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In a sense, Ordinary Menu Icons are your "Generic laundry detergent". The collection offers more than 500 straightforward images drawn in a classic, easily recognizable theme without funky colors, shades or unusual projections. This versatile icon set is offered with a number of variations that bring the total number of images to just over 8000. The set of Ordinary Menu Icons covers a broad range of popular topic, including generic menu and toolbar icons as well as a number of images commonly used in organizers, planners and calendars, office products, social and dating Web sites, communication and instant messaging applications.

Four picture formats (PNG, GIF, BMP, and ICO) and five screen resolutions (48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, and 16x16 pixels) are included. All icons are supplied in Normal, Hot and Disabled states. 32-bit True Color versions have their edges smoothened by the Alpha channel, while plain 256-color editions come on transparent background.

Image states: normal, hot, disabled
File formats: PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO
Image sizes: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, 16x16
Background: transparent
Icon quantity: 505
Image quantity: 5050
File quantity: 8080
Price: $49.00 / 39.00 EUR
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Ordinary Icons

Folder Icon Open File Icon Save File Icon Print Icon Zoom Icon Zoom In Icon Zoom Out Icon Preview Icon View Icon Cut Icon Copy Icon Paste1 Icon Search Icon Full Recycle Bin Icon Empty Recycle Bin Icon Dustbin Icon Empty Dustbin Icon Undo Icon Redo Icon Refresh1 Icon Add Icon Remove Icon Delete Icon Erase Icon Apply Icon Yes Icon No Icon Cancel Icon Stop Icon Close Icon Warning Icon Error Icon Problem Icon Info1 Icon About Icon Hint Icon Support Icon Question Icon Help Icon Help Book1 Icon Edit Icon Go Back Icon Go Forward Icon New Icon Text File Icon Text And Image Icon Graphic File Icon Document Icon Video File Icon Midi File Icon Sound File Icon MP3 File Icon Multimedia File Icon Site Map Icon Home Page1 Icon Check Page Icon How To Icon List Icon Lists Icon Prices Icon Certificate Icon Market Report Icon Reports Icon Properties Icon Report Icon Clear Document Icon Search Text Icon Datasheet Icon Datasheets Icon Mail1 Icon Form Icon Forms Icon Account1 Icon Card File Icon Notes1 Icon Edit Page Icon Calendar1 Icon Book Icon Brief Case Icon Documents Icon File Sharing Icon Write E-Mail Icon E-Mail Icon Update Icon Download Icon Upload Icon Data Transmission Icon Objects Icon Pie Chart Icon Bar Chart Icon Graph Icon 3D Chart Icon Chart Icon Display Icon Computer Icon Server Icon Calculator Icon Lock Icon Key1 Icon Handshake1 Icon Signature Icon Telephone Icon Settings1 Icon Options1 Icon Wrench1 Icon Config Icon Filter Icon CD-Disk Icon Database Icon SQL Icon First Aid1 Icon Ambulance Car Icon Delivery1 Icon Ship Icon Airplane Icon Hand Cart Icon Goods Icon Dollar Icon Money Icon Payment1 Icon
VISA Card Icon Credit Cards Icon Sum Icon Percent Icon Time Icon Clock1 Icon Date Icon Alarm Icon Alarm Clock1 Icon History Icon Schedule Icon Time Machine Icon Time Management Icon Gauge1 Icon Compass Icon Earth Icon Web1 Icon Atomic Icon Access Icon Login1 Icon User1 Icon Users1 Icon User Group Icon Customers Icon Police-Officer Icon Shield Icon Heart1 Icon Bad Mark Icon Good Mark Icon Smile Icon Wizard Icon Home1 Icon Paste Icon Party Icon Flying Heart Icon Help1 Icon Music Icon Romance Icon User Login Icon Woman Icon Add User Icon Remove User Icon Sad Icon Man Icon Invisible Icon Ofline Icon Online Icon Info Icon Refresh2 Icon Pisces Icon Aquarius Icon Capicorn Icon Sagittarius Icon Scorpio Icon Libra Icon Vigro Icon Leo Icon Cancer Icon Gemini Icon Taurus Icon Aries Icon Write Message Icon Videos Icon Photos Icon Award Icon Home Icon Mailbox Icon Mail Icon Message Icon Private Folder Icon Settings Icon Kiss Icon Broken Heart Icon Heart On Fire Icon Gift Boxes Icon Gift Icon Receive Present Icon Present Icon Rose Icon Love Icon Heart Icon Phone1 Icon Female Icon Male Icon Male1 Icon Wedding Icon User Logout Icon Ignore User Icon Couple Icon Happy Icon Valentines Day Icon Dating Icon Sex Icon Safe Sex Icon Remove Users Icon Add Users Icon Logout Icon Exit1 Icon Arrow Icon Love Letter Icon Flower Icon Notes2 Icon Favourites Icon No Photo Icon Phone Number Icon Calendar2 Icon Wink Icon Hidden Person Icon User Folder Icon User Comment Icon User Profile Icon Search User1 Icon Web-Camera Icon Web Icon Registration Icon Phones Icon Open Folder Icon Closed Folder Icon Honeymoon Trip Icon Upload Image Icon
Download Image Icon Buddy Icon Accounts Icon Account Icon Voting Icon Black List Icon Login Icon Unknown Person Icon Search2 Icon Upload1 Icon Male Image Icon Lock1 Icon Key Icon Gold Ring Icon Female Image Icon Download1 Icon Comment Icon Cell Phone1 Icon Write Icon Open Message Icon Letter V2 Icon No Entry Icon Trip Icon Help Book Icon Hang Up Icon Hang Up V2 Icon Missed Calls Icon Make A Call Icon Unhold Icon Unhold V2 Icon Hold Icon Hold V2 Icon Answer Icon Answer V2 Icon Active Calls Icon Not Ready Icon Redial Icon On Dialtone Icon Idle Icon Offering Icon Ready Icon Call Up Icon Dialing Icon Call Options Icon Call History Icon Delete History Icon Complete Conference Icon Complete Conference V2 Icon Complete Transfer Icon Complete Transfer V2 Icon Begin Transfer-Conference2 Icon Begin Transfer Conference V2 Icon Conference Icon Conference V2 Icon Dial1 Icon Dial V2 Icon Speed Dial Icon Speed Dial V2 Icon View Account Icon More Information Icon Quick Quote Icon Repeat Icon Reduce Window Icon Unlock Position Icon Lock Position Icon Hide Window Icon Expand Window Icon Connected Icon Disconnected Icon VOIP Icon Security Icon TAPI Icon Phone Icon IP Telephony Icon Refresh Icon Sound Icon Problem1 Icon Games Icon Flag Icon Photocamera Icon Internet Access Icon SIM Card Icon Notes Icon Calendar Icon Alarm Clock Icon Mobile Phone Icon To Do List Icon List1 Icon User Group1 Icon Telephony Icon Phone Number1 Icon Telephone Number Icon FM Radio Icon Play Icon Chat Icon OK Icon Dial Icon Dial V3 Icon Users Icon User Icon Search User Icon Search1 Icon Calc Icon Cell Phone Icon Clock Icon Smart Phone Icon Handshake Icon Record Icon Mute Icon Payment Icon Address Book Icon Call Log Icon Call Icon Lens Icon Disconnect Icon Megaphone Icon Microphone Icon Overlay Lock Icon Paint Icon Presentation Icon
Recording Icon Remote Access Icon Search Number Icon Secrecy Icon Send File Icon View Group Icon Volume Icon Road Signs Icon Traffic Lights Icon Red Light Icon Yellow Light Icon Green Light Icon Traffic Lights Off Icon White LED Icon Red LED Icon Yellow LED Icon Green LED Icon Blue LED Icon LED Off Icon Fire Alarm On Icon Fire Alarm Off Icon Compass1 Icon Roadmap Icon Add Roadmap Icon Delete Roadmap Icon Approve Roadmap Icon Zoom Roadmap Icon Orienteering Icon Alert On Icon Alert Off Icon Alarm1 Icon First Aid Icon Symbol Database Icon Tunnel Database Icon Car Database Icon Road Database Icon Fax Icon Signal Window Icon Terminal Window Icon Signal Warning Icon Graph Window Icon View Records Icon Switch Off Icon Switch On Icon Video Icon Trash Icon Activity Icon View Report Icon Exit Icon Open Door Icon Closed Door Icon Motorcyclist Icon Driver Icon Police Officer Icon Policeman Icon Workers Icon Tourist Icon Courier Icon Moto Courier Icon Wrench Icon Options Icon Tools Icon Gear Icon Gears Icon Pinion Icon Machinery Icon Repair Costs Icon Road Icon Crossing Icon Railway Icon Route Icon Navigator Icon Wind Rose Icon Tunnel Icon Problem2 Icon Danger Icon Multiple Problems Icon Warning1 Icon Stop1 Icon No Entry1 Icon Forbidden Icon Route ID Icon Waypoints Icon Road Cone Icon Zoom1 Icon Car Icon Taxi Icon Police Car Icon Jeep Icon Ambulance Car1 Icon Bus Icon Tram Icon Delivery Icon Fire-Engine Icon Van Icon Panel Truck Icon Bulldozer Icon Fork-Lift Truck Icon Crane Truck Icon Lorry Icon Tank Truck Icon Tow Truck Icon Pick-Up Icon Excavator Icon Wheelchair Icon Motorcycle Icon Scooter Icon Wheeled Tractor Icon Trailer Icon Tank Icon Bike Icon Bicycle Icon Utility ATV Icon Camel Icon Horse Icon Shoes Icon Train Icon Freight Container Icon Tank Wagon Icon Car Repair Icon
Find Car Icon Car Crash Icon Transportastion Costs Icon Wheel Icon Tire Icon Oil Tank Icon Fuel Icon Gas Icon Fuel Expenses Icon Gasoline Can Icon Oil Pack Icon Passport Icon Gauge Icon Helmet Icon USA Map Icon Place Selection Icon Home Page Icon Factory Icon Property Icon Home2 Icon Hotel Icon Tent Icon Tree Icon Weather Icon Motor Mechanic Icon

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Ordinary Menu Icons - Icon List

3d chart, About, Access, Account, Account1, Accounts, Active calls, Activity, Add, Add roadmap, Add user, Add users, Address book, Airplane, Alarm, Alarm clock, Alarm clock1, Alarm1, Alert off, Alert on, Ambulance car, Ambulance car1, Answer, Answer v2, Apply, Approve roadmap, Aquarius, Aries, Arrow, Atomic, Award, Bad mark, Bar chart, Begin transfer conference v2, Begin transfer-conference2, Bicycle, Bike, Black list, Blue LED, Book, Brief case, Broken heart, Buddy, Bulldozer, Bus, Calc, Calculator, Calendar, Calendar1, Calendar2, Call, Call history, Call log, Call options, Call up, Camel, Cancel, Cancer, Capicorn, Car, Car crash, Car database, Car repair, Card file, CD-disk, Cell phone, Cell phone1, Certificate, Chart, Chat, Check page, Clear document, Clock, Clock1, Close, Closed door, Closed folder, Comment, Compass, Compass1, Complete conference, Complete conference v2, Complete transfer, Complete transfer v2, Computer, Conference, Conference v2, Config, Connected, Copy, Couple, Courier, Crane truck, Credit cards, Crossing, Customers, Cut, Danger, Data transmission, Database, Datasheet, Datasheets, Date, Dating, Delete, Delete history, Delete roadmap, Delivery, Delivery1, Dial, Dial v2, Dial v3, Dial1, Dialing, Disconnect, Disconnected, Display, Document, Documents, Dollar, Download, Download image, Download1, Driver, Dustbin, Earth, Edit, Edit page, E-mail, Empty dustbin, Empty recycle bin, Erase, Error, Excavator, Exit, Exit1, Expand window, Factory, Favourites, Fax, Female, Female image, File sharing, Filter, Find car, Fire alarm off, Fire alarm on, Fire-engine, First aid, First aid1, Flag, Flower, Flying heart, FM radio, Folder, Forbidden, Fork-lift truck, Form, Forms, Freight container, Fuel, Fuel expenses, Full recycle bin, Games, Gas, Gasoline can, Gauge, Gauge1, Gear, Gears, Gemini, Gift, Gift boxes, Go back, Go forward, Gold ring, Good mark, Goods, Graph, Graph window, Graphic file, Green LED, Green light, Hand cart, Handshake, Handshake1, Hang up, Hang up v2, Happy, Heart, Heart on fire, Heart1, Helmet, Help, Help book, Help book1, Help1, Hidden person, Hide window, Hint, History, Hold, Hold v2, Home, Home page, Home page1, Home1, Home2, Honeymoon trip, Horse, Hotel, How to, Idle, Ignore user, Info, Info1, Internet access, Invisible, IP Telephony, Jeep, Key, Key1, Kiss, LED off, Lens, Leo, Letter v2, Libra, List, List1, Lists, Lock, Lock position, Lock1, Login, Login1, Logout, Lorry, Love, Love letter, Machinery, Mail, Mail1, Mailbox, Make a call, Male, Male image, Male1, Man, Market report, Megaphone, Message, Microphone, Midi file, Missed calls, Mobile phone, Money, More information, Moto courier, Motor mechanic, Motorcycle, Motorcyclist, MP3 file, Multimedia file, Multiple problems, Music, Mute, Navigator, New, No, No entry, No entry1, No photo, Not ready, Notes, Notes1, Notes2, Objects, Offering, Ofline, Oil pack, Oil tank, OK, On dialtone, Online, Open door, Open file, Open folder, Open message, Options, Options1, Orienteering, Overlay lock, Paint, Panel truck, Party, Passport, Paste, Paste1, Payment, Payment1, Percent, Phone, Phone number, Phone number1, Phone1, Phones, Photocamera, Photos, Pick-up, Pie chart, Pinion, Pisces, Place selection, Play, Police car, Police officer, Policeman, Police-officer, Present, Presentation, Preview, Prices, Print, Private folder, Problem, Problem1, Problem2, Properties, Property, Question, Quick quote, Railway, Ready, Receive present, Record, Recording, Red LED, Red light, Redial, Redo, Reduce window, Refresh, Refresh1, Refresh2, Registration, Remote access, Remove, Remove user, Remove users, Repair costs, Repeat, Report, Reports, Road, Road cone, Road database, Road signs, Roadmap, Romance, Rose, Route, Route ID, Sad, Safe sex, Sagittarius, Save file, Schedule, Scooter, Scorpio, Search, Search number, Search text, Search user, Search user1, Search1, Search2, Secrecy, Security, Send file, Server, Settings, Settings1, Sex, Shield, Ship, Shoes, Signal warning, Signal window, Signature, SIM card, Site map, Smart phone, Smile, Sound, Sound file, Speed dial, Speed dial v2, SQL, Stop, Stop1, Sum, Support, Switch off, Switch on, Symbol database, Tank, Tank truck, Tank wagon, TAPI, Taurus, Taxi, Telephone, Telephone number, Telephony, Tent, Terminal window, Text and image, Text file, Time, Time machine, Time management, Tire, To do list, Tools, Tourist, Tow truck, Traffic lights, Traffic lights off, Trailer, Train, Tram, Transportastion costs, Trash, Tree, Trip, Tunnel, Tunnel database, Undo, Unhold, Unhold v2, Unknown person, Unlock position, Update, Upload, Upload image, Upload1, USA map, User, User comment, User folder, User group, User group1, User login, User logout, User profile, User1, Users, Users1, Utility ATV, Valentines day, Van, Video, Video file, Videos, View, View account, View group, View records, View report, Vigro, VISA card, VOIP, Volume, Voting, Warning, Warning1, Waypoints, Weather, Web, Web1, Web-camera, Wedding, Wheel, Wheelchair, Wheeled tractor, White LED, Wind rose, Wink, Wizard, Woman, Workers, Wrench, Wrench1, Write, Write e-mail, Write message, Yellow LED, Yellow light, Yes, Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom out, Zoom roadmap, Zoom1

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