relations Icon Hide Icon Search Previous Icon Search Next Icon Event Manager Icon Graphic File Icon DVD Icon Data Filters Icon Copy Database Icon Open File V2 Icon Check Out Cart Icon Wedding Icon Time Icon Check Boxes Icon Card Terminal Icon Properties Icon Bookmark Icon Pack Icon Archive Icon Unpack V2 Icon Case History Icon Basket Icon Blue Pin Icon SQL Navigator Icon Pencil Icon Zoom Out Icon Zoom In Icon Form Editor Icon Doctor Icon Lookup Icon Snapshot Icon Pen Icon USB Drive Icon Lock Database Icon Unlock Database Icon Cell Phones Icon Account Card Icon Account Cards Icon Computer Access Icon Database Security Icon Local Security Policy Icon Phones Icon Telephone Icon Death Icon Ambulance Car Icon Libra Icon Gemini Icon Capicorn Icon Cancer Icon Aries Icon Aquarius Icon Taurus Icon Leo Icon Sagittarius Icon Pisces Icon Scorpio Icon Romance Icon Photos Icon Party Icon Message Icon Settings Icon Vigro Icon Receive Present Icon Present Icon Private Folder Icon Videos Icon Write Message Icon Mailbox Icon Favourites Icon Mail Icon Love Icon Heart On Fire Icon Gift Boxes Icon Gift Icon Flying Heart Icon
Kiss Icon Flower Icon Sex Icon Male Icon Female Icon Couple Icon Award Cup Icon Broken Heart Icon Home Icon Add Users Icon Add User Icon Add Users V2 Icon Remove User Icon Remove User V2 Icon Remove Users Icon Calendar Icon Exit Icon Favourites Star Icon Login V2 Icon Logout V2 Icon Man Icon Music Icon Notes Icon Happy Icon Sad Icon Depression Icon Wedding Rings Icon Woman Icon Love Letter Icon Dating Icon Arrow Icon Ignore User Icon Valentines Day Icon Weather Icon New Message Icon Chemical Plant Icon Measuring Glass Icon Coal Power Plant Icon Forbidden Icon Cancel Icon Restricted Icon Terminate Icon Red Octagon Icon Error Sign Icon No Entry Sign Icon Restricted Page Icon Repair Database Icon Pirate Flag Icon Physics Icon Water Molecule Icon Science Icon X-Ray Icon Time Machine Icon Thermometer Icon Science Symbol Icon Rocket Icon Radio Telescope Icon Meteorite Icon Light Icon Firewall Icon Corrosive Icon Harmful Icon Poison Icon Oxidizing Icon General Danger Icon Flammable Icon Explosive Icon Bio Hazard Icon Radioactive Icon Lector Icon Disconnect Icon Oscillograph Icon Investment Icon Professor Icon Scientist Icon Science Library Icon Space Station Icon Hardness Icon Frame Icon Drill Icon DNA Icon DNA Helix Icon DNA Analysis Icon Test-Tube Icon Test-Tubes Icon Color Test Tubes Icon Distance Learning Icon Demography Icon Statistics Icon Diagram 3D Icon Decrypt Icon Encrypt Icon Nature Icon IP Icon Chemist Icon Teacher Icon Student Icon Einshtein Icon X-Ray Picture Icon Electrical Hazard Icon Radiation Icon Design Icon Image Icon Picture V2 Icon Resize Image Icon Upload Image Icon Download Image Icon Connect Icon Books Icon Black List Icon Bank Service Icon Astronaut Icon Shredder Icon Infinity Icon Infected Message Icon Edit Message Icon Lesson Icon Delete Message Icon Next Message Icon Previous Message Icon
Add Message Icon Push Pens Icon Write Mail Icon Address Icon Get Mail Icon New Room Icon PCMCIA Device Icon Secure PCMCIA Device Icon Secure Device Icon Secure Printer Icon Export Key Icon Import Key Icon SIM Card Icon Locked Smartcard Icon EEPROM Chip Icon Locked Printer Icon Locked PCMCIA Device Icon Overlock Key Icon Overlay Lock Icon VPN Icon Location - Position Icon PHP Icon Web Form Icon VPN Tunnel Icon Drawing Icon RGB Icon Resources Icon Provider Icon Web Portal Icon Object Icon Network Path Icon My Computer Icon Logical Unit Icon Medical Network Icon Market Icon Managed E-Mail Icon Mailing Icon Lock Web Icon IP Address Icon Nick Icon Investor Icon Inventory Icon Host Icon Hand Icon Gears Icon Folder Tree Icon File Transfer Icon Port Icon Pack V2 Icon Extract Icon Copyright Icon Closed Folder Icon Buyer Icon Attribute - Value Icon Execute Icon Atomic Icon Question Mark Icon Abacus Icon Add Key Icon Add Key V2 Icon Certification V2 Icon Clear Document Icon Construction Icon Emergency Off Icon Emergency On Icon Fire Damage Icon Firewall V3 Icon Flame Icon Full Basket Icon Industry Icon Investigation Icon Key Status Icon No Key Icon Red Pin Icon Empty Basket Icon Real Estate Icon Red Flag Icon Red Percent Icon Red Star Icon Tax Icon Bulldozer Icon Construction Firm Icon Trading Icon Balance Icon Virus Icon Bacteria Icon Find In Folder Icon Gift V2 Icon Test Probe Icon Pipette Icon Find Icon Computer Icon Drop Icon Wizard Icon Scales Icon Umbrella Icon Text Icon Telephone Directory Icon 3D Structure Icon Trade Icon Sell Icon Purchase Icon Update V2 Icon Plus Icon Create Symbol Icon Retort Icon Pointer Icon Open Safe Icon Hourglass Icon Money Exchange Icon Empty Safe Icon Electricity Icon Conversion Of Currency Icon Broken Safe Icon Metal Gear Icon University Icon School Icon How To Icon Graph Icon Navigator Icon
Timer V2 Icon Eye Icon Filter Icon Newspaper Icon Pie Chart Icon Compass Icon Chip V2 Icon Terrestrial Globe Icon Chart Icon Knowledge Icon Microscope Icon Atom Icon Bar Graph Icon Book Of Record Icon 3D Bar Chart Icon Tools Icon Roll Icon Certification Roll Icon Script Icon 3D Chart Icon Book Icon Book Library Icon Factory Icon Genealogy Icon Server Icon Access Key Icon Agent Icon Attach Icon Bluetooth Icon Broken Connection Icon Certification Icon Chain Link Icon Chain Icon Client List Icon Client Network Icon Data Server V2 Icon Data Transmission Icon Data Icon Disaster Icon Download Icon Folder Sharing Icon Free BSD Icon Full Recycle Bin Icon Gear Icon Home Page Icon ID Tag Icon Internet Icon Keys V2 Icon Locked Users Icon No Connection Icon Network Card V2 Icon Network Connection Icon Network Server Icon Network Tools Icon No Data Icon Offline Icon Online Icon People Contact Icon People Contacts Icon Phone Icon Protection Icon Radio Transmitter Icon Recycle Bin Icon Repair Icon All Reports Icon Satellite Connection Icon Scheduled Icon Send Mail Icon Shield Icon Spy Icon Upload To Phone Icon Upload Icon Visual Communication Icon Real Web Icon World Icon Recycling Icon Webcam Icon Web Camera Icon Wi-Fi Icon Write E-Mail Icon Image Protection Icon Bluetooth Symbol Icon Cable Icon Call Of Icon Call Icon Cellphone Icon Chat Icon City Icon Company Icon Computer Sound Icon Dial Icon Firewall V2 Icon Get Message Icon Hang Up Icon Home Network Icon Internet Applications Icon Internet Link Icon Keypad Icon Large Group Icon Loud Speaker Icon Megaphone Icon Yellow Message Icon Yellow Messages Icon Monitor And Phone Icon Multimedia File Icon Network Computer Icon Network Group Icon Operator Smile Icon Orator Icon PC-PDA Synchronization Icon Phone Support Icon Play Icon Postman Icon Radio Transmission Icon Receptionist Icon Registration Icon Remote Access Icon RSS Icon Search Contact Icon Signature Icon
Telephone Receiver Icon TV Icon USB Icon VOIP Icon Wire Icon Wireless Modem Icon Vibration Ring Icon First Satellite Icon Traffic Icon Forum Icon Phone Communication Icon Fax Icon Card Terminal V2 Icon ATM V2 Icon People Online Icon Monitor Icon Personal Smartcard Icon Mobile Phone Icon Intranet Icon PC-Web Synchronization Icon Up Folder Icon Open File Icon Open Folder Icon Stock Information Icon Service Icon Paper Icon Computer Network Icon Chargeback Icon Cart Icon Trash Icon Contact Icon Network Icon Person Icon Free Icon Period End Icon Spell Cheking Icon Site Map Icon Steering-Wheel Icon Paste Document Icon Questionnaire Icon Frames Icon Bad Mark Icon List Icon Market Report Icon Report Icon Rotate CW Icon Rotate CCW Icon Tip Of The Day Icon Save Picture Icon Save As Icon Notebook Icon Preview Icon Mouse Icon Previous V2 Icon Smile Image Icon Image Doc Icon Good Mark Icon Gloved Hand Icon Gamepad Icon Import Table Icon Import Text Icon Export Table Icon Export Text Icon Envelope V2 Icon Check File Icon Certificate Document Icon Burn Sheet Icon Burn Document Icon Blanks Icon Blank Icon Binary Data Icon Video File Icon Order Form Icon Edit Document Icon Form Icon Items Icon Web Site Icon Copy Document Icon Attribute Icon Rename Document Icon Envelope Icon Labs Icon Supernova Icon Strong Base Icon Acid Icon PH Icon Wind Rose Icon Nuclear Explosion Icon KS Icon Fluo Icon View Spectrum Icon Prism Icon Chessboard Icon Target Icon Sun Icon Lamp Icon Gauge Icon Radioactivity Icon Record Icon Stop Track Icon Pause Track Icon Play Track Icon Forward Track Icon Rewind Track Icon First Track Icon Playback Track Icon Last Track Icon Next Track Icon Previous Track Icon Eject Icon Firewire Icon FireWire Symbol Icon Bluetooth V2 Icon Wi-Fi Symbol Icon Headphones Icon Head-Phones Icon Volume Icon No Sound Icon Sound Regulator Icon Volume Up Icon
Volume Down Icon Sound Document Icon Tambourine Icon Drum Icon Volume Level Icon Bell Icon Juke Box Icon Signal Test Icon Geography Icon Ecology Icon Clover Icon Torrent Icon Share Folder Icon Upload Finance Icon Upload Picture Icon Upload Database Icon Upload 3D Icon Traffic V2 Icon Download  Folder Icon Download Database Icon Game Download Icon DVD Downloads Icon Download 3D Icon Download Image V2 Icon Driver Downloads Icon Load Icon Movie Downloads Icon Music Download Icon Download Finance Icon Network Connection V2 Icon Virus Warming Icon Secure Connection Icon Internet Firewall Icon Fast Internet Icon Data Server Icon View License Icon Loading Icon Downloads Icon Unpack Icon Pack V3 Icon Archive V2 Icon Free Download Icon Download Now Icon Upload Button Icon Download Button Icon Download Updates Icon Update Icon Upload Symbol Icon Download Symbol Icon Download Adult Content Icon Upload Adult Content Icon Free Button Icon Antivirus Download Icon MP3 Download Icon Software Download Icon Upload  Folder Icon Tag Icon Four-Leaf Clover Icon Telescope Icon Syringe Icon Symbol Icon Percent Symbol Icon Function Icon Formula Icon Objects Icon Measuring Icon Health Care Icon Pill Icon Pills Icon Tasks Icon Flow Block Icon Figures 2D Icon Feather Icon Classboard Icon Burner Icon 2D Pie Chart Icon GPS Navigator Icon Units Icon Adult Content Icon Download ISO Image Icon Upload ISO Image Icon Ambulance Icon Alien Icon Atomic Nucleus Icon Brain Icon Galaxy Icon Graphs Icon Drugs Icon Date And Time Icon Database Broker Icon Workflow Icon Data Model Icon Container Icon Constraint Icon Talk Icon Cell Tower Icon Binary Icon Remove Filter Icon Delete Filter Icon Apply Filter Icon Add Filter Icon ID Icon Infrastructure Icon IP Phone Icon Loudspeaker Icon New Record Icon Performance Icon Service Broker Icon Wall Icon Socket Icon Plug Icon Float Icon Integer Icon Project Icon Excel Icon Char Icon Antennas Icon Electrical Icon Broadcast Icon Audit Icon
Avatar Icon System Icon Exception Icon Store Icon Work Group Icon E-Mail Icon Filights Icon Personal Icon Locked Icon Menu Icon Media Icon Multy-Lunguage Icon Property Icon Report V2 Icon Processed Icon Profile Icon Resource File Icon Price List Icon Staff File Icon Info Icon Lock Icon Index Icon Help Icon Free File Icon File Catalog Icon Favourite Icon Exchange Icon Next File Icon Previous File Icon Erase Icon Delete Icon Discard Icon Denided Icon Remove Icon Commertial Icon Create Icon Awards Icon Check Icon Audio File Icon Approve Icon Add Icon Database Icon Warning Icon Schedule Icon Letter Icon Contract Icon Web Icon Error Icon Structure Icon Gantt Chart Icon Picture Icon Music File Icon Figures Icon Binary File Icon Mp3 Icon Archive File Icon Pack File Icon Tables File Icon Table File Icon System File Icon ISO Image Icon Reports Icon Table Icon Tables Icon Cert Icon USB-Plug Icon UPS Icon TV Tuner Icon Torch Icon Smartcard Icon SIM-Card Icon Screw Icon Scanner Icon Android Icon Old Android Icon Robot Icon Spanner Icon Remote-Control Icon Processor Icon Portable Radio Transmiter Icon PCMCIA Icon Palm Icon Karaoke Icon Kid-Track Icon Monkey-Wrench Icon Hardware Icon Mouse Pad Icon Video Card Icon Sound Card Icon Motherboard Icon Memory Card Icon Laser Printer Icon IPhone Icon Hard Disk Icon Game Steering Wheel Icon Scan Fingerprint Icon Female Screw Icon Fax V2 Icon Equipment Icon Hammer Icon Dot-Matrix Printer Icon Desktop Icon Cooler Icon COM-Plug Icon LPT-Plug Icon Hardware Selection Icon Chip Icon Router Icon Floppy Drive Icon CD Drive Icon Projector Icon Secure Device V2 Icon Device Icon Card Rider Icon Card Reader Terminal Icon Bubble Jet Icon Audio-Plug Icon Audio Icon Fingerprint Scanner Icon Microphone Icon
Alarm Clock Icon Joystick Icon Mp3 Player Icon Registry Icon Repair Computer Icon Network Card Icon Red Gear Icon Ipod Icon Scan Barcode Icon Bar-Code Scanner Icon Windows PC Icon Apple PC Icon Certificate Icon Start Button V2 Icon Start Button Icon Reset Button Icon Stop-Watch Icon Time Zone Icon Timer Icon Time V2 Icon Desk Clock Icon Death V2 Icon Skull Icon DBevents Icon Compass V2 Icon Clock Icon Appointment Icon Digital Clock Icon Alarm Clock V2 Icon Alarm Icon History Icon Shedule Icon Watch Icon ATM Icon DVD Drive Icon HD DVD Drive Icon Gear V3 Icon Applications Icon Radio Set Icon Flash Drive Icon Wrench Icon Battery Icon Low Battery Icon High Battery Icon Medium Battery Icon Full Battery Icon Empty Battery Icon Energy Icon Electric Power Icon Ladybug Icon Bug Icon Bolt Icon Blue-Ray Drive Icon Removable Drive Icon Winner Icon Counter Icon Appointment Calendar Icon Average Speed Icon Bill To Icon Box Icon Buy Icon Contacts Icon Courier Icon Fast Speed Icon Get Payment Icon Holidays Icon Income Icon Invoice Icon Laden Pallet Icon Loading Pallet Icon Medical Store Icon Product Icon Purchase V2 Icon Purchase Order Icon Repeat Icon Rocket Speed Icon Sell Product Icon Ship To Icon Spend Icon Trade V2 Icon Unloading Pallet Icon Usual Speed Icon Very Slow Speed Icon Slow Speed Icon Users Folders Icon Products Icon Phone Search Icon Phone Number Icon Payment Icon Pallet Icon Order Tracking Icon Door Icon Navigation Icon Logistics Icon Open Door Icon Lists Icon To Do List Icon Handshake Icon Close Barier Icon Card File Icon Package Icon Blue Basket Icon Elevator Icon Documents Icon Person Details Icon Barcode Scanner Icon Barrier Icon Airport Icon Accounts Icon Bank Cards Icon Customers Icon Maps Icon Timetable Icon

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Icon Sets - Download Them Online For Free!

Are you looking for icon libraries? Are you looking forward to download complete icon sets? Well, these things are now becoming possible for you with the increasing accessibility for the internet. It's the internet that is exactly supplying people more and more chances to download these icons sets for free. There are so many sites available for you to download these icon sets but you need to look for the free ones. The icons supplies in the icon libraries are specially crafted and designed by professional designers who know the importance of adding these icons for any website or application. These icon sets have been announced for the online world in order to add more help for the application makers and website designers.

If you are a website designer and your clients asking for a fresh look with the website design or application making, then simply opt for the internet and download these icon sets for free. Add these icons for the website or applications and feel the difference. Generally, the icons are needed to design quality sites as well as software applications. Some icons are required however they are worth to include. Check symbol and style of the icon design that you are making use of it Color, graphic and perspective adds some value to icons. At times designer sells an icon in set of the designs and you need to suggest making icon design and thus he makes according to requirement.

Icon sets page: http://www.aha-soft.com/iconlibs.htm

Colour Your Own UIs While Using New Microsoft Windows Icons

Graphical user interfaces play a distinguished role in enhancing the user friendliness as well as visual appeal. Head out a stride additionally by making use of up to date symbols out there below making the softwares enjoyable to work with and straightforward to navigate, by using the assistance of a number of intelligently made images you can use by going to this site.

A specific MR. Fred R Barnard in a publication in 1921 claimed one or two words, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, actually he might n't have recognized the specific importance with the words at the moment, or even the guy did, as more than 90 yrs right after making this specific assertion we strive to search out a lot more ways to put it on. Barnard may have stated it when referring to the actual potential of graphic advertising, yet a handful of decade’s back the item observed its way into the industry of encoding using the coming of Graphic guis the moment images plus icons exchanged writing complex command-line justifications.

Employing basic, clear to see icons might go a long way into making the lifestyle of your buyer less complicated. Through placing these types of icons you don't only help make that simpler for you to get around, it really makes the gui more appealing.

You can get the hands on in excess of seven-hundred these types of icons over here, every one of them at a price of 99 dollars. The style comes in a measurement equal to a square of forty eight pixels which have a see-through backdrop as well as a photo of twenty six by twenty-six pixels on the center. these types of illustrations or photos compatible with all of the Microsoft Windows 8 and even Microsoft Windows phone applications also come in the PNG formatting and are avalable in every one of 14 diverse shades ranging from the most common blue, red as well as green to the more distinctive deep blue as well as light-red, and could be taken without or with the surrounding circles. Individualize each and every site on your pc with the assistance of these appropriately intended symbols and thus go ahead and take drive destination to some whole new levels; you can replace symbols for those common elements such as redo, undo, back, refresh and so forth. with all of these aesthetically appealing visuals. Combined with typical types, you get to choose out of hundreds off distinctly intended shots that you’ll have some fun setting attributes to, you've got a cardiologist symbol, the motor man icon, a investigator symbol, the auditor symbol and in all probability the best angel image.

All of these icons, as I have cited above, come in a very deployable form, you receive their hands on these whenever you make the payment and then you have the freedom make use of these in many of the possible approaches. A captivating interface may make hrs of labor appear way less complicated as well as helps you save from getting worn out psychologically by browsing those extensive series of instructions. Uncomplicated navigation, desirable program and also smart operation remain in the centre of every software, with the help of this pack you have the user interface and also the navigation part protected, now the only matter that's stopping you from setting up a cutting edge software package is you. Obtain all of these symbols right now and also revitalise the full coding experience.

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We offer stock icons for desktop applications, web sites, mobile software, graphic design, business cards.

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Perfect Toolbar Icons

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 Audio Toolbar Icons

audio icons A great set of icons for sound-recording applications and audio catalogues. Wide range of sizes from 16x16 to 48x48 pixels is provided.

 Perfect CMS Icons

cms icons

A collection of bright and stylish icons that will instantly enhance any web page or portal. Available in all the typical toolbar sizes.

 Large Crystal Icons

Crystal Icons

Large Crystal Icons set holds a great variety of images in all the popular icon formats, including ICO, PNG, BMP and 3ds Max.

 Large Vector Icons

Vector Icons

Large Vector Icons represent everything a vector icon set can be. Smooth, easily readable, increadibly stylish - and the best thing is, they all work together as a matching set.