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The collection of highly dynamic Impressive Menu Icons is drawn in a vivid, high-contrast theme to match the style used in graphic software, art and entertainment products designed for a variety of platforms. The high contrast and definition of Impressive Menu Icons will make the icons a perfect choice when designing applications for the color-blind and visually impaired. This huge icon set contains over 950 unique images, and it addresses the broadest range of topics including navigation, texting, organizing, health care, transport and business among dozens of others.

The collection of Impressive Menu Icons comes in numerous variations that boost the total number of images to over 10,000. Four picture formats (PNG, GIF, BMP, and ICO) are included. Impressive Menu Icons are provided in screen resolutions of 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, and 16x16 pixels. 32-bit True Color versions come with an extra Alpha-channel layer to make them blend seamlessly with any background. The 256-color versions are supplied on a plain transparent background. All icons come in three versions: Normal, Hot and Disabled.

Image states: normal, hot, disabled
File formats: PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO
Image sizes: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 16x16
Background: transparent
Icon quantity: 966
Image quantity: 7728
File quantity: 10088
Price: $99.00 / 79.00 EUR
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Impressive Icons

Open-Folder Icon Hint Icon Warning Icon Message Icon Favourites Icon Smile Icon Dollar1 Icon Add Icon Go Icon Valid Icon Apply Icon Audio Icon Access Icon Backup Icon Restore Icon Basket1 Icon Bluetooth Icon Bottom Icon Clock Icon Delete1 Icon Down Icon First Icon Last Icon Left Icon Mail Icon Move Icon Music Icon Music-Notes Icon No Icon Wrong Icon Options Icon Pinion Icon Query-Runner Icon Redo Icon Undo Icon Refresh Icon Remove Icon Right Icon Rotate-Ccw Icon Rotate-Cw Icon Status Icon Structure Icon Tools Icon Top Icon Up1 Icon Send Money Icon Security Icon Pie Chart1 Icon Microphone Icon Coins1 Icon Bar Chart1 Icon Accept Money Icon Unpack Icon Pack Icon Import Icon Export Icon Cards Icon Card Icon Archive Icon Paste From Clipboard Icon Clipboard Icon Burn Icon Calculator Icon Calendar1 Icon Camcorder1 Icon Camera1 Icon Card-File Icon Case Icon CD Icon Chip Icon Cinema Icon Coffee1 Icon Computer Icon Computer Frame Icon Credit Card2 Icon Credit Cards1 Icon Customers Icon Data Transmission Icon Delivery Icon Desktop Icon Earth Icon Easel Icon Equalizer Icon Fax Icon First-Aid Icon Flag Icon Floppy Icon Hand Cart1 Icon Headphone Icon Income1 Icon Install Icon Internet Access Icon Karaoke Icon Key1 Icon Keyboard Icon Keys1 Icon Laptop Icon LCD Monitor Icon Light Off Icon Light On Icon Lock1 Icon Login1 Icon Mobile Phone1 Icon Modem Icon Modify Icon Music Kit Icon Network Computer Icon Network Group Icon Notebook Icon Open Lock Icon Phone1 Icon Power Icon Print Preview Icon Radio Transmitter Icon Repair Computer Icon Robot Icon Scanner Icon Search2 Icon Search On Computer Icon Server Icon
Telephone Icon Phone Receiver Icon Timer1 Icon TV Icon Uninstall Icon Unlock Icon USB Flash Drive Icon Visa Card Icon Cash-Register Icon Insurance Icon Address Book Icon Open File Icon Yes Icon Wizard Icon Up Folder1 Icon Turn Off Icon Stop Icon Secrecy Icon Save As Icon Save All Icon Printer Icon Print2 Icon Paste Icon No Entry Icon Money Icon Forbidden Icon Error Icon Erase Icon E-Mai1 Icon Cut Icon Copy Icon Close Icon Abort Icon DVD Icon Actual Size Icon Auto Zoom Icon Zoom In Icon Zoom1 Icon Zoom Out Icon 3D Bar Chart1 Icon Add Folder Icon Add Folder 16 Icon Blanks1 Icon Books Icon Compass Icon Customer Icon Database Icon Datasheet1 Icon Datasheets Icon Delete Folder Icon Document1 Icon Empty Recycle Bin Icon Find Icon Find In Folder1 Icon Find Next Icon Find Previous Icon Full Recycle Bin Icon Help Icon Help Book Icon Home1 Icon Info2 Icon List1 Icon New Icon New Folder Icon Notes1 Icon Objects1 Icon Payment Icon Pointer1 Icon Problem Icon Properties1 Icon Reports Icon Scale Icon Search Text Icon Shield Icon Table Icon Tables1 Icon Up Folder Icon User Group Icon User Login Icon User Logout Icon Tone Dialing Icon Signature1 Icon Sharing Icon Search Folder Icon Repair Icon Prayer Icon Petition Icon Panel Truck1 Icon OK Icon Choice Icon Network Sharing Icon Market Report Icon Lists Icon Library1 Icon Index Icon Handshake2 Icon Hand1 Icon Good Mark Icon Folder Sharing Icon Fist Icon Fingers Icon Finger-Print Scanning Icon File Sharing Icon Earning Icon Dark Hand Icon Bus4 Icon Book2 Icon Blank Icon Bee Icon Bad Mark Icon Price List1 Icon Site Map Icon Empty File Icon Chart Icon Palm Icon Health Care Icon Insurance2 Icon Ambulance Car Icon Helicopter4 Icon Hospital Icon
Doctor1 Icon Physician Icon Surgeon Icon Appointment1 Icon Account Icon Accounts Icon Browser Icon Receipt Icon Sick-List Icon Document Icon Documents1 Icon Notes2 Icon Form Icon Forms Icon Consultation Notes Icon Protocols Icon Critical Details Icon Report Icon Reports1 Icon All Reports Icon Appointments Icon New Appointment Icon Invoice Icon Medical Invoice1 Icon Price List Icon Cheque1 Icon Sertificate Icon List2 Icon Case History Icon Blanks2 Icon Address Book1 Icon Cardiogram Icon Letter Icon New Letter Icon Correspondence Icon Read Letter Icon Card File Icon Print1 Icon View Diary Icon Write Diary Icon Patient Icon New Patient Icon Pathology Icon Health Summary Icon Patient Health Icon Search Patient Icon Family Icon New Family Icon Search Family Icon Maternity Icon Stress Icon Administration Icon Demographics Icon Trusteeship Icon Balance Icon Scales Icon Death Icon Diabetes Icon Radiology Icon Radiation Icon Heart Beating Icon Drug Icon Syringe Icon Vaccinations Icon Waiting Room Icon Help1 Icon Skull Icon Search Icon Protection Icon Pie Chart2 Icon Phentermine Icon Nexium Icon Meridia Icon Hospital Nurse Icon Diary Icon Danger Icon Cancer Icon Calendar Icon Brain Icon Bio Hazard Icon Bar Code Icon Tooth Brush Icon Tooth Icon Teeth Icon Stomatologist Icon Sound Tooth Icon Pocket Book Icon Pie Chart Icon Paid Medical Invoice Icon Medical Store1 Icon Medical Bag1 Icon Health Icon Empty Document Icon New Document Icon Bug Icon Mosquito Icon Stethoscope Icon Telephone1 Icon Sell Icon Chemist Icon Relaxation Icon Purchase Icon Pollution Icon Pills Icon Pill Icon Ampouls Icon Ampoul Icon Patient-Boy1 Icon Optometrist1 Icon No Mosquito Icon Microscope Icon Medical Insurance1 Icon Library Icon Good State Icon Bad State Icon OK1 Icon Genetics Icon Genealogy1 Icon Donation Icon Doctor Icon
Computer Doctor Icon DNA Icon Mark Patient Icon Patient-Girl Icon Box Icon Apple Icon Spray Icon Boss Icon Nurse Icon Receptionist Icon Veterinary Icon Basket Icon Search Nurse Icon Book Icon Coffin Icon Drug Basket Icon Drugs Icon Drugstore Icon Grave Icon Mouse Icon Phone2 Icon Retort Icon Search Letter Icon Tablet Icon Tablets Icon Test Tubes Icon Thermometer Icon Cardiology Icon Ear Icon Eye Icon Face Icon Vaccination Icon Vaccine Icon Anatomy128 Icon Appointment Icon Baby-Girl Icon Baby-Boy Icon Bell-Push Icon Check Tooth Icon Check Patient-Woman Icon Chief Medical Officer Icon Delete Tooth Icon Remove Patient-Woman Icon Deseased Icon Search Doctor Icon Edit Patient-Woman Icon Emergency On Icon Eye-Chart Icon Sanitarian Icon Heart Icon Medical Bag Icon Medical Invoice Icon Paid Medical Invoice1 Icon Medical Invoice Info Icon Patient-Woman Info Icon Doctor Info Icon Optometrist Icon Patient-Girl1 Icon Patient-Boy Icon Patient-Man Icon Add Patient-Woman Icon Search Patient-Woman Icon Patient-Woman Warning Icon Patient-Woman Icon Receptionist1 Icon Remove Tooth Icon Delete Patient-Woman Icon Temporary Tooth Icon Tooth Status Icon Bacteria Icon Baby Icon Emergency Off Icon Insurance1 Icon Add Patient-Man Icon Check Patient-Man Icon Delete Patient-Man Icon Edit Patient-Man Icon Patient-Man Info Icon Remove Patient-Man Icon Search Patient-Man Icon Patient-Man Warning Icon Pregnancy Icon Balance2 Icon Red Cross And Crescent Icon Cialis ST Icon Viagra ST Icon Ativan Icon Valium Icon Car4 Icon Black Car Icon Bus Icon Tram Icon Hummer Icon Jeep Icon Taxi Icon Ambulance Icon Fire Engine Icon Police Car Icon Pick-Up Icon Mail Delivery Icon Panel Truck Icon Lorry Icon Trailer Icon Van Icon Wheeled Tractor Icon Tow Truck Icon Tank Truck Icon Crane Truck Icon Bulldozer Icon Catterpillar Tractor Icon Excavator Icon Fork-Lift Truck Icon Road Roler Icon Tank Wagon Icon Utility ATV Icon Motocycle Icon Helicopter Icon Plane1 Icon Ship Icon Yacht Icon
Cabriolet Icon Limousine Icon Minibus Icon Blue Minicar Icon Minitruck Icon MUV Icon Service Van Icon SUV Icon Tractor Unit Icon Truck Icon Helicopter3 Icon Wheeled-Tractor3 Icon Van3 Icon Utility-Atv3 Icon Truck-Red3 Icon Trailer3 Icon Tractor-Unit-Yellow1 Icon Tow-Truck3 Icon Taxi3 Icon Tank-Truck3 Icon Suvyellow3 Icon Ship3 Icon Service-Van3 Icon Tram3 Icon Road-Roler3 Icon Police-Car3 Icon Plane3 Icon Pick-Up3 Icon Panel-Truck3 Icon MUVBlue3 Icon Motocycle3 Icon Minitruck3 Icon Minicar3 Icon Minibus3 Icon Mail-Delivery3 Icon Lorry3 Icon Limosine3 Icon Jeep3 Icon Jacht3 Icon Hummer3 Icon Fork-Lift-Truck3 Icon Fire-Engine3 Icon Excavator3 Icon Crane-Truck3 Icon Catterpilar-Traktor3 Icon Car3 Icon Cabriolet3 Icon Bus3 Icon Buldozer3 Icon Black-Car3 Icon Ambulance-Car3 Icon Wheeled-Tractor2 Icon Van2 Icon Utility-Atv2 Icon Truck-Red2 Icon Trailer2 Icon Tractor-Unit-Yellow2 Icon Tow-Truck2 Icon Taxi2 Icon Tank-Truck2 Icon Suvyellow2 Icon Ship2 Icon Service-Van2 Icon Road-Roler2 Icon Police-Car2 Icon Plane2 Icon Pick-Up2 Icon Panel-Truck2 Icon MUVBlue2 Icon Motocycle2 Icon Minitruck2 Icon Minicar2 Icon Minibus2 Icon Mail-Delivery2 Icon Lorry2 Icon Limosine2 Icon Jeep2 Icon Jacht2 Icon Hummer2 Icon Helicopter2 Icon Fork-Lift-Truck2 Icon Fire-Engine2 Icon Excavator2 Icon Crane-Truck2 Icon Catterpilar-Traktor2 Icon Car2 Icon Cabriolet2 Icon Bus2 Icon Buldozer2 Icon Black-Car2 Icon Ambulance-Car2 Icon Tram-2 Icon Service-Van4 Icon Wheeled-Tractor1 Icon Van1 Icon Utility-Atv1 Icon Truck-Red1 Icon Trailer1 Icon Tractor-Unit-Yellow Icon Tow-Truck1 Icon Taxi1 Icon Tank-Wagon1 Icon Tank-Truck1 Icon SUV1 Icon Ship1 Icon Service-Van-Yellow1 Icon Road-Roler1 Icon Police-Car1 Icon Plane Icon Pick-Up1 Icon Panel-Truck1 Icon MUV1 Icon Motocycle1 Icon Minitruck-Blue Icon Minicar-Blue1 Icon Minibus1 Icon Mail-Delivery1 Icon Lorry1 Icon Limosine1 Icon Jeep1 Icon
Jacht1 Icon Hummer1 Icon Helicopter1 Icon Fork-Lift-Truck1 Icon Fire-Engine1 Icon Excavator1 Icon Crane-Truck1 Icon Catterpilar-Traktor1 Icon Car1 Icon Cabriolet1 Icon Bus1 Icon Buldozer1 Icon Black-Car1 Icon Ambulance-Car1 Icon Tram-1 Icon Calendar2 Icon VOIP Icon Shredder Icon Timer Icon Schedule Icon Compass1 Icon Clock1 Icon Alarm Clock Icon Gauge Icon Open Card Index Icon Card Index Icon Mail Box Icon Empty Mail Box Icon Insurance3 Icon Income Icon Handcuffs Icon Handbag Icon Gift Icon Forms1 Icon Auction Icon Finances Icon Coin Icon Exit1 Icon Door Icon Contracts Icon City Icon Casino Icon Book-Keeping Icon Beverage Icon Bankruptcy Icon 3D Graph Icon 3D Bar Chart Icon Bar Graph Icon Bar Chart Icon Account Books Icon Account ID Icon Banknote Icon Adress Book Icon Air Ticket Icon Airplane Icon Automobile Loan Interest Payment Icon Car Icon Bulldozer1 Icon ATM Icon Automobile Loan Icon Baggage Icon Balance1 Icon Bank Icon Bar-Code Scanner Icon Burn Money Icon Bundle Icon Building Icon Building Construction Icon Brief Case Icon Book Of Record Icon Book1 Icon Red Basket Icon Basket2 Icon Bar-Code Icon Box1 Icon Yen Icon Week Icon Purse Icon Protection1 Icon Pound Coin Icon Message1 Icon Mallet Icon Library2 Icon Head Icon Blue Box Icon Zoom Icon Letter1 Icon Mastercard Icon Money Turnover Icon Circulation Icon Wine Icon OK2 Icon Search1 Icon Dollars Icon Finger-Print Scanner Icon Glass Icon Yen Coin Icon Tables Icon Signature Icon Handshake Icon Finger-Print Scanning V2 Icon Earnings Icon Login Icon Properties Icon Yen1 Icon Pound Sterling Icon Down1 Icon One Coin Icon Up Icon Recession Icon Increase Icon New Stake Icon Stake Calculation Icon View Stakes Icon Query Icon Options2 Icon Info1 Icon Help Book1 Icon Calc Stakes Icon Bookie Icon
About Icon Items Icon New Item Icon Boss1 Icon Camcorder Icon Camera Icon Car Keys Icon Death1 Icon Dollar Coin Icon Driver Icon Earnings1 Icon Empty Dustbin Icon Euro Coin Icon Fax1 Icon Financier Icon Finger-Print Scanning1 Icon Form1 Icon Full Dustbin Icon Handshake1 Icon Locked Notebook Icon Login2 Icon Managers Icon Marketer Icon Mobile Phone Icon Motor Mechanic Icon PC Synchronization Icon Petroleum Industry Icon Phone Support Icon Piggy-Bank Icon Police-Officer Icon Postman Icon Prisoner Icon Properties2 Icon Realtor Icon Recycling Icon Signature2 Icon Tag Icon Telephone2 Icon Telephone Receiver Icon Themis Icon Visual Communication Icon Appointment2 Icon Detective Icon Road Icon Railway Icon Money Folder Icon Globe Icon Find In Folder Icon Trading Icon Peak-Cap Icon Finder Print Icon Unlock1 Icon Web Site Icon Web Icon Traffic Lights Icon Tip Of The Day Icon Shield And Swords Icon Pipe-Line Icon Order Tracking Icon Open Lock1 Icon Lock Icon Internet Company Icon Food Icon Find In Computer Icon Equipment Icon Earth1 Icon Diamond Icon Car Key Icon Buy Icon Scales1 Icon Accept Auto Transactions Icon Storage Rate Maintenance Icon Confirm Orders Icon Text Document Icon Statement Icon Query Runner Icon Order Form Icon List Icon Event Manager1 Icon Create Order Icon Write E-Mail Icon Web Page Icon Table1 Icon Stick Icon Stamp Icon Print Icon Preview Icon Pound Sterling1 Icon Pin Icon Phone Icon Period End Icon Order Analisis Icon Object Manager1 Icon Notes Icon Newspaper Icon Monitor And Phone Icon Empty Document1 Icon Edit Message Icon Edit Document Icon Edit Prices Icon Documents Icon Credit Report Icon Coconut Tree Icon Brick House Icon Configuration Icon Disaster Icon Edit Icon Floppy Disk Icon Flow Block Icon Folder Icon Freight Car Icon Full Basket Icon Genealogy Icon Goods Icon Home Icon Hotel Icon Industry Icon Medical Insurance Icon Medical Store Icon Metal Barrel Icon
Mortgage Loan Interest Payment Icon Pallet Icon Passport Icon Pen Icon Pie Chart3 Icon Probability Icon Property Icon Real Estate Icon Realty Icon Safe Icon Save File Icon Tank Wagon1 Icon Open File1 Icon Crane Truck1 Icon Courier Icon Conference Icon Computer1 Icon Coins Icon Coffee Icon Clients Icon Client List Icon Cheque Icon Check Out Cart Icon Certificate Icon Cellphone Icon Cash Register Icon Card Terminal Icon Card File1 Icon Capital Gains Icon Calculator1 Icon Cash Icon Blanks Icon Accountant Icon Desktop1 Icon Delivery1 Icon Data Transmission Icon Datasheet Icon Database Access Icon Database1 Icon Customers1 Icon Credit Cards Icon Credit Card1 Icon Credit Icon Personal Loan Icon Thief Icon Buyer Bag Icon Credit Card Icon Dollar Icon E-Mai Icon Euro Icon Exchange Icon Filter1 Icon Fire Damage Icon Green Dollar Icon Hand Cart Icon Interest Of Deposit Icon Key Icon Key Copy Icon Keys Icon Money1 Icon Money Bag Icon Mortgage Loan Icon Percent Icon Price List2 Icon Purchase1 Icon Schedule1 Icon Shopping Cart Icon Sum Icon Tax Icon Time1 Icon Tourist Business Icon Trade Icon Repair Costs Icon Data Transmission1 Icon Fast Back Icon Back Icon Forward Icon Fast Forward Icon Delete Icon Exit Icon Form Editor Icon Hint1 Icon Info Icon Insert Icon Internet Application Icon SQL Navigator Icon Air Forces Icon Event Manager Icon Road1 Icon Objects Icon Route ID Icon Liner Icon Pencil Icon Check Boxes Icon Zoom In1 Icon Zoom Out1 Icon Graph Icon How To Icon Lookup Icon Object Manager Icon Manage Views Icon Binoculars Icon Options1 Icon Check Route Icon Support Icon Update Icon Eraser Icon Filter Icon Filters Icon Hand Icon Real Earth Icon Square Earth Icon Postage Stamp Icon Next Icon Pointer Icon Time Icon Rubber Icon Backup Archive Icon Data Container Icon Send Mail Icon
Multimedia Icon LCD Monitor1 Icon Internet Icon Back128 Icon Fast-Back128 Icon Fast-Forward128 Icon Forward128 Icon

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Impressive Menu Icons - Icon List

3d bar chart, 3d bar chart1, 3d graph, Abort, About, Accept auto transactions, Accept money, Access, Account, Account books, Account ID, Accountant, Accounts, Actual size, Add, Add folder, Add folder 16, Add patient-man, Add patient-woman, Address book, Address book1, Administration, Adress book, Air forces, Air ticket, Airplane, Alarm clock, All reports, Ambulance, Ambulance car, Ambulance-car1, Ambulance-car2, Ambulance-car3, Ampoul, Ampouls, Anatomy128, Apple, Apply, Appointment, Appointment1, Appointment2, Appointments, Archive, Ativan, ATM, Auction, Audio, Auto zoom, Automobile loan, Automobile loan interest payment, Baby, Baby-boy, Baby-girl, Back, Back128, Backup, Backup archive, Bacteria, Bad mark, Bad state, Baggage, Balance, Balance1, Balance2, Bank, Banknote, Bankruptcy, Bar chart, Bar chart1, Bar code, Bar graph, Bar-code, Bar-code scanner, Basket, Basket1, Basket2, Bee, Bell-push, Beverage, Binoculars, Bio hazard, Black car, Black-car1, Black-car2, Black-car3, Blank, Blanks, Blanks1, Blanks2, Blue box, Blue minicar, Bluetooth, Book, Book of record, Book1, Book2, Bookie, Book-keeping, Books, Boss, Boss1, Bottom, Box, Box1, Brain, Brick house, Brief case, Browser, Bug, Building, Building construction, Buldozer1, Buldozer2, Buldozer3, Bulldozer, Bulldozer1, Bundle, Burn, Burn money, Bus, Bus1, Bus2, Bus3, Bus4, Buy, Buyer bag, Cabriolet, Cabriolet1, Cabriolet2, Cabriolet3, Calc stakes, Calculator, Calculator1, Calendar, Calendar1, Calendar2, Camcorder, Camcorder1, Camera, Camera1, Cancer, Capital gains, Car, Car key, Car keys, Car1, Car2, Car3, Car4, Card, Card file, Card file1, Card index, Card terminal, Card-file, Cardiogram, Cardiology, Cards, Case, Case history, Cash, Cash register, Cash-register, Casino, Catterpilar-traktor1, Catterpilar-traktor2, Catterpilar-traktor3, Catterpillar tractor, CD, Cellphone, Certificate, Chart, Check boxes, Check out cart, Check patient-man, Check patient-woman, Check route, Check tooth, Chemist, Cheque, Cheque1, Chief medical officer, Chip, Choice, Cialis ST, Cinema, Circulation, City, Client list, Clients, Clipboard, Clock, Clock1, Close, Coconut tree, Coffee, Coffee1, Coffin, Coin, Coins, Coins1, Compass, Compass1, Computer, Computer doctor, Computer frame, Computer1, Conference, Configuration, Confirm orders, Consultation Notes, Contracts, Copy, Correspondence, Courier, Crane truck, Crane truck1, Crane-truck1, Crane-truck2, Crane-truck3, Create order, Credit, Credit card, Credit card1, Credit card2, Credit cards, Credit cards1, Credit report, Critical details, Customer, Customers, Customers1, Cut, Danger, Dark hand, Data container, Data transmission, Data transmission, Data transmission1, Database, Database access, Database1, Datasheet, Datasheet1, Datasheets, Death, Death1, Delete, Delete folder, Delete patient-man, Delete patient-woman, Delete tooth, Delete1, Delivery, Delivery1, Demographics, Deseased, Desktop, Desktop1, Detective, Diabetes, Diamond, Diary, Disaster, DNA, Doctor, Doctor info, Doctor1, Document, Document1, Documents, Documents1, Dollar, Dollar coin, Dollar1, Dollars, Donation, Door, Down, Down1, Driver, Drug, Drug basket, Drugs, Drugstore, DVD, Ear, Earning, Earnings, Earnings1, Earth, Earth1, Easel, Edit, Edit document, Edit message, Edit patient-man, Edit patient-woman, Edit prices, E-mai, E-mai1, Emergency off, Emergency on, Empty document, Empty document1, Empty dustbin, Empty file, Empty mail box, Empty recycle bin, Equalizer, Equipment, Erase, Eraser, Error, Euro, Euro coin, Event manager, Event manager1, Excavator, Excavator1, Excavator2, Excavator3, Exchange, Exit, Exit1, Export, Eye, Eye-chart, Face, Family, Fast back, Fast forward, Fast-back128, Fast-forward128, Favourites, Fax, Fax1, File sharing, Filter, Filter1, Filters, Finances, Financier, Find, Find in computer, Find in folder, Find in folder1, Find next, Find previous, Finder print, Finger-print scanner, Finger-print scanning, Finger-print scanning v2, Finger-print scanning1, Fingers, Fire damage, Fire engine, Fire-engine1, Fire-engine2, Fire-engine3, First, First-aid, Fist, Flag, Floppy, Floppy disk, Flow block, Folder, Folder sharing, Food, Forbidden, Fork-lift truck, Fork-lift-truck1, Fork-lift-truck2, Fork-lift-truck3, Form, Form editor, Form1, Forms, Forms1, Forward, Forward128, Freight car, Full basket, Full dustbin, Full recycle bin, Gauge, Genealogy, Genealogy1, Genetics, Gift, Glass, Globe, Go, Good mark, Good state, Goods, Graph, Grave, Green dollar, Hand, Hand cart, Hand cart1, Hand1, Handbag, Handcuffs, Handshake, Handshake1, Handshake2, Head, Headphone, Health, Health care, Health summary, Heart, Heart beating, Helicopter, Helicopter1, Helicopter2, Helicopter3, Helicopter4, Help, Help book, Help book1, Help1, Hint, Hint1, Home, Home1, Hospital, Hospital nurse, Hotel, How to, Hummer, Hummer1, Hummer2, Hummer3, Import, Income, Income1, Increase, Index, Industry, Info, Info1, Info2, Insert, Install, Insurance, Insurance1, Insurance2, Insurance3, Interest of deposit, Internet, Internet access, Internet application, Internet company, Invoice, Items, Jacht1, Jacht2, Jacht3, Jeep, Jeep1, Jeep2, Jeep3, Karaoke, Key, Key copy, Key1, Keyboard, Keys, Keys1, Laptop, Last, LCD monitor, LCD monitor1, Left, Letter, Letter1, Library, Library1, Library2, Light off, Light on, Limosine1, Limosine2, Limosine3, Limousine, Liner, List, List1, List2, Lists, Lock, Lock1, Locked notebook, Login, Login1, Login2, Lookup, Lorry, Lorry1, Lorry2, Lorry3, Mail, Mail box, Mail delivery, Mail-delivery1, Mail-delivery2, Mail-delivery3, Mallet, Manage views, Managers, Mark patient, Market report, Marketer, Mastercard, Maternity, Medical bag, Medical bag1, Medical insurance, Medical insurance1, Medical invoice, Medical invoice info, Medical invoice1, Medical store, Medical store1, Meridia, Message, Message1, Metal barrel, Microphone, Microscope, Minibus, Minibus1, Minibus2, Minibus3, Minicar2, Minicar3, Minicar-blue1, Minitruck, Minitruck2, Minitruck3, Minitruck-blue, Mobile phone, Mobile phone1, Modem, Modify, Money, Money bag, Money folder, Money turnover, Money1, Monitor and phone, Mortgage loan, Mortgage loan interest payment, Mosquito, Motocycle, Motocycle1, Motocycle2, Motocycle3, Motor mechanic, Mouse, Move, Multimedia, Music, Music kit, Music-notes, MUV, MUV1, MUVBlue2, MUVBlue3, Network computer, Network group, Network sharing, New, New appointment, New document, New family, New folder, New item, New letter, New patient, New stake, Newspaper, Nexium, Next, No, No entry, No mosquito, Notebook, Notes, Notes1, Notes2, Nurse, Object manager, Object manager1, Objects, Objects1, OK, OK1, OK2, One coin, Open card index, Open file, Open file1, Open lock, Open lock1, Open-folder, Options, Options1, Options2, Optometrist, Optometrist1, Order analisis, Order form, Order tracking, Pack, Paid medical invoice, Paid medical invoice1, Pallet, Palm, Panel truck, Panel truck1, Panel-truck1, Panel-truck2, Panel-truck3, Passport, Paste, Paste from clipboard, Pathology, Patient, Patient health, Patient-boy, Patient-boy1, Patient-girl, Patient-girl1, Patient-man, Patient-man info, Patient-man warning, Patient-woman, Patient-woman info, Patient-woman warning, Payment, PC synchronization, Peak-cap, Pen, Pencil, Percent, Period end, Personal loan, Petition, Petroleum industry, Phentermine, Phone, Phone receiver, Phone support, Phone1, Phone2, Physician, Pick-up, Pick-up1, Pick-up2, Pick-up3, Pie chart, Pie chart1, Pie chart2, Pie chart3, Piggy-bank, Pill, Pills, Pin, Pinion, Pipe-line, Plane, Plane1, Plane2, Plane3, Pocket book, Pointer, Pointer1, Police car, Police-car1, Police-car2, Police-car3, Police-officer, Pollution, Postage stamp, Postman, Pound coin, Pound sterling, Pound sterling1, Power, Prayer, Pregnancy, Preview, Price list, Price list1, Price list2, Print, Print preview, Print1, Print2, Printer, Prisoner, Probability, Problem, Properties, Properties1, Properties2, Property, Protection, Protection1, Protocols, Purchase, Purchase1, Purse, Query, Query runner, Query-runner, Radiation, Radio transmitter, Radiology, Railway, Read letter, Real Earth, Real estate, Realtor, Realty, Receipt, Receptionist, Receptionist1, Recession, Recycling, Red basket, Red Cross and Crescent, Redo, Refresh, Relaxation, Remove, Remove patient-man, Remove patient-woman, Remove tooth, Repair, Repair computer, Repair costs, Report, Reports, Reports1, Restore, Retort, Right, Road, Road roler, Road1, Road-roler1, Road-roler2, Road-roler3, Robot, Rotate-ccw, Rotate-cw, Route ID, Rubber, Safe, Sanitarian, Save all, Save as, Save file, Scale, Scales, Scales1, Scanner, Schedule, Schedule1, Search, Search doctor, Search family, Search folder, Search letter, Search nurse, Search on computer, Search patient, Search patient-man, Search patient-woman, Search text, Search1, Search2, Secrecy, Security, Sell, Send mail, Send money, Sertificate, Server, Service van, Service-van2, Service-van3, Service-van4, Service-van-yellow1, Sharing, Shield, Shield and swords, Ship, Ship1, Ship2, Ship3, Shopping cart, Shredder, Sick-list, Signature, Signature1, Signature2, Site map, Skull, Smile, Sound tooth, Spray, SQL navigator, Square Earth, Stake calculation, Stamp, Statement, Status, Stethoscope, Stick, Stomatologist, Stop, Storage rate maintenance, Stress, Structure, Sum, Support, Surgeon, SUV, SUV1, Suvyellow2, Suvyellow3, Syringe, Table, Table1, Tables, Tables1, Tablet, Tablets, Tag, Tank truck, Tank wagon, Tank wagon1, Tank-truck1, Tank-truck2, Tank-truck3, Tank-wagon1, Tax, Taxi, Taxi1, Taxi2, Taxi3, Teeth, Telephone, Telephone receiver, Telephone1, Telephone2, Temporary tooth, Test tubes, Text document, Themis, Thermometer, Thief, Time, Time1, Timer, Timer1, Tip of the day, Tone dialing, Tools, Tooth, Tooth brush, Tooth status, Top, Tourist business, Tow truck, Tow-truck1, Tow-truck2, Tow-truck3, Tractor unit, Tractor-unit-yellow, Tractor-unit-yellow1, Tractor-unit-yellow2, Trade, Trading, Traffic lights, Trailer, Trailer1, Trailer2, Trailer3, Tram, Tram-1, Tram-2, Tram3, Truck, Truck-red1, Truck-red2, Truck-red3, Trusteeship, Turn off, TV, Undo, Uninstall, Unlock, Unlock1, Unpack, Up, Up folder, Up folder1, Up1, Update, USB flash drive, User group, User login, User logout, Utility ATV, Utility-atv1, Utility-atv2, Utility-atv3, Vaccination, Vaccinations, Vaccine, Valid, Valium, Van, Van1, Van2, Van3, Veterinary, Viagra ST, View diary, View stakes, Visa card, Visual communication, VOIP, Waiting room, Warning, Web, Web page, Web site, Week, Wheeled tractor, Wheeled-tractor1, Wheeled-tractor2, Wheeled-tractor3, Wine, Wizard, Write diary, Write e-mail, Wrong, Yacht, Yen, Yen coin, Yen1, Yes, Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom in1, Zoom out, Zoom out1, Zoom1.

Stock Icons - Maintain the Quality Work!

There are so many ways to add stock icons for your application or web designing like task. Well, there is always a need for the stock Windows icons when you are making applications or web designing. If you really want to make these applications perfect and you want to generate a good web design, then you can now download these stock icons directly from the websites. There are also website which will offer more ideas about stock icons and how you can download them for free. It's the addition of stock icons for application and web designing like task seems to be quite apparent and having more importance. Thus you need to look for the ways through which you can download these stock icons for free or for a low cost.

These are the great Windows icons which you can use for any sorts of application making task in order to keep the right flow and maintain the quality of the work. Most of them give you the free downloading of the icons for clients to examine, and you may also examine them very closely in case, that fulfills requirement or not. Also, check out colors in icons are rich & complementary, angle & prospective on that they are made is correct, edges and corners must be soft & slightly rounded. These elements have to get considered when selecting icons for the web design. Thus, necessity of icons is two and first, to make computing easy.

How To Use Windows Icons and Where To Find Them?

Are you sick of noticing regular windows icons on your monitor? Here are simple tips on how to changethese little graphical representations and where you can find interesting icons to build your very own icon folder.

Windows XP has made heavy use of computer graphics which is the obvious rationale for its fame. The state of the art GUI or graphical user interface makes it smooth for even the inexperienced user to supplyinformation with relative simplicity. If you need to open a folder, all you need to do is click on the graphical image or the Windows icons on the monitor. You can also alter these windows icons to make the appearance of your screen suit your liking.

If you are pondering over why you should lift your fingers for altering the images, the reply is very simple, computer users get bored of noticing regular icons day after day and modifying the Windows icons can offer a novel work scenery for people who work long hours on computer. This just means that picking never before used computer graphics can actually help to improve your work productivity. If you have not considered changing the iconson your computer screen already; here are certain clear-cut tips that will make the task hasslefree.

  • The first step is to; of course, switch on the computer and let Windows load as usual
  • As soon as you are on the desktop, click on the start button which is at the lower right hand corner of the screen; this should bring up a menu, look for the tab "My computer" and click on it. An alternate way is to open the computer storage is by double clicking on the "My computer" icon on the computer screen; this is generally the topmost image on the screen; but, the icon will only be on the screen if the icon has been enabled on the desktop.
  • This being done, you to look for the application for which the icon is being used, this images has to be altered. You have to have an idea the placement of the file in the computer or you can see the search tab in the start menu to to look for the program and know its exact location
  • Once you find the program, right click on it and a menu should pop up, click on the properties option..
  • Its very easy to locate the "change icon" button here, clicking on it will take you to a section that will have a couple of icons that can be applied to your selection. However, often, you may not be able to find the change icon tab, in this scenario, you should make a desktop icon; to do so, click on the cancel button of the properties menu and use the right button on your mouse to reach the initial menu, here you will seea second tab that reads "send to desktop" or "create shortcut", point and use your mouse on this tab and return to the desktop, you can now see the program with the normal Widows icon. Now, you can right click on it and alter the image.
  • If you cannot see the image that you need in the dropdown list, rummage through the system to find an appropriate web graphics

    Where can you get interesting icons?

    There are numerous websites that offer free icon sets; as a matter of fact, several websites feature images for different professions. If you dont prefer the quality of the free iages, windows icons are readily available at affordable figures.

  • About Icons

    We offer stock icons for desktop applications, web sites, mobile software, graphic design, business cards.

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    Perfect Toolbar Icons

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    toolbar icons

     Database Icon Set

    database icons

     Audio Toolbar Icons

    audio icons A great set of icons for sound-recording applications and audio catalogues. Wide range of sizes from 16x16 to 48x48 pixels is provided.

     Perfect CMS Icons

    cms icons

    A collection of bright and stylish icons that will instantly enhance any web page or portal. Available in all the typical toolbar sizes.

     Large Crystal Icons

    Crystal Icons

    Large Crystal Icons set holds a great variety of images in all the popular icon formats, including ICO, PNG, BMP and 3ds Max.

     Large Vector Icons

    Vector Icons

    Large Vector Icons represent everything a vector icon set can be. Smooth, easily readable, increadibly stylish - and the best thing is, they all work together as a matching set.