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As the name implies, Classic Menu Icons are drawn in a classic, conservative style that matches look and feel of Windows XP, Android and similar systems. These sharply edged icons will invoke instant recognition with users, and are a perfect fit for a variety of projects. The collection of Classic Menu Icons covers a broad range of topics such as file operations, navigation, communication and instant messaging, hardware and software operations, devices, construction, sciences and finance. This set of royalty-free computer icons can be a perfect match for applications targeted to the more conservative audience.

Classic Menu Icons include more than 500 unique icons with over 8000 variations. Four image formats (ICO, PNG, GIF, and BMP) are included, and sizes of 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, and 16x16 pixels are provided. All icons come in Normal, Hot and Disabled styles. The True Color versions will have smooth edges on any background thanks to the carefully applied alpha-channel, while 256-color variants come on a transparent background.

Image states: normal, hot, disabled
File formats: PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO
Image sizes: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, 16x16
Background: transparent
Icon quantity: 526
Image quantity: 5260
File quantity: 8416
Price: $99.00 / 79.00 EUR
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Classic Computer Icons

Folder Icon Open Icon Documents1 Icon Floppy Icon Save Icon Save As Icon Save All Icon Cut Icon Copy Icon Paste Icon Undo1 Icon Redo Icon Go Back Icon Go Forward Icon Refresh1 Icon Update Icon Synchronize Icon Up Icon Down Icon Preview Icon View Icon Print Icon Printer Icon Print1 Icon Print Preview1 Icon Printer2 Icon Camera Icon Delete1 Icon Undelete Icon New Icon List Icon Lists Icon Items Icon Report Icon Order Icon Notes Icon Edit Icon Notebook1 Icon Pixel Editor Icon Yes Icon Apply Icon OK Icon Erase Icon Cancel1 Icon No Icon Error Icon Add1 Icon Info1 Icon Help1 Icon How To Icon Hint1 Icon Help Book Icon Book Icon Letter Icon Send Letter Icon E-Mail1 Icon Address Book Icon Message1 Icon Attach Icon Tip Of The Day Icon Key Icon Lock1 Icon Shield Icon Police Officer Icon Certificate Icon Card File1 Icon Brief Case Icon Pocket-Book Icon Database Icon Cube Icon Registry Icon Relations Icon Script Icon Filter Icon Package Icon Balance Icon Scales Icon Configuration1 Icon Options2 Icon Settings Icon Tools Icon Search Icon Find Icon About Icon Properties Icon Attribute Icon Scenario Icon Table Icon Tables Icon Counter1 Icon Burn CD Icon Calculator2 Icon Calendar Icon Camera1 Icon Case Icon CD1 Icon Coffee Icon Computer Icon Customers Icon First Aid1 Icon Home Icon Key1 Icon Lock Icon Unlock Icon Open Lock Icon Internet Access Icon Keys Icon Dollar1 Icon Hand Cart Icon Camcoder Icon Login Icon Cash Register2 Icon Card File Icon Income Icon Delivery Icon Insurance Icon Green Earth Icon Earth Icon Time Zone Icon Favourites Icon
Go Icon Green Message Icon Message Icon Red Message Icon Blue Message Icon Checked Message Icon Synchronize Messages Icon Hint Icon Hints Icon Mail Icon Music Notes Icon Music Icon No Music Icon Search1 Icon Smile Icon Person Details Icon Warning Icon Add Icon Remove Icon Payment1 Icon Notes1 Icon Documents Icon Handshake1 Icon Airplane Icon Pallet Icon Brief Case1 Icon E-Mail Icon Cut1 Icon Options Icon Pricelist Icon Money Bag Icon Money Icon Credit Icon Coins Icon Database1 Icon Credit Cards2 Icon Help Icon Attach1 Icon Alarm1 Icon Globe1 Icon Info Icon Ok1 Icon Apply1 Icon Erase1 Icon Delete Icon No1 Icon Abort Icon Error1 Icon Close Icon Cancel Icon Problem Icon Clock1 Icon Hystory Icon Schedule1 Icon Stop Icon Turn Off Icon Folder2 Icon Britain Icon Euro Icon Usa Icon Windows1 Icon Languages Icon Undo Icon Redo1 Icon Refresh Icon Play Icon Next Icon Hot Documents Icon Folder1 Icon Calculator Icon Exit Icon Open Door Icon Reflex Camera Icon Chip1 Icon Server1 Icon Computer1 Icon Desktop Icon Phone1 Icon Mobile Phone1 Icon Fax1 Icon Bar-Code Scanner Icon Pallet1 Icon Basket1 Icon Full Basket Icon Hand Cart1 Icon Delivery1 Icon Fast Delivery Icon Handshake Icon Signature Icon Payment Icon Cash Register Icon Credit Card1 Icon Credit Cards1 Icon Coin Icon Coins1 Icon Money Bag1 Icon Dollar Icon Money1 Icon Price List Icon Insurance2 Icon Credit1 Icon Clock2 Icon Timer1 Icon Alarm Clock Icon Alarm Icon History Icon Schedule Icon Calendar1 Icon Compass Icon Web Icon Globe Icon Anchor Icon Retort Icon Music Note Icon Pin Icon Network Card Icon Motherboard Icon Sound Card Icon Video Card Icon Memory Chip Icon
Light On Icon Light Off Icon Computer2 Icon Laptop Icon Notebook Icon Computer Frame Icon Server Icon CRT Monitor Icon LCD Monitor Icon Desktop1 Icon Monitors Icon Dot-Matrix Printer Icon Laser Printer Icon Bubblejet Icon Scanner Icon Print Preview Icon Search Computer Icon Find In Computer Icon Install Icon Uninstall Icon CD Icon Floppy1 Icon USB Flash Drive Icon Pen Drive Icon Bluetooth-Adapter Icon PCIMCI Card Icon Chip Icon Processor Icon Bluetooth Icon Wi-Fi Icon Radio Transmitter Icon Portable Radio Transmitter Icon USB Icon LPT-Plug Icon COM-Plug Icon Network Connection Icon Network Group Icon Network Structure Icon Network Computer Icon Data Transmission Icon Device Icon HDD Icon CD Drive Icon Floppy Drive Icon Secure Device Icon Card Reader Icon Phone Icon Fax Icon Mobile Phone Icon Telephone Icon Telephone Receiver Icon Card Reader Terminal Icon Card Terminal Icon Cash Register1 Icon ATM Machine Icon Calculator1 Icon Barcode Scanner Icon Fingerprint Scanner Icon Fingerprint Scan Icon Access Icon Login1 Icon Login V2 Icon Karaoke Icon Router Icon Modem Icon Projector Icon Keyboard Icon PDA Icon Palm Icon GPS-Navigator Icon Web-Camera Icon Camera2 Icon Battery Icon Power Icon UPS Icon Cooler Icon Mouse-Pad Icon Mouse Icon Trackball Icon Kid-Track Icon Game Steering Wheel Icon Gamepad Icon Joystick Icon Microphone Icon Audio-Plug Icon Headphones Icon MP3 Player Icon Remote-Control Icon TV Tuner Icon TV Icon Camcorder Icon Audio Icon Female Screw Icon Pinion Icon Tools1 Icon Configuration Icon Options1 Icon Spanner Icon Wrench Icon Monkey-Wrench Icon Repair Computer Icon Network Tool Icon Delivery2 Icon Basket Icon Credit Card Icon Credit Cards Icon VISA Card Icon Smart Card Icon Robot Icon Counter Icon Clock Icon Timer Icon Physician Icon Doctor Icon Nurse Icon Hospital Nurse Icon Surgeon Icon Sanitarian Icon Appointment Icon Doctor Info Icon
Chief Medical Officer Icon Head Physician Icon Insurance Agent Icon Professor Icon Psychoanalyst Icon Staff Icon Consultation Icon Veterinary Icon Dentist Icon Cardiologist Icon Computer Doctor Icon Druggist Icon Chemist Icon Receptionist Icon Secretary Icon Patient Icon Patient-Man Icon Patient-Woman Icon Patients Icon Family Icon Children Icon Baby Icon Baby Carriage Icon Retiree Icon Angel Icon Head Icon Good State Icon Genealogy Icon Demography Icon Genetics Icon Teeth Icon Sound Tooth Icon Tooth Icon Temporary Tooth Icon False Tooth Icon Toothbrush Icon Toothpaste Icon Thermometer Icon Eye Icon Spectacles Icon Sun Glasses Icon Eye Chart Icon Ear Icon Heart Icon Brain Icon Brain Probe Icon Metabolism Icon Test Tubes Icon Blood Test Icon Bacteria Icon Syringe Icon Ampule Icon Ampules Icon Vaccine Icon Vaccination Icon Done Vaccination Icon Gloved Hand Icon Stethoscope Icon Medical Network Icon Patient Folder Icon Medical Insurance Icon Medical Invoice Info Icon Medical Invoice Paid Icon Medical Invoice Icon Insurance Agreement Icon Insurance1 Icon First Aid Icon Medical Bag Icon Ambulance Icon Casualty Helicopter Icon Hospital1 Icon Health Care Icon Snake Cup Icon Knowledge Icon Skull Icon Tablet Icon Pill Icon Drugs Icon Natural Drug Icon Drug Icon Drug Basket Icon Flask Icon Bio Hazard Icon Cannabis Icon Domestic Animals Icon Apple Icon Food Icon Health Icon City Icon Megapolis Icon Bedroom Community Icon Small House Icon House Icon Bank Icon Brick Home Icon Brick House Icon Brick Buildings Icon Sky-Scrapers Icon Temple Icon Church Icon Cinema Icon Commercial Icon Commercial Building Icon Tall House Icon Multistorey Building Icon Multistorey Buildings Icon Hotel Icon Condominium Icon Condominium V2 Icon Hospital Icon Hospital Building Icon Municipal Hospital Icon Drugstore Building Icon School Icon School Building Icon University Icon College Icon College Building Icon Theater Icon Museum Icon
Shop Icon Retail Shop Icon Football Stadium Icon Stadium V2 Icon Zoo Icon Garden Icon Zoological Garden Icon Office Icon Yard Icon Telecom Icon Police Station Icon Police Station V2 Icon Police Icon Law-Court Icon Government Icon Pentagon Icon Cemetery Icon Sculpture Icon Justice Icon Television Icon Tower Icon Tower V2 Icon Toilet Icon Tumbledown Building Icon Tumbledown Building V2 Icon House-Building Icon Construction Icon Building Construction Icon New Room Icon Chemical Plant V2 Icon Factory Icon Hangar Icon Open Hangar Icon Warehouse Icon Storehouse Icon Farm Icon Farm V2 Icon Camping Site Icon Billboard Icon Address Icon Bridge Icon Window Icon Windows Icon Closed Door Icon Open Door1 Icon Community Icon

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Classic Menu Icons - Icon List

Abort, About, Access, Add, Add1, Address, Address book, Airplane, Alarm, Alarm clock, Alarm1, Ambulance, Ampule, Ampules, Anchor, Angel, Apple, Apply, Apply1, Appointment, ATM machine, Attach, Attach1, Attribute, Audio, Audio-plug, Baby, Baby carriage, Bacteria, Balance, Bank, Barcode scanner, Bar-code scanner, Basket, Basket1, Battery, Bedroom community, Billboard, Bio hazard, Blood test, Blue message, Bluetooth, Bluetooth-adapter, Book, Brain, Brain probe, Brick buildings, Brick home, Brick house, Bridge, Brief case, Brief case1, Britain, Bubblejet, Building construction, Burn CD, Calculator, Calculator1, Calculator2, Calendar, Calendar1, Camcoder, Camcorder, Camera, Camera1, Camera2, Camping site, Cancel, Cancel1, Cannabis, Card file, Card file1, Card reader, Card reader terminal, Card terminal, Cardiologist, Case, Cash register, Cash register1, Cash register2, Casualty helicopter, CD, CD drive, CD1, Cemetery, Certificate, Checked message, Chemical plant v2, Chemist, Chief medical officer, Children, Chip, Chip1, Church, Cinema, City, Clock, Clock1, Clock2, Close, Closed door, Coffee, Coin, Coins, Coins1, College, College building, Commercial, Commercial building, Community, Compass, COM-plug, Computer, Computer doctor, Computer frame, Computer1, Computer2, Condominium, Condominium v2, Configuration, Configuration1, Construction, Consultation, Cooler, Copy, Counter, Counter1, Credit, Credit card, Credit card1, Credit cards, Credit cards1, Credit cards2, Credit1, CRT monitor, Cube, Customers, Cut, Cut1, Data transmission, Database, Database1, Delete, Delete1, Delivery, Delivery1, Delivery2, Demography, Dentist, Desktop, Desktop1, Device, Doctor, Doctor info, Documents, Documents1, Dollar, Dollar1, Domestic animals, Done vaccination, Dot-matrix printer, Down, Drug, Drug basket, Druggist, Drugs, Drugstore building, Ear, Earth, Edit, E-mail, E-mail1, Erase, Erase1, Error, Error1, Euro, Exit, Eye, Eye chart, Factory, False tooth, Family, Farm, Farm v2, Fast delivery, Favourites, Fax, Fax1, Female screw, Filter, Find, Find in computer, Fingerprint scan, Fingerprint scanner, First aid, First aid1, Flask, Floppy, Floppy drive, Floppy1, Folder, Folder1, Folder2, Food, Football stadium, Full basket, Game steering wheel, Gamepad, Garden, Genealogy, Genetics, Globe, Globe1, Gloved hand, Go, Go back, Go forward, Good state, Government, GPS-navigator, Green earth, Green message, Hand cart, Hand cart1, Handshake, Handshake1, Hangar, HDD, Head, Head physician, Headphones, Health, Health care, Heart, Help, Help book, Help1, Hint, Hint1, Hints, History, Home, Hospital, Hospital building, Hospital nurse, Hospital1, Hot documents, Hotel, House, House-building, How to, Hystory, Income, Info, Info1, Install, Insurance, Insurance agent, Insurance agreement, Insurance1, Insurance2, Internet access, Items, Joystick, Justice, Karaoke, Key, Key1, Keyboard, Keys, Kid-track, Knowledge, Languages, Laptop, Laser printer, Law-court, LCD monitor, Letter, Light off, Light on, List, Lists, Lock, Lock1, Login, Login v2, Login1, LPT-plug, Mail, Medical bag, Medical insurance, Medical invoice, Medical invoice info, Medical invoice paid, Medical network, Megapolis, Memory chip, Message, Message1, Metabolism, Microphone, Mobile phone, Mobile phone1, Modem, Money, Money bag, Money bag1, Money1, Monitors, Monkey-wrench, Motherboard, Mouse, Mouse-pad, MP3 player, Multistorey building, Multistorey buildings, Municipal hospital, Museum, Music, Music note, Music notes, Natural drug, Network card, Network computer, Network connection, Network group, Network structure, Network tool, New, New room, Next, No, No music, No1, Notebook, Notebook1, Notes, Notes1, Nurse, Office, OK, Ok1, Open, Open door, Open door1, Open hangar, Open lock, Options, Options1, Options2, Order, Package, Pallet, Pallet1, Palm, Paste, Patient, Patient folder, Patient-man, Patients, Patient-woman, Payment, Payment1, PCIMCI card, PDA, Pen drive, Pentagon, Person details, Phone, Phone1, Physician, Pill, Pin, Pinion, Pixel editor, Play, Pocket-book, Police, Police officer, Police station, Police station v2, Portable radio transmitter, Power, Preview, Price list, Pricelist, Print, Print preview, Print preview1, Print1, Printer, Printer2, Problem, Processor, Professor, Projector, Properties, Psychoanalyst, Radio transmitter, Receptionist, Red message, Redo, Redo1, Reflex camera, Refresh, Refresh1, Registry, Relations, Remote-control, Remove, Repair computer, Report, Retail shop, Retiree, Retort, Robot, Router, Sanitarian, Save, Save all, Save as, Scales, Scanner, Scenario, Schedule, Schedule1, School, School building, Script, Sculpture, Search, Search computer, Search1, Secretary, Secure device, Send letter, Server, Server1, Settings, Shield, Shop, Signature, Skull, Sky-scrapers, Small house, Smart card, Smile, Snake cup, Sound card, Sound tooth, Spanner, Spectacles, Stadium v2, Staff, Stethoscope, Stop, Storehouse, Sun glasses, Surgeon, Synchronize, Synchronize messages, Syringe, Table, Tables, Tablet, Tall house, Teeth, Telecom, Telephone, Telephone receiver, Television, Temple, Temporary tooth, Test tubes, Theater, Thermometer, Time zone, Timer, Timer1, Tip of the day, Toilet, Tools, Tools1, Tooth, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Tower, Tower v2, Trackball, Tumbledown building, Tumbledown building v2, Turn off, TV, TV tuner, Undelete, Undo, Undo1, Uninstall, University, Unlock, Up, Update, UPS, Usa, USB, USB flash drive, Vaccination, Vaccine, Veterinary, Video card, View, VISA card, Warehouse, Warning, Web, Web-camera, Wi-Fi, Window, Windows, Windows1, Wrench, Yard, Yes, Zoo, Zoological garden.

Web Icons - Select from Collection Page!

If you are trying to get the small or web icons for your application or website, then you can search out these computer icons from the icons collection site. Here, you can select & download these web icons that you need for your individual needs. All web icons have been designed individually, and it can set various thematic groups like generic computer icons, desktop icons, email icons, smile icons, dating web icons, business icons etc. There are abundant collections of web icons available so that you can download or buy these web icons as per requirements. When compared with first type 3 dimensional icons are delicate & have the special lightning.

If you are not justifying which web icons that you need, then you can contact to the web icons developers. So, they can offer you few collections of web icons. In this way, you can collect or download these web icons as per your requirements. While you are selecting these computer icons, after that you can receive a link in your email. Also, with help of the software you may convey MAC icons in the XP & XP in the MAC consequently. You require enough practice in illustration and making of icon begins with making of the sketches. Lots of colors are been used to get best upshot. The peculiar lightning & trimming of icon are been used to make the 3D icons. There exist great number of the portals in web giving you free icons.

Web icons page:

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We offer stock icons for desktop applications, web sites, mobile software, graphic design, business cards.

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