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Plastic Menu Icons are designed to look like they're moulded in plastic, making the collection perfect for products designed for Windows XP, Vista and older versions of Windows. The set of Plastic Menu Icons goes along with Linux and FreeBSD shells just great, and is perfect for designing personal information managers and organizing software. Plastic Menu Icons cover just the basics of file navigation, printing and browsing, time management and document organizing.

The collection of Plastic Menu Icons includes 100 unique icons and 1500 ICO files. Four image formats (PNG, GIF, BMP, and ICO) make it easy to integrate Plastic Menu Icons into any system. Five screen resolutions (48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, and 16x16 pixels) and three states (Normal, Hot and Disabled) are included. All icons come in 32-bit True Color and 256-color versions, the former including a semi-transparent Alpha-channel layer.

Image states: normal, hot, disabled
File formats: PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO
Image sizes: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, 16x16
Background: transparent
Icon quantity: 100
Image quantity: 1000
File quantity: 1500
Price: $49.00 / 39.00 EUR
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Plastic Icons

Wink Icon Heart Icon Database Access Icon Green Dollar Icon Dollar Icon Euro Icon Pound Icon Yen Icon Coin Icon Dollar Coin Icon Euro Coin Icon Pound Coin Icon Yen Coin Icon Coins Icon Dollar Coins Icon Euro Coins Icon Pound Coins Icon Yen Coins Icon Coin Column Icon Coin Columns Icon Money Icon Money Bag Icon Dollar Banknote Icon Dollars Icon Banknotes Icon Dollar Bundle Icon Credit Icon Capital Gains Icon Insurance Icon Piggy Bank Icon Empty Piggy Bank Icon Pricelist Icon VISA Card Icon Credit Cards Icon Cheque Icon Diamond Icon Goods Icon Economics Icon Price Icon Finance Icon Refund Icon Math Icon Purse Icon Sum Icon Question Icon E-Mail Symbol Icon Percent Icon Calculator Icon Calc Icon Barcode Icon Sale Icon Auction Icon Stock Market Icon Raise Icon Fall Icon Growth Icon Recession Icon Go Back Icon Go Forward Icon Award Icon About Icon Admin Icon Back Icon Next Icon Up Icon Down Icon Bank V2 Icon Book-Keeper Icon Accounting Icon Boss Icon Businessman Icon Car Key Icon Card Index Icon Chart XY Icon Confirmation Icon Cycle Icon Error Symbol Icon Financier Icon Games Icon Information Icon Inquiry Icon Key Copy Icon Key Icon Keys Icon Location Icon Lawyer Icon User Login Icon User Logout Icon User Login V2 Icon Logout Icon Earnings Icon Money Turnover Icon Notary Icon Open Card Index Icon People Icon Personal Loan Icon Pick Icon Put Away Icon Transfer Icon Realtor Icon Safe Icon Staff Icon User Group Icon Users Icon Conference Icon Login Icon Police Officer Icon User Icon Bank Icon Align Left Icon Align Center Icon Align Right Icon Valign Top Icon Valign Center Icon Valign Bottom Icon Book-Keeping Icon Briefcase Icon Break Safe Icon New Icon Paste Icon

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Plastic Menu Icons - Icon List

About, Add, Apply, Back, Bank cards, Bar-code, Bell, Bin, Book, Book v2, Books, Bus, Calendar, Cancel, Card file, Chart, Clipboard, Close, Compass, Computer, Copy, Credit card, Credit cards, Customers, Cut, Database, Delete, Documents, Dollar, Down, Earth, Edit, E-mail, Error, Exit, Export, File, Find, Folder, Forward, Full bin, Function, Globe, Heart, Help, Hint, Home, Image protection, Import, Info, Left, List, Lock, Login, Mail, Meeting, Money, New folder, Notes, OK, Open, Pallet, Paste, Payment, Picture, Pictures, Play, Preview, Price list, Print, Print preview, Printer, Printing, Redo, Refresh, Replace objects, Replace text, Report, Reports, Right, Road, Save, Save all, Search, Secured, Security, Slide show, Support, Text file, Time, Undo, Unlock, Up, User, User group, Users, What, Wizard, Zoom in, Zoom out.

Why should you use Favicon ICO files in web designing

Favicons are the latest trend in the world of web designing and a lot of site owners ponder if they absolutely need to use these tiny logo like pictorial depictions on their site; so here is a look at why you should use Favicon ICO.

There are eye catching innovations being bought out in the world of web designing very often; the latest addition to this protocol is the incorporation of favicons. These miniscule images give a touch of individuality and visual appeal to a website. If you haven't already incorporated favicons on in your web designing; here is a look at how you can use these images on your site without a lot of trouble

To start, you will should obtain favicon graphics and make a special favicon ico file. There are many internet establishments that sell favicon graphics in appropriate image formats You may also have to get an image editor such as the Icon suite. Get the hang of things by experimenting with a site that has limited use and does not get too much traffic so that you can master the use of favicons. You will also have to give your site an upgrade from HTML to CSS.

The next step is to open the image file of the favicon that you want to use, there are numerous free editors and also those that can be bought for a small fee over the internet; these can be used to change images, include custom fonts, tests and more.

You can pick any icon editor that suits your fancy; in all of them, you will see a function menu that can be clicked on to pick the different options of favicons that meet your requirements. If have not used an icon editor before, start with a singular alphabet and proceed. The program will let you pick the correct font type and then you can drop the letter in the middle of the icon field. You will need to ensure that the file is saved in a folder that is easily recognizable. Also, it is good practice to create a favicon file so that you can insert the numerous favicon ico files into it.

Once you have your favicon ready, go to your website through the administrator panel offered by the web hosting provider. If your website has C-panel, the task will be effortless, fresh web pages can be uploaded through the use of C-panel with a mouse click using FTP. Also when using FTP, you can conveniently view the content stored on your computer's hard drive as well as the files uploaded on the servers of the hosting provider. You will need to add a copy of the information into the root directory. Use FTP to copy paste the favicon file into the directory.

Finally copy and paste the favicon.ico file onto every single web page on the site where you want to the favicon to be. Obviously, you can use your favicon on every single page on your website but you will need to input a a line of script for the favicon on every web page. That being done, you will need to store the page on your site and on your desktop.

And that is all you will need to do to add a favicon to your website!

You simply cannot undermine the potency of these small pictorial depictions because they can go a long way in creating a brand identity for your website which will get more customers to your site with ico files.

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