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3D Menu Icons offers more than 650 unique images modeled in popular 3D-style. This versatile icon collection is drawn in decidedly three-dimensional way, which makes it suitable for a variety of entertainment, communication and social networking projects. 3D Menu Icons will be a perfect fit for a variety of Windows and mobile applications with their sharply defined, easily recognizable look. A variety of topics from common toolbar icons to specific professions, entertainment, and business and hi-tech are covered.

3D Menu Icons are supplied with a number of variations, which brings the total number of images in the collection to just over 2600. Two image formats (PNG and ICO) and four sizes (48x48, 32x32, 24x24, and 16x16 pixels) are provided. All 3d icons are drawn on a transparent background with Alpha-channel used to smooth the edges and blend with backgrounds of any color or texture. Three states (Normal, Disabled and Hot) are provided.

Image states: normal, hot, disabled
File formats: PNG, ICO
Image sizes: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 16x16
Background: transparent
Icon quantity: 662
Image quantity: 2648
File quantity: 3310
Price: $49.00 / 39.00 EUR
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3d Icons

Green RSS Reader Icon Orange RSS Reader Icon Follow Me Icon Twitter Bird Icon Orange Twitter Icon Blue Twitter Icon Duckling Icon RSS Icon Blog Icon Orange Forum Icon Online Cube Icon Forum Icon Online Writing Icon Facebook Icon Favourites Icon Digg Icon Delicious Icon Technorati Icon Flickr Icon Netvibes Icon Blinklist Icon MySpace Icon Youtube Icon Social Network Icon StumbleUpon Icon Reddit Icon Attention Icon Warning Icon Add Icon Yes Icon Remove Icon Delete Icon Red OK Icon OK Icon Cancel Icon Close Icon Erase Icon No Icon Problem Icon Disaster Icon Play Icon Ignory Icon Abort Icon Stop Icon Turn Off Icon Next Icon Back Icon Forward Icon Down Icon Up Icon Go Forward Icon Go Back Icon Update Icon Index Icon Tip Of The Day Icon Light Bulb Icon Help Icon Info Icon About Icon Hint Icon Questionnaire Icon Question Icon Pencil Icon Undo Error Icon Refresh Icon Undo Icon Redo Icon Repair Icon Pen Icon Brush Icon Table Icon Tables Icon Report Icon Eraser Icon Address Book Icon E-Mail Icon Attach Icon Duplicate Frame Icon Message Icon Library Icon Price List Icon Data Transfer Icon Clock Icon Alarm Icon Alarm Clock Icon Timer Icon Time Icon History Icon Schedule Icon Recycling Icon People Contact Icon People Contacts Icon Key Icon Registration Icon Online Contacts Icon People Online Icon World People Icon Frame Icon Coffee Cup Icon Chair Icon Battery Icon Workgroup Icon Scanner Icon Hard Drive Icon Removable Drive Icon Camcorder Icon Tasks Icon Settings Icon Red Mouse Icon Mouse Icon Company Icon Fax Icon Money Bag Icon Movie Icon Game Cards Icon Computer Network Icon Internet Application Icon Phone Icon Red Phone Icon Telephone Icon
Camera Icon Game Icon Check Mark Icon Computer Network1 Icon Warehouse Icon Install Icon Uninstall Icon Investor Icon Buyer Icon Clients Icon Head Physician Icon Doctor Icon Cardiologist Icon Surgeon Icon Physician Icon Client Group Icon Computer Doctor Icon Druggist Icon Immunologist Icon Dentist Icon Hospital Nurse Icon Optometrist Icon Psychoanalyst Icon Stomatologist Icon Admin Icon Accountant Icon Detective Icon Auditor Icon Air Traffic Controller Icon Afro-American Icon Astronaut Icon Black List Icon Man Icon Girl Icon Boy Icon Decorator Icon Female Profile Icon Electrician Icon Demography Icon Driver Icon Baby Icon Engineer Icon Geisha Icon Managers Icon General Icon Fireman Icon Children Icon Women Icon Maternity Icon Receptionist Icon Retiree Icon East Asian Woman Icon Student Icon Head Icon East Asian Man Icon International Icon User Group Icon Family Icon Customers Icon People Icon Staff Icon User Icon Female Icon Users Icon Worker Icon Policeman Icon Conference Icon Customer Icon Postman Icon Personal Loan Icon Boss Icon Property Icon Marketer Icon Publicity Agent Icon Realtor Icon Spy Icon Secretary Icon King Icon Army Icon Judge Icon Uncle Sam Icon Gift Icon Managers1 Icon Pirate Icon Security Icon Financier Icon Client Icon Client List Icon Prisoner Icon Bookkeeper Icon Chief Icon Sound Regulator Icon Energy Icon Hit Parade Icon Filmclapper Icon Sound Settings Icon Paint Icon Games Icon Speaker Icon Piano Icon Synthesizer Icon Photo Icon Movie1 Icon Gallery Icon Radio Icon Webcam Icon Red Flag Icon Drum Icon Performer Icon Microphone Icon Mobile Phone Icon Open Address Book Icon Options Icon Card File Icon Data Transmission Icon Device Icon Oscilloscope Icon Visual Communication Icon Ear Icon Shield Icon
Gears Icon Data Synchronization Icon Screwdriver Icon Gold Star Icon Desktop Icon Switch Icon VOIP Icon Sound File Icon Terminal Icon Time1 Icon Smile Icon Database Icon Somebody Icon Equalizer Icon Gauge Icon Turn Off1 Icon No1 Icon Turn Off2 Icon Christmas Icon New Year Icon New Year Tree Icon Santa Claus Icon Christmas Bell Icon Blue Christmas Bell Icon City Icon Bedroom Community Icon Crossroad Icon Crossroad X Icon Crossroad Plain Icon Road Up Icon Road Down Icon Road H Icon Road V Icon Road NE Icon Road SE Icon Brick House Icon Buildings Icon Cafe Icon Church Icon Cinema Icon Commercial Icon Drugstore Icon Factory Icon Hangar Icon Home Icon Hospital Icon Municipal Hospital Icon House Icon School Icon Shop Icon Television Icon Theater Icon University Icon Warehouse1 Icon Window Icon Windows Icon Bank Icon Football Stadium Icon Zoo Icon Office Icon Law-Court Icon Post Office Icon Bridge Icon Toilet Icon Community Icon College Icon Farm Icon Tower Icon Garden Icon Billboard Icon Camping-Site Icon Justice Icon Condominium Icon Stadium Icon Police Station Icon Tumbledown Building Icon Coal Power Plant Icon Chemical Plant Icon Hotel Icon Property1 Icon Open Door Icon Company1 Icon Closed Door Icon Building Construction Icon Telephone1 Icon Phone1 Icon Desktop Apparatus Icon Call Icon Cellphone Icon Mobile Phone1 Icon Upload To Phone Icon Send From Phone Icon Cellphone And Modem Icon Fax1 Icon Fax Configuration Icon Voice Mail Icon Telephone Receiver Icon Phone Receiver Icon Red Phone Receiver Icon Phone Support Icon Digital Dialer Icon PDA Icon Head-Phones Icon Phone Card Icon Messages Icon Send SMS Icon Send MMS Icon Signal Strength 0 Icon Signal Strength 1 Icon Signal Strength 2 Icon Signal Strength 3 Icon Signal Strength 4 Icon Signal Strength 5 Icon Telephone Directory Icon Certificate Icon List Finder Icon Mobile Folder Icon Bell Icon Level Icon Tape Cassette Icon
Nippers Icon Electric Power Icon Battery1 Icon Modem Icon Chip Icon Sound Icon Sound Level Icon Sound Card Icon Volume Icon Mobile Chat Icon Sound On Icon Mute Icon Add Sound Icon Phone Chat Icon Network Connection Icon Phone And Monitor Icon International Call Icon Phone With Modem Icon Internet Connection Icon Configuration Icon Phone Receiver1 Icon Signal Icon Chat Icon Battery2 Icon Cell Phones Icon Music Note Icon Music Folder Icon Music Notes Icon Network Connections Icon Wireless Modem Icon SIM-Card Icon Phone Music Icon Phones Icon TAPI Icon Incoming Call Icon Busy Icon Logged Off Icon Cell Phone Icon Logged On Icon Call Waiting Icon Busy V Icon Incoming Call V Icon Call Waiting V Icon Logged Off V Icon Processed Call Icon Radio Transmitter Icon Tone Dialing Icon Dish Aerial Icon Radio1 Icon Wi-Fi Icon Bluetooth Adapter Icon Portable Radio Transmitter Icon Bluetooth Icon Tools Icon Increase Volume Icon Decrease Volume Icon Volume1 Icon Volume Down Icon Volume Up Icon Volume Down1 Icon Volume Up1 Icon Sound Level1 Icon Voice Chat Icon Music Icon No Sound Icon Remove Sound Icon Computer Sound Icon Mobile Sound Icon Get Sound Icon Send Sound Icon Sinusoid Icon Repair1 Icon Call Up Icon Phone Number Icon IRDA Icon GPS Icon 3G Icon Alarm1 Icon Redial Icon Dial Icon GPRS Icon Hangup Icon Silent Ring Icon Ring Tone Icon Vibration Ring Icon Vibration Ring Tone Icon Misc Icon Repeat Icon Calendar Icon Bank1 Icon Start Java Icon Product Basket Icon Full Basket Icon Red Basket Icon Full Red Basket Icon Folder Icon Documents Icon Hot Documents Icon Money Icon Currency Icon Cash Icon Coins Icon Coin Icon Green Dollar Icon Gold Dollar Icon Green Euro Icon Gold Euro Icon Green Pound Sterling Icon Gold Pound Sterling Icon Green Yen Icon Gold Yen Icon E-Mail1 Icon Question1 Icon Yellow Percent Icon Red Percent Icon Webcam1 Icon Web-Camera Icon Notebook Icon Computer Icon Microprocessor Icon
Cash Register Icon Calculator Icon Earnings Icon Payment Icon Trade Icon Get Money Icon Send Money Icon Time2 Icon Credit Icon Tax Icon Income Icon Real Estate Icon Fate Icon Investigation Icon Movie Industry Icon Artwork And Antiques Icon Credit Card Icon Electricity Supply Network Icon Satellite Radio Company Icon Telecommunications Icon Cable TV Icon Construction Firm Icon Insurance Icon Newspapers Icon Diamond Mining Icon Airline Icon Car Factory Icon Custom House Icon Petroleum Industry Icon Military-Industrial Establishment Icon Steel Industry Icon Gold-Mine Icon Health Protection Icon Graph Icon Forex Trading Icon Stock Market Icon Restaurant Icon Internet Company Icon Textile Industry Icon Video Games Icon News Icon Agriculture Icon Professional Sports Icon Technology Icon Dollar Coin Icon Passport Icon Bank Account Icon House1 Icon Hand Icon Display Icon Hammer Icon Lock Icon Arts Icon Vase Icon Newspaper Icon Umbrella Icon Diamond Icon Blue Chips Icon Van Icon Building Icon Blue Chip Icon Building Crane Icon Piggy-Bank Icon Financial Services Icon Auction Icon Abacus Icon Hand Truck Icon Safe Icon Chart Icon Money Bag1 Icon Reports Icon Trumpet Icon Saxophone Icon Violin Icon Guitar V Icon Guitar Icon Piano1 Icon Synthesizer1 Icon Concert Grand Icon Tuner Icon Computer Sound1 Icon Midi Icon Music Notes1 Icon Voice Chat1 Icon Microphone V3 Icon Record Icon Recorder Icon Old Radio Icon Gramophone Icon Metronome Icon Walkman Icon Radio Cassette Player Icon No Sound V Icon No Sound V1 Icon Juke-Box Icon Record-Player Icon Audio Cassette Icon Film Icon Notes Icon Loud Speaker Icon Sound1 Icon Head Phones V Icon Musical Notation Icon Radio V Icon Speech Icon Bell1 Icon New Year Bell Icon Megaphone Icon Audio Cassette And CD Icon Karaoke Icon Subwoofer Icon Balalaika Icon Electric Guitar Icon Audio Cable Header Icon Volume2 Icon Speaker1 Icon Tambourine Icon Hit Parade1 Icon Instrumental Music Icon Forum1 Icon
Radio Set Icon Sound Tracks Icon Songs Icon Performer1 Icon Volume Up2 Icon Volume Down2 Icon Wire Icon Music Collection Icon DVD Icon Burn CD Icon CD Icon Business Icon Bank Service Icon Bank2 Icon ATM Icon Boss1 Icon Brief Case Icon Businessman Icon Calculator1 Icon Card File1 Icon Calendar1 Icon Cash Register1 Icon Credit1 Icon Company2 Icon Client List1 Icon Contact Icon Coins1 Icon Customers1 Icon Delivery Icon Dollar Icon Ecology Icon Earnings1 Icon Gear Icon Globe Icon Good Mark Icon Income1 Icon Investment Icon Ice Icon Amethyst Icon Diamond1 Icon Crystal Sphere Icon Quartz Crystal Icon Glass Sphere Icon Gemstone Icon Snowflake Icon Ruby Icon Swarovski Crystal Icon Topaz Icon Aquamarine Icon Amber Icon Emerald Icon Salt Crystal Icon Sapphire Icon Garnet Icon Opal Icon Pearl Icon Peridot Icon Citrine Icon Zircon Icon Nephrite Pyramid Icon Jeweler Icon Gem Icon

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3d Menu Icons - Icon List

3G, Abacus, Abort, About, Accountant, Add, Add sound, Address book, Admin, Afro-american, Agriculture, Air traffic controller, Airline, Alarm, Alarm clock, Alarm1, Amber, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Army, Arts, Artwork and Antiques, Astronaut, ATM, Attach, Attention, Auction, Audio cable header, Audio cassette, Audio cassette and CD, Auditor, Baby, Back, Balalaika, Bank, Bank account, Bank service, Bank1, Bank2, Battery, Battery1, Battery2, Bedroom community, Bell, Bell1, Billboard, Black list, Blinklist, Blog, Blue chip, Blue chips, Blue Christmas Bell, Blue twitter, Bluetooth, Bluetooth adapter, Bookkeeper, Boss, Boss1, Boy, Brick house, Bridge, Brief case, Brush, Building, Building construction, Building crane, Buildings, Burn CD, Business, Businessman, Busy, Busy v, Buyer, Cable TV, Cafe, Calculator, Calculator1, Calendar, Calendar1, Call, Call up, Call waiting, Call waiting v, Camcorder, Camera, Camping-site, Cancel, Car factory, Card file, Card file1, Cardiologist, Cash, Cash register, Cash register1, CD, Cell phone, Cell phones, Cellphone, Cellphone and modem, Certificate, Chair, Chart, Chat, Check mark, Chemical plant, Chief, Children, Chip, Christmas, Christmas Bell, Church, Cinema, Citrine, City, Client, Client group, Client list, Client list1, Clients, Clock, Close, Closed door, Coal power plant, Coffee cup, Coin, Coins, Coins1, College, Commercial, Community, Company, Company1, Company2, Computer, Computer doctor, Computer network, Computer network1, Computer sound, Computer sound1, Concert grand, Condominium, Conference, Configuration, Construction firm, Contact, Credit, Credit card, Credit1, Crossroad, Crossroad plain, Crossroad X, Crystal sphere, Currency, Custom house, Customer, Customers, Customers1, Data synchronization, Data transfer, Data transmission, Database, Decorator, Decrease volume, Delete, Delicious, Delivery, Demography, Dentist, Desktop, Desktop apparatus, Detective, Device, Dial, Diamond, Diamond mining, Diamond1, Digg, Digital dialer, Disaster, Dish aerial, Display, Doctor, Documents, Dollar, Dollar coin, Down, Driver, Druggist, Drugstore, Drum, Duckling, Duplicate frame, DVD, Ear, Earnings, Earnings1, East asian man, East asian woman, Ecology, Electric guitar, Electric power, Electrician, Electricity supply network, E-mail, E-mail1, Emerald, Energy, Engineer, Equalizer, Erase, Eraser, Facebook, Factory, Family, Farm, Fate, Favourites, Fax, Fax configuration, Fax1, Female, Female profile, Film, Filmclapper, Financial services, Financier, Fireman, Flickr, Folder, Follow me, Football stadium, Forex trading, Forum, Forum1, Forward, Frame, Full basket, Full red basket, Gallery, Game, Game cards, Games, Garden, Garnet, Gauge, Gear, Gears, Geisha, Gem, Gemstone, General, Get money, Get sound, Gift, Girl, Glass sphere, Globe, Go back, Go forward, Gold Dollar, Gold Euro, Gold Pound Sterling, Gold star, Gold Yen, Gold-mine, Good mark, GPRS, GPS, Gramophone, Graph, Green Dollar, Green Euro, Green Pound Sterling, Green RSS reader, Green Yen, Guitar, Guitar v, Hammer, Hand, Hand truck, Hangar, Hangup, Hard drive, Head, Head phones v, Head physician, Head-phones, Health protection, Help, Hint, History, Hit parade, Hit parade1, Home, Hospital, Hospital nurse, Hot documents, Hotel, House, House1, Ice, Ignory, Immunologist, Income, Income1, Incoming call, Incoming call v, Increase volume, Index, Info, Install, Instrumental music, Insurance, International, International call, Internet application, Internet company, Internet connection, Investigation, Investment, Investor, IRDA, Jeweler, Judge, Juke-box, Justice, Karaoke, Key, King, Law-court, Level, Library, Light bulb, List finder, Lock, Logged off, Logged off v, Logged on, Loud speaker, Man, Managers, Managers1, Marketer, Maternity, Megaphone, Message, Messages, Metronome, Microphone, Microphone v3, Microprocessor, Midi, Military-industrial establishment, Misc, Mobile chat, Mobile folder, Mobile phone, Mobile phone1, Mobile sound, Modem, Money, Money bag, Money bag1, Mouse, Movie, Movie industry, Movie1, Municipal hospital, Music, Music collection, Music folder, Music note, Music notes, Music notes1, Musical notation, Mute, MySpace, Nephrite pyramid, Netvibes, Network connection, Network connections, New Year, New year bell, New Year Tree, News, Newspaper, Newspapers, Next, Nippers, No, No sound, No sound v, No sound v1, No1, Notebook, Notes, Office, OK, Old radio, Online contacts, Online cube, Online writing, Opal, Open address book, Open door, Options, Optometrist, Orange forum, Orange RSS reader, Orange twitter, Oscilloscope, Paint, Passport, Payment, PDA, Pearl, Pen, Pencil, People, People contact, People contacts, People online, Performer, Performer1, Peridot, Personal loan, Petroleum industry, Phone, Phone and monitor, Phone card, Phone chat, Phone music, Phone number, Phone receiver, Phone receiver1, Phone support, Phone with modem, Phone1, Phones, Photo, Physician, Piano, Piano1, Piggy-bank, Pirate, Play, Police station, Policeman, Portable radio transmitter, Post office, Postman, Price list, Prisoner, Problem, Processed call, Product basket, Professional sports, Property, Property1, Psychoanalyst, Publicity agent, Quartz Crystal, Question, Question1, Questionnaire, Radio, Radio cassette player, Radio set, Radio transmitter, Radio v, Radio1, Real estate, Realtor, Receptionist, Record, Recorder, Record-player, Recycling, Red basket, Red flag, Red mouse, Red OK, Red percent, Red phone, Red phone receiver, Reddit, Redial, Redo, Refresh, Registration, Removable drive, Remove, Remove sound, Repair, Repair1, Repeat, Report, Reports, Restaurant, Retiree, Ring tone, Road down, Road H, Road NE, Road SE, Road up, Road V, RSS, Ruby, Safe, Salt crystal, Santa Claus, Sapphire, Satellite Radio Company, Saxophone, Scanner, Schedule, School, Screwdriver, Secretary, Security, Send from phone, Send MMS, Send money, Send SMS, Send sound, Settings, Shield, Shop, Signal, Signal strength 0, Signal strength 1, Signal strength 2, Signal strength 3, Signal strength 4, Signal strength 5, Silent ring, SIM-card, Sinusoid, Smile, Snowflake, Social network, Somebody, Songs, Sound, Sound card, Sound file, Sound level, Sound level1, Sound on, Sound regulator, Sound settings, Sound tracks, Sound1, Speaker, Speaker1, Speech, Spy, Stadium, Staff, Start Java, Steel industry, Stock market, Stomatologist, Stop, Student, StumbleUpon, Subwoofer, Surgeon, Swarovski crystal, Switch, Synthesizer, Synthesizer1, Table, Tables, Tambourine, Tape cassette, TAPI, Tasks, Tax, Technology, Technorati, Telecommunications, Telephone, Telephone directory, Telephone receiver, Telephone1, Television, Terminal, Textile industry, Theater, Time, Time1, Time2, Timer, Tip of the day, Toilet, Tone dialing, Tools, Topaz, Tower, Trade, Trumpet, Tumbledown building, Tuner, Turn off, Turn off1, Turn off2, Twitter bird, Umbrella, Uncle Sam, Undo, Undo error, Uninstall, University, Up, Update, Upload to phone, User, User group, Users, Van, Vase, Vibration ring, Vibration ring tone, Video games, Violin, Visual communication, Voice chat, Voice chat1, Voice mail, VOIP, Volume, Volume down, Volume down1, Volume down2, Volume up, Volume up1, Volume up2, Volume1, Volume2, Walkman, Warehouse, Warehouse1, Warning, Webcam, Webcam1, Web-camera, Wi-Fi, Window, Windows, Wire, Wireless modem, Women, Worker, Workgroup, World people, Yellow percent, Yes, Youtube, Zircon, Zoo.

Windows Icons - Offering a Professional Look & Feel!

Attractive toolbar & desktop icons are offering better look to the desktop. Users are staring to search from the Widows Icon, so the information of this windows icon express must important by the selecting of a user. The advance windows icons require an attractive look & feel, so as to sell well. These icons are playing a vital role in icons world and its having a professional looking application. Whether, your Windows Icons are preparing by professionally, then the feel & look of the icons enhances. These windows 3d icons are available in reasonable prices so you can get these icons in cheap. If you want to buy these plain or 3d icons in quality basic, then you need to move for the online media because here, you can find out some expert's suggestion which is very helpful to select these windows icons in simple way.

It's the time to understand about the windows icons because these are specially designing for enhancing the quality of your application. The icon is illustrative reflection of file, and net resource and program and it is sign in form of the picture used generally on desktop of laptop & in different forums & blogs. The icons also express the particular meaning to man who makes use of them. In case icon is made properly| it will give man delighted feelings & even increase productivity. You have to just click and fulfill the double click on icon to see what is all hidden under that. There is chance to use personal icons.

Windows Icons site: http://www.iconempire.com/iconlibs.htm

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We offer stock icons for desktop applications, web sites, mobile software, graphic design, business cards.

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