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Brilliant Menu Icons for GUI Design

Brilliant Menu Icons are drawn in a shiny and contrasty manner with thin outlines. This versatile collection of 175 images addresses a wide range of themes, covering areas of file management, business and personal organizing, accounting and finances, Internet browsing, communication, and seasonal events. This collection is designed to fit Mac OS and iOS style with "glow" shining from every image. Brilliant Menu Icons will fit easily on toolbars and menus, and can be used on mobile screens and for online projects.

The collection is offered in a number of variations, boosting the number of available icons to just over 2,800. Four image formats (PNG, GIF, BMP, and ICO) and five screen resolutions (48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, and 16x16 pixels) are provided. Each icon comes in Normal, Hot and Disabled versions. True Color versions will blend seamlessly with any background thanks to the supplied Alpha-channel layer, while 256-color editions are drawn on transparent background.

Image states: normal, hot, disabled
File formats: PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO
Image sizes: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, 16x16
Background: transparent
Icon quantity: 175
Image quantity: 1750
File quantity: 2800
Price: $49.00 / 39.00 EUR
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Brilliant Icons

Folder Icon Open Icon Documents Icon Save Icon Cut Icon Copy Icon Paste Icon Print1 Icon View Icon Preview Icon View File Icon Find Icon Search Icon Lookup Icon Search Printer Icon Redo Icon Undo Icon Renew Icon Refresh Icon Go Back Icon Go Forward Icon Full Dustbin Icon Empty Dustbin Icon Add Icon Remove Icon Apply Icon Delete Icon Erase Icon Cancel Icon No Icon Info Icon Warning Icon Problem Icon Query Icon Help Icon Hint Icon Help Book Icon About Icon Close Button Icon Close Icon New File Icon Text File Icon List Icon Numbered List Icon Lists Icon Data Sheet Icon Datasheets Icon Report Icon Reports Icon Book Icon Books Icon Library Icon Calendar Icon Date Icon Week Icon Card File1 Icon Mail Icon E-Mail Icon Address Book Icon Note Icon Write E-Mail Icon No Signature Icon Signature Icon Pencil Icon Computer Icon Server Icon Screen Icon Web Icon Data Transmission Icon Hard Disk Icon Upload Icon Download Icon Database Icon CD Icon Calculator1 Icon Telephone Icon Phone Receiver Icon Fax Icon Chart Icon Graph Icon 3D Graph Icon Pie Chart Icon Bar Chart1 Icon Lock Icon Unlock Icon Secrecy Icon Key Icon Police-Officer Icon User Icon Users Icon User Group Icon Brief Case Icon First Aid Icon Ambulance Car Icon Delivery Icon Visa Card Icon Credit Cards Icon POS Terminal Icon Cash Register Icon Money Icon Dollar Icon Price List Icon Credit Icon Bar Code Icon Bar Code Scanner Icon Basket Icon Full Basket Icon Login Icon Filter Icon Gear Icon Settings Icon Options Icon Properties Icon Access Icon Handshake Icon Zoom Icon Zoom In1 Icon Zoom Out1 Icon Wizard Icon Objects Icon
History Icon Schedule Icon Clock Icon Alarm Clock Icon Timer Icon Compass Icon Sound Icon Eye Icon OK Smile Icon Earth Icon Globe Icon Home Icon Exit Icon Bar Chart Icon Zoom In Icon Zoom Out Icon Money1 Icon Print Icon Telephone1 Icon Calculator Icon Card File Icon Time Icon Company Icon Home1 Icon Business Icon Car Icon Finger Icon Playing Cards Icon Find1 Icon Search Icons Search Photo Icon Search People Icon Phone Search Icon Phone Directory Icon Phone Lookup Icon Search Address Icon Search E-Mail Icon Reverse Lookup Icon IP Lookup Icon Finding Icon Finder Icon Locate Icon Search Engine Icon Server1 Icon Internet Icon Santa Claus Icon Santa Letter Icon Santa Cap Icon Christmas Ornaments Icon Present Icon Christmas Lights Icon Snowman Icon New Year Tree Icon Snowflake Icon Reindeer Icon

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Brilliant Menu Icons - Icon List

3d graph, About, Access, Add, Address book, Alarm clock, Ambulance car, Apply, Bar chart, Bar chart1, Bar code, Bar code scanner, Basket, Book, Books, Brief case, Business, Calculator, Calculator1, Calendar, Cancel, Car, Card file, Card file1, Cash register, CD, Chart, Christmas lights, Christmas ornaments, Clock, Close, Close button, Company, Compass, Computer, Copy, Credit, Credit cards, Cut, Data sheet, Data transmission, Database, Datasheets, Date, Delete, Delivery, Documents, Dollar, Download, Earth, E-mail, Empty dustbin, Erase, Exit, Eye, Fax, Filter, Find, Find1, Finder, Finding, Finger, First aid, Folder, Full basket, Full dustbin, Gear, Globe, Go back, Go forward, Graph, Handshake, Hard disk, Help, Help book, Hint, History, Home, Home1, Info, Internet, IP lookup, Key, Library, List, Lists, Locate, Lock, Login, Lookup, Mail, Money, Money1, New file, New Year Tree, No, No signature, Note, Numbered list, Objects, OK smile, Open, Options, Paste, Pencil, Phone directory, Phone lookup, Phone receiver, Phone search, Pie chart, Playing cards, Police-officer, POS terminal, Present, Preview, Price list, Print, Print1, Problem, Properties, Query, Redo, Refresh, Reindeer, Remove, Renew, Report, Reports, Reverse lookup, Santa cap, Santa Claus, Santa letter, Save, Schedule, Screen, Search, Search address, Search e-mail, Search engine, Search icons, Search people, Search photo, Search printer, Secrecy, Server, Server1, Settings, Signature, Snowflake, Snowman, Sound, Telephone, Telephone1, Text file, Time, Timer, Undo, Unlock, Upload, User, User group, Users, View, View file, Visa card, Warning, Web, Week, Wizard, Write e-mail, Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom in1, Zoom out, Zoom out1

Web Icons - Making Websites Amazing!

If you will ask the website designers about the installation or addition of web icons for their projects, then most of them will mention that it's always important to have those icons to get better GUI design. But most of the time these professionals are coming across problems when they are trying to create these icons on their own. This is a time consuming process and can really offer you more challenges when you are exactly running on a deadline for certain website designing projects. If you are a web designer and you desired to make clean, vivid and accurate looking GUI design that suits the clients requirements, then use these web icons that are all set to be downloaded. All you need to opt for the sites from where you can exactly download these fresh icons for free. There are also sites forms where you can download these icons while offering a small fee for them. Designer may give products for trifling price and then you must think twice since he is offering you the low quality of products and they are outdated.

There you may search out any of the icon that you want To make the icon profitably you have to memorize stages. XP & MAC icons are two mostly used kinds of the icons. Distinction between them is they have various file extensions as well as they will not substitute one another therefore. XP icons have the .ico extension as well as MAC icons have the .icns extension.

Developing a software or Web-based application for a developer sector? Today's usability guidelines in GUI design demand the use of matching, easily recognizable graphics even in serious database-related applications.

Web icons page:

About Icons

We offer stock icons for desktop applications, web sites, mobile software, graphic design, business cards.

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