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Icon Pack: App Menu Icons

App Menu Icons is a perfect set for mobile app developers. Including over 300 unique icons, App Menu Icons has everything you need to create a mobile organizer, PIM, contact manager or communication tool for Apple iOS, Android or other mobile platform. Dozens of communication and navigation buttons, user icons, and call management images are included, with some made in the shape of blue buttons and others drawn on plain transparent background.

This versatile icon pack for mobile platforms comes with more than 1300 variations. Two image formats (PNG and ICO) and four common sizes (48x48, 32x32, 24x24, and 16x16 pixels) are included. Normal, Hot and Disabled versions are provided for each icon. 32-bit True Color versions come with an alpha-channel layer, making the edges smooth on any type of background. 256-color versions are drawn on transparent background.

Image states: normal, hot, disabled
File formats: PNG, ICO
Image sizes: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 16x16
Background: transparent
Icon quantity: 334
Image quantity: 1336
File quantity: 1670
Price: $49.00 / 39.00 EUR
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App Icons

Blue Button Icon Favourites Icon Love Icon Flag Icon Zoom Icon Zoom In Icon Zoom Out Icon Unlock Icon Lock Icon Up Icon Down Icon Left Icon Right Icon Out Icon Undo Icon Redo Icon Shift Icon Add Icon Remove Icon Delete Icon Apply1 Icon Rotate Left Icon Rotate Right Icon Refresh1 Icon Shock Icon Problem1 Icon Sound1 Icon Music Icon Play1 Icon Playback Icon First Icon Last Icon User1 Icon Apple Icon Workgroup Icon Time Icon Settings Icon Dollar Icon Pound Icon Euro Icon Basket Icon Chart Icon Stats Icon Mail Icon Message Icon RSS Icon Link Icon Home Icon Expand Window Icon Reduce Window Icon Unlock Position Icon Lock Position Icon Hide Window Icon Active Calls Icon Missed Calls Icon Unhold Icon Unhold V2 Icon Answer Icon Answer V2 Icon Hold Icon Hold V2 Icon Make A Call Icon Hang Up Icon Hang Up V2 Icon Complete Transfer Icon Complete Transfer V2 Icon Complete Conference V2 Icon Transfer Conference V2 Icon Tone Dialing1 Icon Tone Dialing V2 Icon Speed Dial Icon Speed Dial V2 Icon Quick Quote Icon View Account Icon More Information Icon Call History Icon Delete History Icon Call Options Icon Transfer Conference Icon Complete Conference Icon Dial Icon Dial V2 Icon Calc Icon User Icon Users1 Icon Search Icon Search User Icon Phone Icon Mobile Phone1 Icon Smart Phone Icon Cell Phone Icon Phone Number Icon IP Telephony Icon VOIP Icon TAPI Icon Telephony Icon Security Icon Red Flag Icon Chat Icon Record Icon Play Icon Mute1 Icon Sound2 Icon Calendar Icon List Icon Notes Icon User Group1 Icon Problem Icon Refresh Icon OK Icon Payment Icon Handshake Icon Clock Icon Camera1 Icon Games Icon Internet Access Icon FM Radio Icon To Do List Icon Alarm Clock Icon SIM Card Icon
Not Ready Icon Redial1 Icon On Dialtone Icon Idle Icon Offering Icon Ready Icon Call Up Icon Dialing Icon Repeat Icon Connected Icon Disconnected Icon User Login Icon Search Users Icon Delete User Icon User Logout Icon Add Users Icon User Profile Icon User Info Icon Search User1 Icon Users Folder Icon Locked Users Icon Locked User Icon Edit User Icon Check User Icon Remove User Icon User Warning Icon Authorise Icon Add User Icon Accounts Icon Account Icon Account Card Icon Auditor Icon Policeman Icon General Icon Captain Icon Army Officer Icon Agent Icon Black Lst Icon Baby Icon Astronaut Icon Book-Keeper Icon Blonde Icon Alien Icon Army Icon Appointment Icon Agent Group Icon Agents Icon Accountant Icon Admin Icon Security Guard Icon Soldier Icon Boss Icon Bureaucrat Icon Businessman Icon Children Icon Chief Icon Coffee Break Icon Detective Icon Doctor Icon Devil Icon Demography Icon Customers Icon Customer Icon Conference Icon Computer Doctor Icon Computer Administrator Icon Clients Icon Client Icon Client List Icon Client Group Icon Copywriter Icon People Contacts Icon People Online Icon People Contact Icon People Icon Order Tracking Icon Notary Icon Official Icon Managers Icon Network Administrator Icon Man Icon Manager Icon Large Group Icon King Icon Key Keeper Icon Hacker Icon Global Manager Icon Female Group Icon Editor Icon Female Icon Family Icon Nobody Icon Somebody Icon User Group Icon Users Icon User2 Icon Personal Loan Icon Programmer Icon Postman Icon Professor Icon Publicity Agent Icon Unknown Person Icon Secretary Icon Receptionist Icon Spy Icon Staff Icon Pirate Icon Thief Icon Uncle Sam Icon Visual Communication Icon Web Designer Icon Magician Icon Book Icon Bank Icon Tone Dialing Icon Delete Sms Icon Timer Icon Television Icon Sport Icon Bluetooth Icon
Todo Icon Time Zone Icon Telephone Icon System Icon Tasks Icon SMS Icon New SMS Icon SMS List Icon Send SMS Icon Add SMS Icon Edit SMS Icon Redial Icon Calendar1 Icon Calculator Icon Bank Service Icon Apply Icon Applications Icon Camera Icon Phones Icon Mobile Phone Icon Home1 Icon Hangup Icon GPS Icon Dial1 Icon Wireless Icon View Icon Video Camera Icon Turn Off Icon Sync Icon Send Letter Icon Send Contact Icon News Icon Lock1 Icon Exit Icon Error Icon Download Icon Data Transfer Icon Signal Icon Ring Tone Icon Print Icon Games1 Icon No Signal Icon Very Low Signal Icon Low  Signal Icon Medium Signal Icon High Signal Icon Excellent Signal Icon Bell Icon Mute Icon Music1 Icon Sound Icon Address Book Icon Find Icon Clock1 Icon Alarm Icon Keyboard Icon Domestic Icon Interior Icon Landscape Icon Flowers Icon Sofa Icon Stairs Icon Window Icon Furniture Icon Kitchen Tap Icon Refrigerator Icon Stove Icon Radiator Icon Electric Iron Icon Boiler Icon Burner Icon Heat Equipment Icon Heater Icon Pump Icon Drill Icon Generator Icon Water Heater Icon Tanks Icon Plumbing Icon Pulverizer Icon Cable Heating Icon Instrument Icon Brush Icon Screwdriver Icon Roller Icon Knife Icon Hammer Icon Wrench Icon Brick Icon Bricks Icon Construction Icon Hoisting Crane Icon Delivery Icon

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App Menu Icons - Icon List

Account, Account card, Accountant, Accounts, Active calls, Add, Add SMS, Add user, Add users, Address book, Admin, Agent, Agent group, Agents, Alarm, Alarm clock, Alien, Answer, Answer v2, Apple, Applications, Apply, Apply1, Appointment, Army, Army officer, Astronaut, Auditor, Authorise, Baby, Bank, Bank service, Basket, Bell, Black lst, Blonde, Blue button, Bluetooth, Boiler, Book, Book-keeper, Boss, Brick, Bricks, Brush, Bureaucrat, Burner, Businessman, Cable heating, Calc, Calculator, Calendar, Calendar1, Call history, Call options, Call up, Camera, Camera1, Captain, Cell phone, Chart, Chat, Check user, Chief, Children, Client, Client group, Client list, Clients, Clock, Clock1, Coffee break, Complete conference, Complete conference v2, Complete transfer, Complete transfer v2, Computer administrator, Computer doctor, Conference, Connected, Construction, Copywriter, Customer, Customers, Data transfer, Delete, Delete history, Delete sms, Delete user, Delivery, Demography, Detective, Devil, Dial, Dial v2, Dial1, Dialing, Disconnected, Doctor, Dollar, Domestic, Down, Download, Drill, Edit SMS, Edit user, Editor, Electric iron, Error, Euro, Excellent signal, Exit, Expand window, Family, Favourites, Female, Female group, Find, First, Flag, Flowers, FM radio, Furniture, Games, Games1, General, Generator, Global manager, GPS, Hacker, Hammer, Handshake, Hang up, Hang up v2, Hangup, Heat equipment, Heater, Hide window, High signal, Hoisting crane, Hold, Hold v2, Home, Home1, Idle, Instrument, Interior, Internet access, IP Telephony, Key keeper, Keyboard, King, Kitchen tap, Knife, Landscape, Large group, Last, Left, Link, List, Lock, Lock position, Lock1, Locked user, Locked users, Love, Low signal, Magician, Mail, Make a call, Man, Manager, Managers, Medium signal, Message, Missed calls, Mobile phone, Mobile phone1, More information, Music, Music1, Mute, Mute1, Network administrator, New SMS, News, No signal, Nobody, Not ready, Notary, Notes, Offering, Official, OK, On dialtone, Order tracking, Out, Payment, People, People contact, People contacts, People online, Personal loan, Phone, Phone number, Phones, Pirate, Play, Play1, Playback, Plumbing, Policeman, Postman, Pound, Print, Problem, Problem1, Professor, Programmer, Publicity agent, Pulverizer, Pump, Quick quote, Radiator, Ready, Receptionist, Record, Red flag, Redial, Redial1, Redo, Reduce window, Refresh, Refresh1, Refrigerator, Remove, Remove user, Repeat, Right, Ring tone, Roller, Rotate left, Rotate right, RSS, Screwdriver, Search, Search user, Search user1, Search users, Secretary, Security, Security guard, Send contact, Send letter, Send SMS, Settings, Shift, Shock, Signal, SIM card, Smart phone, SMS, SMS list, Sofa, Soldier, Somebody, Sound, Sound1, Sound2, Speed dial, Speed dial v2, Sport, Spy, Staff, Stairs, Stats, Stove, Sync, System, Tanks, TAPI, Tasks, Telephone, Telephony, Television, Thief, Time, Time zone, Timer, To do list, Todo, Tone dialing, Tone dialing v2, Tone dialing1, Transfer conference, Transfer conference v2, Turn off, Uncle Sam, Undo, Unhold, Unhold v2, Unknown person, Unlock, Unlock position, Up, User, User group, User group1, User info, User login, User logout, User profile, User warning, User1, User2, Users, Users folder, Users1, Very low signal, Video camera, View, View account, Visual communication, VOIP, Water heater, Web designer, Window, Windows, Wireless, Workgroup, Wrench, Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom out.

Health Icon Pack for Vista

Are you creating a health-related online site, a Medicare portal or software for hospitals? Make your products and services look better by employing professional graphics to enhance your work!

Are you developing a health-related Web site, a Medicare portal or software for hospitals? Make your products and services look better by employing professional graphics to enhance your project!

Medical Icons for Vista depict various subjects, objects and concepts used in medicine. Health care and medical insurance, doctors and patients, surgeons and physicians teeth and hearts are drawn in a careful, easily recognizable manner.

The Medical Icons for Vista icon set is drawn professionally and consistently. Each icon corresponds to the whole icon pack and matches other icons by the style, appearance and choice of colors.

Medical icon pack depicts all important categories related to medical problems and health care.

Medical Persons
There are numerous important professions in medicine from nurse to neurological surgeons. Making a recognizable image of each person is not an option for a time-limited project that has to meet deadlines. Medical Icons for Vista supplies a variety of icons depicting numerous medical professions. Over twenty healthcare professional icons are enclosed, including Nurse, Druggist, Veterinary, Surgeon, Hygienist, Physician, and a dozen more.

Patients are equally important when designing a medical database or portal. Medical Icons for Vista depicts Adult Male and Female Patients, Patient Boys and Girls, Check and Remove Patient, Patient Info and Search, as well as many more useful medical images and pictograms. Images of body parts are there as well.

Health Care Objects
Thermometers, Syringes, Blood and Chemical Tests, Pills and Tablets, and many more various medical objects are drawn and included with the Medical Icons for Vista set.

Medical Symbols
The abstract symbols are the hardest to make. They are sure easy to draw, but making a recognizable symbol is a challenge for an artist. Medical Icons for Vista packs icons that depict concepts such as Relaxation and Health, Emergency and Knowledge, Medical Invoice and Report, Card File and Questionnaire, Genetics and Health Care.

The pack of medical icons is crafted in an easily recognizable style. Each medical icon comes with and without shadows, and is supplied in a variety of formats and resolutions. BMP, ICO, PNG and GIF formats are included, and sizes of 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and 256x256 in 256 colors and 32-bit with transparency are supported. You can download this icon pack at

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